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No Socks for YOU!

I’m so sorry to disappoint but I can safely say that there will be no finished socks for October. NONE! I started three, finished none. You know in my heart I am a fickle fickle bitch and while I was going to try and finish at least one knee high or maybe a Pomatomus (I’ve turned the heel and am into the second chart) I said fuck it!


Yes, sweet ones, it’s a seamed together Log Cabin. GASP!!!!

I know what you’re thinking. What’s gotten in to her?! First a finished Short Rows after 138 years and NOW she’s seaming log cabins? Could she actually be FOLLOWING THROUGH with her projects?! Settle down. It’s craziness I know. I had the squares in an exquisitely arranged pile on my dresser sitting atop some of the most beautiful quilting books known to man. They were lovely there – the ends hanging every which way and I could look at them and admire the stitches and the yarn and remember the gorgeous vacation where a lot of them were knit – maybe even catch a glimpse of some magic sand. But then I had a request to finish it. You know – one of those requests you sort of absolutely can’t refuse and I decided this time was as right as any.

It was hardly as bad as I thought. I seamed this baby up in a few hours while watching a super cute movie that I now have to watch everytime it’s on cable (basically I’ve got a crush on BOTH Reese AND Mark.) Kay, aka THE MASTER, had showed me once how to do a double crochet as a seam and I never really got the hang of it so I started to scootch around on the Internets and found that actual whipstich is a viable method of seaming afghans. Who knew? So I took out my handy dandy tapestry needle and started with two squares. After about five or six attempts – different yarn colors, different loops, fuck ups – I got my game plan on! Basically I ended up picking up the two bottom loops on the cast off (hold two squares together fronts facing – there will be two loops (?) for each bound off stitch – I picked the one at the bottom – the one you have to sort of dig for – I have no other way of explaining it.)

Right Side Seam

Wrong Side Seam

Once I started it was like I couldn’t stop. I used this picture as my guide so there was absolutely no fiddling with the layout. I’m fairly certain I took some time laying out the squares when I set up for the original photo shoot, so I wasn’t too concerned with how they would look all together. No, I never blocked the squares. There was only one instance where things got a bit wonky and for like five minutes I was sure I didn’t finish a block, it seemed so much smaller, but I cajoled it and it fit and I dare you to try and figure out which square it is. (Honestly, I don’t have a clue myself.)

Here’s another look at the seams:

Right Side

Wrong Side

So now I have to figure out what to do with the border. I’m probably going to take a page from MY GURU and pick up stitches on each edge and do some kind of stripe thing – like five of the light color – one ridge of the dark color – and end with the middle color. Then do solid dark color miters in the corners. Or maybe just light, medium – dark miters. Any ideas would be grand. But before I do any kind of border – I’m tackling this:

After short rows, I can weave in these babies with my eyes closed. Damn straight.

Details: Socks That Rock Heavyweight in the colors Beryl (dark), Jade (medium) and Limestone (light). US Size #5 Addi Turbos. Right now I’m on track to use 2 skeins of each color and the blanket currently measures about 32″x44″. I will probably have enough for the border – depending on how deep I make it.

So no socks. Sorry to disappoint. Next month for sure. 😉

I’m off to see the kids for Halloween. We’ve got a parade tonight, a school parade tomorrow and then actual candy collecting tomorrow night. Apparently my niece has a different princess costume for each event. I’m looking forward to some baby love. I’ll be back on Thursday – hopefully with some cute Halloween pictures.



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It’s this Internet thing called a Blog Carnival, which is an online compilation of very cool blog
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For Ann:

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Sock Candy Friday

In case you hadn’t heard, I broke out of my comfort zone and totally ROCKED the knee high on Saturday. (Evidence here and here and here.) There is at least one other pair coming out of me. That would make five total (when I get them all done) and that seems like a goodly number.

I’m just about to the heel on the second knee high and due to pattern tweaking I’ve got a few more rows to go to the heel on the first knee high. There’s a definite possibility I COULD have a finished pair by Halloween. Could. Maybe. Finish. I just have to decide to do it. But really – two heels and two feet isn’t all that much in the world of sock knitting. I’ve got five days. And a job just dropped out for the weekend.

Koigu. The green is 2340 and the variegated is P852. Knee High pattern here. Because someone always asks. 😉

Thanks for all the blogiversary good wishes! It’d be nothing without you. Have a fantastic weekend!
L, C


Thanks for all the well wishes. I’m feeling a bit better today, but I think the cold has just stalled out a bit. I’m sure it will come roaring back right in time for the weekend. And thanks for all the remedies – I’m kind of a complain and bear it martyr when it comes to being sick. I can’t really take any over the counter medications – they leave me in a state of panic with a rapidly beating heart and swirling head. I’m in the sickness is better than the cure camp. Eh. It’s just a cold.

