Feels Like the First Time

As Tracey said, every time you knit with Socks That Rock feels like the first time! This morning I finished my “pair” of socks – the G-Rocks and January One socks which I knit at the same time on two circulars. Of course, I love them! They are soft and stripey and perfect for my feet and G wants his own pair. I told him I’m gonna have to get some heavyweight for his socks – he wears size 13 shoes. Lucky 13 for me! (Um… That didn’t come out right. Insert sarcastic face here.)

I immediately cast on for the mates – two at a time – once again. Even though I really didn’t like the whole two at a time thing. I guess, technically, it probably takes just as long to knit two at a time as it takes to knit one at a time, but it FEELS like it takes forfreakingever and sometimes perception is enough. I was going to just knit one of the socks and then I was going to start with a completely different yarn, but in the end I decided that knitting these socks is like marriage. I was super excited when I started knitting them – TOGETHER – and I’m thrilled to be wearing them, but starting the next “pair” was a little bit hard and I’m sure it will be even harder to knit them but when I’m done I’ll have TWO new pairs of socks and I will love them all the more for the effort that went into knitting them. Sometimes we need to do things we don’t really want to do – but in the end it’s all worth it. Just like marriage. πŸ˜‰

January One loves G-Rocks!

I know you don’t really care about my socks, you want to know about YOUR socks, or more specifically, did you WIN! Well, I’ve already sent out an email to all of the winners – did you get one? Check the list to see:















Rob’s Wife






Frog Princess






Barbara A.M.

Stacy Wittmann



CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you love your yarn as much as I do! As I mentioned, I sent an email to all the winners – so if you see your name up there and think it’s you but didn’t get an email, please check your spam filter before you email me.

All I have to say about this contest is thank god I didn’t ask for Haikus and damn people! Go out and get yourselves some! What are you waiting for?

Thanks for playing!!


  1. aw, it was very generous of you all to do this!! too bad i didn’t win!! πŸ˜€ if anyone ends up hating their STR, i will gladly take it off your hands!! *grin*

  2. Congrats to all the winners! Awesome contest, Cara. And awesome support and class shown by Blue Moon Fibers!!

  3. You Rock h-a-r-d. You crack me up, with all your love and passion. Keep it up and Pass it on! I could kiss you!

  4. okay, I gotta ask… now you’ve depleted quite a bit of yarn stash over the past week. what in God’s green earth does your stash look like? i’m envisioning like a warehouse heaven πŸ™‚

  5. Ah, shoot. I saw my name and got all excited but it must have been one of the other many Amys because I didn’t get an e-mail. Darn it!

  6. Is it just me, or is there only 29? I know you left my name off the list right!?

  7. Well Congrats to all the winners and thank you and Blue Moon Fiber Arts for all the free yarn. Sadly I will still be a STR virgin….that is until I get it through the mail. Ok that sonded a bit odd. LOL I had to order some just in case I didn’t win so I was sure to get some of my own. πŸ™‚ Also had to join the STR Sock Club this time around. So I guess you will see a big fat smile on my face that I won’t be able to get rid of. πŸ˜€

  8. I was thinking this afternoon, I sure am glad I will never have to wade through 801 emails! And the postage… good grapes.
    I’m very excited to give the yarn a go, and if I do indeed fall for 18 of his brothers I shall have you to thank. Blame. From the poor house!
    Thanks again, Cara!

  9. Keep this up, and you’ll have to hire someone just to manage the site! I won’t complain about B’s size 12s any more.

  10. You are so freakin’ awesome, dude. 801 comments?!?!? good lord! Yay for you and Socks That Rock and the power of knitters. πŸ™‚

  11. And the banner that popped with this post is the STR shot…
    Only my conscience prevented me from enteriing the contest; I haven’t yet knitted with my STR stash, so I’m technically a virgin, but I own some, so I decided to let everyone else have a chance. But it’s like good chocolate–more is always better. πŸ™‚
    I love the mismatched pair, and as I plan my STR socks I’m glad to see that the stripes and color gradations are nice & subtle…

  12. I emptied my junk folder without looking in it. Was the Karen choosen me or one of the others that commented?

  13. I’m still dancing! And soon I will be dancing in STR socks!! Woohoooo! Can’t wait to try out this yarn. But I’m a little concerned…. Is this the beginning of addiction? Does the poorhouse have closets for yarn stash?

