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Livin’ Large

Thanks for all the comments on my goof up on row gauge. I actually figured it out myself while sitting a red light yesterday. Thank god no one told me how much math is involved in knitting before I actually started because I’m afraid I never would’ve picked up the needles and knitting is manna from heaven so WHEW! Dodged that bullet. I still hate math and knitty math even more because I know what should be right but I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. So I sort of gloss over and ignore it and, well, that just makes more work than necessary.

When I left you all yesterday I was pondering which size to choose for Ariann – the 38″ or the 40.5″ I was pretty set on the 40.5″ and then I went home from buying yarn (more on that in a minute) and measured my ginormous boobs and found out that I’m about 39.5″ around. Hmmm. That’s not a lot of ease in the 40.5″ and people have said that this pattern is running a bit small. I don’t want a close fitting cardigan. I’m not going to wear a camisole underneath it (the last time I wore a camisole I was like 8) and I want something I can really wrap around me. So in a complete surprise I cast on for the 43″. I don’t think this sweater will look bad on the bigger side. I don’t intend to ever really belt it or button it and I like the big floppy look to it. Besides, so far I’m LOVING knitting it and I have enough yarn so why not? What’s the worst thing that can happen? It’s a little big? I’d much rather it be big than small.

I bought yarn yesterday while out with my stylist and she said it was PERFECT.

It’s one of Cascade 220‘s THE HEATHERS which I totally love because pop-culturally that makes this yarn really really bitchy and I’ve just been itching to be bitchy lately. Color #9460 – Dune Heath – it’s a mixture of celadon green, some subtle yellow and gray. I think the picture above is fairly accurate. After debating for too long of a time on what size to cast on – I cast on.

I’m about 4.5 pattern repeats in. Technically I should’ve started the waist shaping but I’m going to do at least 2 extra pattern repeats (two rows) maybe more because a) my row gauge is a bit off and b) I want it to be a bit longer anyway. So I’m knitting knitting knitting. And I’m loving it! It’s so nice to not want to put a project down. I’ve been missing that.

Kay bought my boy a present yesterday too and then I bought one for me.

These are string dolls from Kamibashi and right now I love them more than anything. Kay bought Safety Boy for G:

Safety Boy will help you recover from your injuries quickly. My boy really needs that now. And I bought Lover Boy.

Lover Boy attracts passion, inspires loyalty, and serves up the love. As you all know, I’m all about the love.

C’mon and Love Me

I can’t tell you how happy it made my boy to know there were people out there getting our fucked up sense of humor. The title of yesterday’s post was, indeed, a bastardized version of the lyrics in “C’mon and Love Me” by the hottest band in the land: KISS. Bouncing around singing KISS songs the other night surely let some air out of this pressure cooker we’re living in. As good as C’mon and Love Me was – Firehouse was SO much better. Whoo Ooo YEAH!

Speaking of letting the air out, yesterday I spent THE most enjoyable couple of hours knitting of all things A SWATCH.

Can you believe it? First off, I swatched. Secondly, I liked it. The world surely MUST be coming to an end. This kind of hideous green yarn is just gorgeous in my book. I started off swatching for my new found love, Ariann, with the multitudes of Jo Sharp I have in the stash. It was clear to me pretty quickly that this yarn wasn’t going to work. It’s a very sticky yarn. Especially after you wash it. Which doesn’t seem like it would work very well for a kind of drapey lacy cardigan. And I really don’t think that you’d be able to see the cool pattern feature of decreases that Bonne Marie has worked out. The thing is, I was hoping to use stash for this project. My home runneth over with yarn and fiber and I’m not that into spending money these days so USE STASH! Perfect. Problem is I only have sweaters worth of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed or Silkroad DK Tweed – all bought back in the great Elann sale of November ’04. Not going to work.

So I searched and searched the internets to see what kind of yarn people were using for Ariann. Turns out any worsted weight yarn will do, but what did I really want? And how long did I want to WAIT? The wait time is way more important than the yarn this time out because I’m desperate to get involved in something – not put it down – have it consume all of my waking hours. I need that right now. So I started thinking about which yarns I could get locally and wouldn’t break the bank and had lots of colors to choose from – and you know where this is going, right? I, like the rest of the knitting world, had a couple of balls of Cascade 220, the PERFECT YARN, in my stash. I took out the hideous green you see above (don’t ask why this is in the stash) and starting knitting. I knew right away it WAS the perfect yarn, and I didn’t stop until the swatch was done. Then I took the swatch with me to pick up G at the train station and to Home Despot and to the supermarket and finally I brought it home and gave it a good wash in the new SOAK I bought at Stitches (yummy and G-smell approved!) and blocked the sucker out.

