KNITTING! And it feels so so so good!

I have one purl row to go before the last waist shaping decrease. I need to figure out a button hole method and also add a new ball of yarn (one down six to go!) before I start knitting again. That’s about 7” of glorious Ariann. I love this pattern. LOVE IT! I’ve made it a bit longer – instead of the pattern specified 4 pattern repeats before the waist shaping I did 9. A repeat is only two rows and I’m dealing with the whole row gauge thing (I’m getting 28 instead of 24 per 4 inches) so I think it works out well. And when I did the decreases I added an extra repeat between each one. I’m going to do the same with the increases. YAY! My goal is to have the body finished by the end of the weekend. We’ll see – no pressure – but I want this sweater wrapped around me ASAP.

Bonne Marie
is a genius. Look how beautiful the stitches are – I love how the decreases and YOs all work together. I think this would make a beautiful sock pattern as well. Nice and simple but oh so elegant. I did what Bonne Marie suggests and took the sweater off the needles and measured it width-wise to see how it’s going. With a little bit of stretching (which you’ll need to do for the lace anyway) I’m getting the 43″ called for in the pattern. I’m just so happy about this project. I hope nothing happens to fuck it up. It’s like I’ve put all my eggs in Ariann’s basket. Not too much pressure or anything.

I was remiss yesterday in not mentioning where I bought the cutie string dolls and yarn – Knitty City in NYC. A very nice yarn store. Check it out if you’re in town. A MUCH better choice than the other knitting store on the Upper West Side. BEYOND better.

A couple of other things: SUBMIT TO YARNIVAL!!! Two days until the deadline for submissions for the next issue. Go! Run! SUBMIT!

Also, I might be the last person in the world to link this, but I first saw it over at Cate’s. Apparently, there’s this guy who’s doing some kind of project on how meme’s spread. Consider this my mention and link to the project. And now I’m going to go ping the entry. Let’s show this guy that knitters KICK ASS. Go ahead and link to the project on your own blog. And don’t forget to ping! (What does that mean anyway?)

Have a great day. I’m gonna go eat some fantastic leftovers from the fabu dinner Georgie cooked last night and then I’m gonna knit knit KNIT!


  1. Beautiful stitch pattern! Can’t wait to see it after the weekend — I have a feeling you won’t be putting it down too much.

  2. Beautiful pattern, but even more wonderful is to “hear” you back to your more normal self, if a little manic. Welcome back, be good to yourself!

  3. Hey there, dahlin. You are killing me with this Ariann. I’ve finished Mr. F’s seamless hybrid (photoshoot this weekend, crossed fingers for light) and am contemplating my own Ariann. Or Central Park. But now I want to go out and buy that exact color of Cascade 220. Killing me!

  4. I heart Knitty City – it is, hands down, my favorite knitting store in the city. Very relaxing, inviting, and my god, the Cascade 220 and Cherry Tree Hill yarn selection. Plus, Pearl is a doll. And, if all that weren’t enough? 7 blocks from my boyfriend’s house, and ever so much better than that Other Snooty Place where I feel like an interloper any time I dare to enter.
    Now that I’m seeing this pattern up close, I might need to make it. After Christmas, when the carpal tunnel has a chance to recuperate from all the present knitting I’m doing.

  5. It’s looking beautiful! You’re right– it looks like it would be a great sock pattern also, especially in STR 🙂

  6. No, you are not the last: I haven’t done it yet.
    Ariann looks gorgeous. I think you’re right about the socks — maybe you could make some to match the sweater? Welcome back!

  7. Looks beautiful! Yeah, your original post about starting Ariann cost me. So I finally got the pattern & Ribby Cardi too :0)

  8. The one row buttonhole is easy and strong. It’s Bonne Marie’s choice, too. You can ‘fucking Google it’ (as Susan likes to say). Ariann looks gorgeous!!

  9. I have issues with Yarnival I think. Anytime I’ve ever tried to submit anything it says I already have.
    Your Ariann is way prettier than the model at Chic Knits. Are you using a finer gauge?
    I love the pattern and have been trying to develop something like it for a sock pattern for a while. Maybe I should just get the Chic Knits pattern instead!

  10. it’s looking FABULOUS!!
    and i totally agree with taking things off the needles and trying them on and making sure they’re going in the right direction. this has helped me on many more than one occasion!!

  11. You’re right, that’s gorgeous. Knit, girl, knit!!

  12. Ariann looks wonderful. There is something about the way you talk about your knitting, and of course the lovely photos, that makes me want to knit everything you knit.

  13. You GO GIRL! I am so glad that you are enjoying this knit so much ans that you have something positive to focus your energy on right now. Yeah for knitting. Now, to bastardize the words of MNM. . . .
    “You better lose yourself in your knitting, you want it, you better never let it go. You only get 1 knit, do not miss your chance to gloat cuz’ opportu-KNIT-ty comes once in a life time. . . . ”
    OH God, I am almost too embarassed to post this (notice I said “almost”)
    tee hee
    enjoy Adrian

  14. You do nice work, Cara. It looks great. Can’t wait to see your progress over the weekend (there’ll be some, right?).

  15. Just gorgeous! And lordy, girl, you’re fast! I’m struggling to get through my bro’s damn blanket.
    BTW, if you want to know what a ping is, just watch The Hunt For Red October again.

  16. Amazing job so far! Can’t wait to see the finished product (and since you knit so bloody fast, i’m guessing that’ll be quite soon).
    have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Damn . . . I’m 34 minutes too late to get the first mention on the “ping” concept. If you have a firewall set up on your computer (which I hope you do), you can trace your pings all the way around the world. Basically, from my understanding, it is a signal from one computer to another to show locations.
    Love the knitting . . . must knit now!

  18. looks beautiful and i love the color! enjoy the knit knit knitting!

  19. I. love. that. sweater. It is sooo gorgeous. Thanks for asking about a ping – now I’m educated too. I’ll have to remember to link to that guy when I do my post.

  20. Beautiful stitches and beautiful color. It would make great socks.

  21. I’d pick knitty city before the yarnco any day. I even told knity city’s owner how happy I was that they were there 🙂

  22. I adore YO’s and decreases–and that color is fantastic. It looks like knitting it is pure pleasure. Beautiful!

  23. Isn’t Ariann great? I just finished mine (pics on my blog!) and wore her last night. The sweater went really quickly – you’ll be wearing yours before you know it.

  24. Thank you for the package!! It is gorgeous yarn and brown is my fav color right now. I love the note card! Oh to have those colors to play with. All the best for your family.

  25. Its looking fabulous Cara! I am obsessed with that color!
    I agree, Knitty City is, without at doubt, the way to go when on the Upper West Side!

  26. Such a beautiful color!
    And those string dolls are SO great.
    Keep on truckin’, lady.

  27. Over on the Ariann KAL site, Bonne Marie recommended a buttonhole. Can’t remember exactly which one but I did read it. If you are still deciding, maybe you can go and check it out.