  14. Congrats to the winners! Cara, I can’t believe you were able to give away 30 skeins of STR! Wonderful of Blue Moon Fibers to jump in like that. I will have to find a local (or not so local) shop that carries it because I need to see this stuff in person.

  15. I guess it wasn’t me, Linda, January 12th Linda, daughter of January 1st Mom, cuz I didn’t get an e-mail. Oh shoot! It was fun!

  16. Guess I wasn’t the winning Amy, either. I deleted a couple of filtered messages earlier this evening, but I don’t think I saw one from you. Happy knitting & thanks for the contest!

  17. Shucks, I didn’t win! But, thanks for letting me participate. I’ll have to save my pennies to buy some STR, now. (This was the first time I’ve ever “de-lurked”, BTW.) Love your blog!

  18. I won, I won! *dancing and singing*
    I’m the luckiest girl ever!
    Thank you soooooo much!

  19. Whoa! That Lies is me!
    Thank you SO very much, Cara!
    happy happy!

  20. Congrats to all the winners! This was great fun, and you and the Blue Moon ladies are right – all of us are nuts. But what a way to go, eh? Thanks for the contest, and fellow commenters, thanks for all the great giggles!
    Now I’ve gotta go cast on some more socks…

  21. Ahhhh, virgins no more. They will think they have died and gone to heaven.
    G Rocks and January One are a match made in heaven.

  22. Eight-hundred-and-freaking-one comments on the previous post?!
    Experiencing minor comment envy here.
    Nice contest!

  23. Wow, lots of comments. Congrats to all the winners!

  24. Blue Moon Fiber Arts –
    the best damn sock yarn ever –
    rock on, Socks that Rock!
    Oh wait, you said you DIDN’T ask for haiku. Sorry…

  25. Timing is everything. I had just started knitting a pair of socks with Socks That Rock yarn (Scottish Highlands) that I got at Stitches East…so I wasn’t a virgin anymore….
    I always have at least two pair of socks on needles….
    But must admit that since I started the STR socks, it’s really hard to work on the other pair that is NOT STR…and I’ve made dozens of pairs of socks with perfectly acceptable and wearable yarn….but there’s something about STR yarn…can’t wait to wear them.
    Congratulations to all the virgin winners. Cara’s right (of course), you’re gonna love STR yarn!

  26. I sure hope the *Denise* that won was from Floyd’s Knob because damn that was funny.

  27. I’m the same way with 2 socks at once. If feels like it takes forever so I rarely do it that way, even though I’m sure it takes the same amount of time. Love your socks!

  28. It does make me wonder what you’re trying to say about us gals who have a few STR notches in our belts. Ah, well. I’m a liberated woman. I apologize to no one! Off to get it on again- I feel the itch.

  29. Of course I had to miss the STR virgin call, someday I WILL get to try it, doh.

  30. That was a fun little contest thing, even though I didn’t win. I will definately go out hunt down some STR now, though.
    Hey, I read somewhere that this was “national de-lurking week.” Talk about getting all of your lurkers out of the woodwork πŸ™‚ (including myself)

  31. I didn’t win, oh well,,, I knew I will have to take care of this problem by myself and paid for the sock club last week so that virginity is almost history now πŸ™‚ Seriously, I paid as an instinct reaction to the bank story, I went to their site every day and checked if the new cart works and paid the minute I found it active! Thank you for a fun game!

  32. Congratulations winners! (Wait… that sound I hear… don’t you hear it, too? That popping sound?)
    Fun all around, Cara. Some seriously inventive people out there!

  33. What a great competition, I hope that the new knitters love STR as much as you do.

  34. Great socks! Both colorways are gorgeous!

  35. OK— so the comment didn’t get me STR.. but I got a link;)
    NP— I’ll go visit the website;) I HAVE to try the heavyweight…..we’re having an ICE STORM in Michigan… me tootsies are chilly!

  36. sigh…. I just found your calling all str virgin post. I missed it. And I am one! πŸ™‚ Someday my STR will come in. πŸ™‚

  37. I won and I didn’t even know!!!! I got home from a crazy long day at work today and checked my email (its been a while). I had tons of mail to sort through, but in the process I got Cara’s email, thank you so much Cara!!! I’m so excited to finally get a chance to use this fantastic fiber!!!

  38. who needs a mate? those two compliment each other perfectly.