Guess what?

I got gauge.

Well, sort of. The pattern calls for 19 stitches/24 rows per 4″ and I got stitch gauge, but not row gauge. And stitch gauge is SO much harder to deal with no? I’m getting about 28 rows to the inch instead of 24 which is totally fine with me because I was going to make it a bit longer anyway. Now I can just knit and be happy and not worry. Maybe I’ll start the armhole decreases a bit sooner – who knows. All I have to do now is find the right color (that they have enough of – I’m not going to be nitpicky about this) and cast on! I CAN’T WAIT!!! All you Ariann knitters out there – I’ve heard a rumor it’s running a bit small – should I go with the 38″ size or the 40.5″? I’m leaning toward the 40.5″. I don’t think I’ll care if it’s a little bit big and I’m fat these days, so that might be the way to go. Chime in with opinions please.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be excited about something. I want this sweater done for my birthday. I’ve got about a month. I think I can do it.

I’m a Capricorn and he’s got Cancer.

Super humoungous out of control points to whomever can name the song I mangled for today’s title. Seriously. You will get huge props here at January One.

Sooooo. Where was I? Oh yeah. Coming off possibly the worst weekend of my life, we now have no more information than we did when we started. Well, that’s not exactly true. We’re a bit less worried that the melanoma has spread throughout his body – basically because he’s had a chest x-ray and blood work up the wazoo in the past 30 days and not one test came back abnormal – so we’re taking that as a good sign. Please don’t tell me to think otherwise. I beg of you. Also, the lesion they removed was 1.4mm which in melanoma terms is not fantastic, but it’s not super bad either. Although we have reason to believe it’s probably thicker than that because the melanoma had spread to the margins. Bottom line is that he’s got an appointment at Sloane-Kettering next Wednesday and hopefully we’ll know more then. The next step is a sential node mapping and only then will we have the information we’ll need. I don’t know when that will be scheduled.

For the next week, or until we know something definitively, we’re trying to get back to normal. As normal as normal can be once Cancer has stepped into your life. Adapt or die. And dying is absolutely NOT an option.

What’s normal for me? I’m still working, which is good. Keeping me busy. And my house is an absolute disaster, so I have some huge cleaning/organizing projects to look forward to now that G won’t be home from the surgery – or at least not the surgery we thought he’d be home from. And knitting. Blessed, blessed knitting. I picked up the Casino shawl a few days ago and managed to work through about ten rows slowly. I like it pretty well, but it’s still very hard to see the pattern emerging – I haven’t even finished one repeat yet – and the rows are very long.

Today, though, after reading Margene’s post, I became obsessed with Ariann! I’m hoping to use some Jo Sharp I’ve got in the stash, but I’m not sure and of course I want to cast on RIGHT NOW. I can’t imaging anything better than wrapping myself in a soft sweater. I wish it was done already.

Thank you all for your comments and concern and love. It means so much to us. For right now, though, I’d like to get back to my crazy fucked up kind of normal. Next time I know anything, I’ll be sure to share.

L, C


First, let me just say thank you to all of you who emailed and commented. And thank you to all of you who didn’t. The absolute worst thing about finding out the love of your life has a potentially deadly disease the day before Thanksgiving is that you have to wait FORFUCKINGEVER for information. So you live in fantasy land which is decidedly tragic. We will hopefully get some more information on Monday, but probably not all the information we need. Bear with me. I don’t really want to talk about this right now. It’s hard enough living in my own head. Not to mention the fact that after weeping through Thanksgiving dinner, I now have a killer sinus infection and snot is flying everywhere. Of course, not on the yarn I’m selling. Don’t be gross. Thank you for your purchases and your affection for me and my family.

I can’t get PAYPAL to work on the yarn purchases, so I’ll do those separately later. For now, here are the notecards for sale. Thank you for your patience.

Palette Blank NoteCards

Box of eight press printed notecards. 5″x7″ glossy card stock. Blank inside. Envelopes included with each box. All cards in box are the same. Will ship in approximately two weeks from purchase. $4.50 shipping and handling charge added to each purchase. Quantities are limited.


Thank you for your purchases. Have a great day!

Take Your Turkey and SHOVE IT!

It’s officially official. I HATE Thanksgiving. Hate it. Will never ever never enjoy it again.

Four years ago on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, G and I found out that we would have an incredibly difficult time getting pregnant.

I thought I hated Thanksgiving then, but now the deal’s been sealed.

My beloved husband won’t be having surgery on Monday to fix his damaged hip – the one that gives him so much pain sometimes he can’t sleep at night. Why won’t he be having this surgery? Because he has Skin Cancer. We found out today, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, that the lesion he had removed last week is Melanoma.

You know what? I’m not thankful. I’m not thankful that my young beautiful courageous generous adoring husband will have to face yet another physical battle. I’m not thankful at all.

I give thanks every single day that I’m lucky enough to spend my days with this man. Why should I have to separate out a special day to do that? Especially a day that gives me no thanks back.

Bitter? You bet. And I’m not going to apologize for it.

I’m closing the comments on this post because honestly I can’t deal with all the good wishes and stories about this person or that person who survived the mole they had removed above their ear. I want to feel badly and I want to cry and I want to go and hold my husband.

I’ll be back on Saturday to sell shit, because, well Daddy needs another new doctor.

I am thankful for one thing, though, and that’s you. Thank you for reading my blog.

Live Captialism or Die

Let’s get into the REAL spirit of this holiday – SHOPPING!!!! On Saturday, at 11AM EST, I will be putting the following items up for sale:

Artyarns Supermerino Color #108 – 10 Skeins – $70.00

Artyarns Supermerino Color #116 – 9 Skeins – $63.00

I’ll also be adding in the kit I tried to sell last time, minus the needles. That’s the stash part of the sale. Now for the really fun part of the sale. I’m going to be selling some note cards:

Boxes of eight cards + envelopes in a clear top box. $20 per box, plus $4.50 shipping and handling. These are not the same as the cards I was selling before – these are press printed cards – glossy – 5″x7″ – blank inside. I will initially be selling 100 boxes, first come first serve. If demand is great enough, I will have more printed. We shall see. I really love this card – and the photograph it’s made from is one of my all time favorites. I hope you will like them.

Back to work for me – I’m on the LAST job. The last one. I hope I can get through it. I’ve been slacking off a lot today. Remember, 11AM EST. Saturday. Thank you!

PS – I will ship overseas, but shipping might be slightly more. Thanks.

My Life. My Blog.

self-portrait with baby blanket

All work and no play makes Cara freaking CRAZY. So today I decided I wanted to do a meme, but I haven’t really been enamored with the meme’s I’ve seen people playing these days so I went and wasted time looking for something I hadn’t seen before. This is the MY LIFE. MY BLOG. meme taken from those American Express ads. You know the ones that feature someone famous filling out a form? Well, here’s the form. Download it. Fill it out (the handwriting is what makes it cool.) Then scan it or take a picture of it. Be sure to include a picture of yourself as well.

Credit where credit is due: I found the meme and the form here and here. Thanks!

Now go off and meme. And let me know when you post it so I can waste time looking at your memes.

Okay. Back to work. Two more days. Two more days. Two more days….

ETA: There are no secret hidden messages in this blog post. The memory refers to the phone call I made to my grandfather when my oldest nephew was born. I told him, “Grandpop! It’s a BOY!” and he started to cry on the phone. I’ve always felt incredibly lucky that I was the one that told him Max was born. He died the following Summer. The baby blanket in the picture is MY baby blanket. The one I sleep with every night. Sometimes I wear it like a scarf during the day if it’s cold or I’m feeling crazy and want to smell it. Yes. I’m a freak. And, finally, becoming a mother continues to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced.

The Yarn Museum

Things are still crazy crazy crazy here. We’re a week from the surgery and I’m pretty much done shooting for the season, but I’ve got three jobs to process (possibly) before Thanksgiving. Then I have to clean my house over the weekend. Cross your fingers for me. And thank you all so much for the good thoughts for our family. I can’t tell you how much they are appreciated.

The other night we slept with our new NEW duvet and our stained down comforter and it was heaven. I’m feeling much better. I got a lot of sleep last night which was just what I needed and I’m ready to start back to work today. It’s amazing what deadlines can do for you – especially extremely important deadlines.

But today I’m here to talk about a new endeavor spearheaded by Linda Scharf of Stoneleafmoon called The Yarn Museum.

In Linda’s words:

The Yarn Museum exists to honor the artistry and beauty of all handspun yarn.

The Yarn Museum is, initially, a virtual site whose purpose is to honor the artistry and beauty of handspun yarn. Since yarn has so often been used to make other items such as hats, sweaters, rugs, this site delights in the (possibly) transitory state that yarn is in before it becomes the materials of something else – whether knitted, crocheted, woven or displayed in a bowl.

How you can be involved: tell us what you’d like to see on the site. Offer links to great information that you and others have made available. Tell us about sites we should link to. Write articles, if you like. Submit your pictures for inclusion in the online shows.

The spinners involved in this project are all incredibly talented fiber artists and I am honored to be included among the Circle of Advisors. (Now if only my WooLee Winder would get here and I coud start spinning again!) Find out more about this project here.

This is a call for all spinners to SUBMIT their yarn! There are many categories in which you can submit such as The First Skein Gallery, Spinners in Residence, Fit to be Plied, Oddities Gallery. For more information on submitting your photographs, please visit here.

As with most projects, an idea is just the start. The Yarn Museum will go nowhere without participation from YOU! Don’t let the dream die! SUBMIT!

Okay. Back to work.THANK YOU!

PS – Have you ever had a grapple? Strange, but tasty!

A Shot in the Arm

Something’s wrong with me. I’ve been working so hard, so efficiently it’s like I’m a shark and if I stop somehow I’ll die. Stress has pushed my normal waking time back an hour and stretched my bedtime to the wee hours. I’m crazed; last night I actually did something so productive, so pre-emptive that I’m beginning to scare myself. For each job I send out, I wrap up the box top that the album I give with the photo package comes in (it’s got a big label on the box and the box is black and the label’s white and it’s an odd size box precluding me from buying plain empty boxes so this is the best way I’ve found to cover the label.) It’s sort of a pain – something I usually leave until the last minute and then rush to get the job out and spend all day preparing stuff and I always say I should really take one day and wrap all the boxes so I can just pull one off the shelf, etc. etc. LAST NIGHT I WRAPPED TEN BOXES. This is unheard of in my little world. I’m actually prepared for a change.

And not only am I working hard to get everything done, but I’m churning out some of the BEST work I’ve ever produced. Photographs that make me feel incredibly proud of my work. Like I’m not some faker with a camera. I wish I could show you some of my stuff, but I don’t really feel comfortable with that – I do photograph kids for my living and every picture I show has a signed model release behind it. I take this Internet stuff seriously.

I’ve got three more shoots this weekend and then another incredible push to get the work out next week and then my season is essentially over. I won’t be shooting anymore. I really wish we could just cancel Thanksgiving. It would make my life SO much easier. SO MUCH. As it is I think I might just be running down to Philly for dinner and coming right back up. I’ve got ten days to get as much done as I can. Ten days. And my house is in incredibly bad shape. That needs to be taken care of before G comes home from the hospital.

Knitting is non-existant. My poor Casino shawl lies in it’s half tinked-back row state where I left it LAST Friday. Yesterday I sat in two doctors’ offices, a hospital waiting area and the DMV and I didn’t take out my knitting once – even though I had two socks and the shawl with me. Yes, folks, it’s come to this. I’d rather stare at the walls at the DMV than knit. It’ll come back – there will be lots and lots of knitting time next month.

Yesterday also marked a new day in my relationship with my husband. I had to give him an injection – and I’m gearing up to give him the next one shortly. The doctors want him to take Procrit for the next ten days to boost his hemoglobin before surgery as a precautionary measure against blood transfusions during and after surgery. His hemoglobin is normally a bit low due to Thalassemia – a condition prevalent among Meditteranean types, i.e. Greeks and Italians. (Specifically he has Beta Thalassemia Minor.) So I’m giving him shots. Good thing I’m an old pro at it having given myself shots for the IVF. They’re little insulin needles – barely a prick, but still. I never thought I’d ever have to do this. The doctor told us this is what the athletes take when they do blood doping. That made G feel a little bit better about it.

And just so you don’t think it’s all fun and games over here – there’s an emotional element as well. I think I might be working so hard – working so freaking efficiently and single-mindedly – to keep my fears at bay. The other night it didn’t work so well. I was multi-tasking in bed – writing lists of all the things I need to get done before the 27th and while simultaneously editing Yarnival! when suddenly I remembered I needed a shower. (Yeah. That’s how bad it’s gotten.) So I flipped back the bed covers and headed to the shower. When I got back to bed I discovered that I left a hot pink sharpie open on the bed.

My brand new midnight blue duvet cover and my gorgeous new down comforter were covered in hot pink ink. I literally became hysterical. I haven’t cried that hard since the summer. 😉 Georgie came running into the bedroom thinking I was dying or something and he was so upset that I was so upset which only made me more upset. This just about killed me. The next day I went out and bought a new duvet cover. Excessive maybe, but it made me feel so much better. The stained one will go on the guest bed. The down comforter, well, now it matches the old comforter which had a huge ketchup stain on it. Don’t ask. I’m consoling myself with the fact that it probably didn’t ruin the down and the comforter will always be inside a duvet. Still, though, I want to cry everytime I see it. Judge my drama not, less you leave a sharpie open on your bed.

Posts will probably be sporadic at best for the next couple of weeks. I’m afraid that sitting in the OR waiting room will be the first time I actually stop moving in weeks. I just hope I can knit.

Welcome to Yarnival!, Eve’s brainchild. This is Issue 3 and we’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone! I hope you enjoy the issue. Thanks everyone for your submissions. It was difficult to choose for sure. If you like it, love it, can’t live without it, please consider sumbitting to the next issue, which will be edited by Julie. This is a GREAT resource in finding new patterns, new techniques and new ideas and most definitely, new knitting blogs. Even if you don’t get into one issue of Yarnival!, try, try again! Everyone is welcome and every issue is different – you might be the perfect fit for the next one! Okey dokey – now on with the SHOW!

Kindness is an intrusion people want – no NEED – in their lives, whether they know it or not. Liz tells her story of an act of kindness in “The Shedir and the Spider” and it’s not just a story about strangers helping strangers, but friends helping friends. If you’ve ever considered knitting something for someone, but were a bit afraid about how they’d react, read this. You’ll never doubt an act of kindness again.

Apparently THE CURSE is alive and well in blogland. Don’t know which curse I’m talking about? Do you knit under a rock? It’s The Boyfriend Curse and even though we’d like to think it does, marriage doesn’t make you immune. Just ask Kim. She and the JackAss sweater are living proof. Kirstin’s come up with href=”” target=”_blank”>one theory as to why the curse exists: knit your boy a sweater and all he sees is Aunt Myrtle and the horrible contraption she knit for him when he was five. And last but not least, Meg thinks that it just might be the pressure we put on our men when knitting for them – href=”” target=”_blank”>she’s got a whole list of pressures – that makes them panic and run. But so far things are working out for her. She knit the sweater and still has her man. Meg, just remember, it’s a helluva lot harder to get out of a mortgage than it is to get out of a marriage. Bottom line: LOVE SUCKS. But knitting rocks.

Blog book tours are all the rage these days! A writer/blogger/knitter writes a book and is then interviewed by various bloggers about said book. It’s a great way to reach your core audience without ever having to get dressed or leave your house. (HUGE plusses in my opinion.) This blog book tour stop is just a little bit more than run of the mill. Deborah Robson presents href=”” target=”_blank”>an interview with Donna Druchanas about her new book, Arctic Lace. What makes this tour stop so special? For one thing, Deborah is Donna’s editor and publisher. And Deborah doesn’t actually interview Donna, Donna interviews Deborah. It’s an insider’s look at knit book publishing. Not to be missed.

Who can forget their first time? The feel of the needles beneath their fingers. The yarn slipping through, gently, gently. The incense, yarn and candles. The Doors singing C’mon Baby Light My Fire in the background. Basement paneling. OOPS! You know what I mean. Who can forget the first time they picked up the sticks? The first project they REALLY made that was REAL, not some day-glo orange Red Heart swatch on bright pink clinky aluminum Susan Bates needles. Oh, that was only me? On the occasion of his one year knitty anniversary, Adam recounts his first time in href=”” target=”_blank”> “A History of Sorts.” You should read this because, honestly, who doesn’t like first time stories, and because Adam’s a guy in a craft that is dominated by women. (If you’d like to debate this, see below.) Go give Adam the pat on the back he deserves: You’ve come a long way BABY!

Knitting has been around forever. Women have been around forever. I’d like to imagine it wasn’t fig leaves they wore in the Garden of Eden, but rather loin cloths Eve knit from palm fronds she spun into silky softness. Why is it then that men, and many women, think that if you knit – and let’s not limit it to knitting – crafting, domesticity in general – you’ve lost the power and strength that “feminism” has been fighting for forever? Hannah has opened up a discussion, Knitting and Feminism. I’m sure we all have thoughts on this subject. I, for one, have never felt as powerful as I have since the day I learned to knit. And I’ve always been a power hungry kind of girl. Go. Fast. Give your opinion!

Claire and Shirani, the girls over at Cultured Purl, have just started their blog and as a way of introducing themselves to you and you to them, they ask this question: What’s the wackiest place you’ve tried to knit?? Go on over and say hello and tell them about your weirdest, wildest, wackiest knitty adventure!

How to double-row mittens
by Rhonda. (It’s a SLIDESHOW!)

How to braid roving by Loribird.

How to weave in ends while knitting by Aija.

How to knit 2 socks on 2 circulars by Sara.

How to knit a sweater that doesn’t fit then learn from your mistakes so you can help others by Laura.

How to re-cable after a mistake by Jenn.

Ruth presents Gauge is a Cruel Mistress. Not only is she cruel, but she may be working for the younger and smaller and more likely t
o fit into stuff that doesn’t fit us that live with us. Bitch.

Julie’s finishing stuff all over the place. In one entry, she gives us a crazy day in the life, all the while modeling her fantastic Forecast FO. Funny, fun, fabulous: it’s FORECAST. And in “For Linda and Louise,” Julie also shows off the finished Shedir she knit for her friend Louise, struggling with cancer. She incorporates this into a moving portrait of her mother-in-law, who died of breast cancer before Julie ever got a chance to meet her, or her son. Keep the Kleenex close for this one – you’re gonna need it.

Kelly turns a bathmat into a vest. Seriously. With a little bit of help from a very eager daughter.

Knit Quilts are the new rage. Don’t believe me? Well take a look at href=”” target=”_blank”>the GORGEOUS blanket Lucy put together. Cotton, squares, bright colors. A cat. What’s not to love? RUN! RIGHT NOW!

It’s TWINS over at LizKnits!

Nothing says glamour like a felted cloche, and this one is stunning. Just lovely, Jennifer. Now if only I looked good in hats.

Katy wrote a Rhinebeck post. Like a year ago. But it’s still funny and great and without further ado I present: With Apologies To Billy Joel.

We’ve all been there, but as Ariel finds out, Breaking up is hard to do.

Who knew discloths could say so much? Kelli Ann obviously as she gives us The Dishcloth of Our Discontent.

Kelp! You need help! That’s a hell of lot to go through for a blog header. But it does look great!

Forget Excel and spreadsheets and software and PDAs. Kathryn keeps beautiful, lovely, handwritten lists of her stash. And she’s got bees and flowers on her note pads. We should all do this.

There’s nothing else to say except that Jenn is kooky and crazy and that S is for SOCKS! If you click on only one link today – make THIS the link. You will not be sorry.

Anyone who’s ever knit while riding the subway knows that the most interesting things can happen. One lucky day, Sharon found out that she could’ve been a brain surgeon.

Knitting can be very, very dangerous. Just ask Kristi. And when it was all over, well, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself ….

Eve started Yarnival! and the whole hunk of the issue thing. I’m raising the bar by nominating Hannah’s husband for hunk of the month. Who wouldn’t want a husband like this? Hannah sings hubby’s praises in, Love, Knitting, and One Skein of Blue Sky Cotton.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Yarnival! And remember, when you visit, it’s nice to leave a comment letting folks know you’ve been there. Some of the blogs listed today have had barely a comment. Let them know how it good it feels! One more thing – don’t forget to SUBMIT to next months Yarnival! And if you’re interested in editing a future edition of Yarnival!, head over to Eve’s and let her know. THANK YOU and HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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