I didn’t get as much done on my Pomatomus sock last night as I would’ve wanted because I treated myself to some Vintage Bruce. We’re talking 1978 – what some might consider the Golden Age. I turned off all the lights in my bedroom and sat with my lighter in hand with the music blaring and made pretend I WAS THERE. I don’t care if you think I’m crazy because I had the time of my life. And when G finally got home from work I played him some of the highlights and then made pretend I WAS THERE WITH HIM. Even better. God bless the Internets. Seriously. God bless the Internets. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – if anyone ever invents a time machine the first place I’m going, without a doubt, is a concert on the Darkness tour – preferably one where he does the whole Sad Eyes/Drive All Night thing during Backstreets and with the KICK-ASS intro to Prove It – me and G. Together. At the age we are now so we can really appreciate it but back then. It’s a dream. Don’t kill the dream.

Anyway, Pomatomus isn’t a pattern I can knit in the dark. It also doesn’t help that I had my hands clenched under my chin in a prayer-like position before the alter of my idol. Again. Don’t kill the dream. Here’s the sock as it stands right now:

The sock is STR – Sunstone – lightweight. I love it. Really and truly love it. I’m cruising along – got the pattern memorized and the yo/purl thing going good and I hope to get to the heel tonight – lots of good tv tonight. I know Cookie knit the pattern in a variegated yarn, but I really think it was made for a semi solid. Thanks again to Elli for inspiring me with her phenomenol P-socks! (If you’re looking for the Sunspot color and you can’t find it on the Blue Moon website – you’re allowed to call or email and order it – actually any color you see here can be ordered through Blue Moon – whether it’s on the website or not.)

On to the Rhinebeck stash! I think I did pretty good. Rumors abound that I bought a wheel, but I really didn’t. All I did was put some money down on a Robin – but that gets me on the list. There’s a TWO YEAR wait. I can get off the list at any time and get my money back. So I think of it as a maybe/maybe not purchase. A lot can happen in two years, so it’s like insurance. It’s a gorgeous wheel though – birdseye maple. Just beautiful.

Okay – now the real purchases!

The Sheep Shed at Mountain View Farm – 2lbs of Merino – 1lb each blue. I’m envisioning the two colors plied together for a gorgeous sweater – and maybe doing just a bit in the solids as accents. Especially the dark blue. The color isn’t the best in this picture, but the dark is a very dark teal and the light is a very light teal. 😉 They are perfectly complimentary. This will be a big project, obviously.

Silk Merino blend from Cloverleaf Farms – 8oz. Celery colorway – I love how there are some blues sneaking in among the light greens. I bought this envisioning a shawl. Every festival I’ve ever been to I’ve bought something from Cloverleaf. I guess I like their stuff.

From Foxfire Fiber, I bought some GORGEOUS silk and cahsmere blend – 2oz. This is the Mt. Greylock colorway. I wish you could touch this stuff. It would make a grown man cry with its softness.

Then I came back to Foxfire on Sunday and went a little bit crazy!

This is a POUND of cormo/silk blend and it’s like air. It doesn’t even need to be drafted. I honestly would love to sit down RIGHT THIS SECOND and spin this until there is no more. It is that perfect.

I loved the gals at Foxfire! They were so great – and even better – they’re totally into Spin Out 2007! So look for some fine Foxfire products in the prize packages this year.

Last but not least, I stopped at The Fold to say my goodbyes to Toni. I just love me a Toni hug! She wasn’t there at first so I left her a note and then looked around the stripped clean booth. LOW AND BEHOLD!! What did I find?

SHEEP TO SHOE! It’s a new kit from Blue Moon where in you can spin up the famous colorways for your own handspun socks. This is Carbon and I took the picture with my Carbon Jaywalkers on top. I just think it will be so very neat to spin up my own yarn and compare it to the socks I already have in this colorway. Call me crazy, but I’m loving it.

So, that’s what I bought. Actually there was some sock yarn at Spirit Trail and some fiber from Indigo Moon but those are gifts so I’m not showing them and since they aren’t for me they don’t really count anyway. Now if only my WooLee Winder would get here I could start spinning! I don’t want to start any projects until it’s here!!!

Yesterday I told you today was kind of sort of special and it is. T
oday is my two year blogiversary and I’m going to get all mushy on your asses whether you like it or not. As you all know, I spent the weekend with some of my favorite people in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE and I met them ALL through this here blog. ALL OF THEM. How ridiculous is that? Over the past two years I have been inspired, moved and entertained more than I ever imagined possible. I have been amazed and awestruck. I have laughed. I have cried. I have been annoyed and angered. I have loved. I have hated. I have been loved and been hated. I have been taught invaluable lessons. I have been saved on numerous occasions. And I thank you all.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Cotton for everyone!

You Can Have Too Much Fun

All weekend long my throat was tickly and I started losing my voice. I thought it was from all the laughing and screaming and the perpetual draft I was feeling from the AC cranking. (That’s what happens when you travel with three peri-menopausal women – I’m sitting in the backseat with every article of clothing I own wrapped around me shivering to death and the three of them are fanning themselves in their bras and underpants complaining about how stuffy it is in the car. You think I’m kidding?!)

Anyway. I’m sick. My throat no longer tickles, it flat out hurts. This is the worst time for me to get sick, as my weekends are booked through November with multiple photography jobs. Parents don’t like it when you’re sick. Hopefully I won’t be a drippy mess by the weekend when I have to work again.

And I feel like I should be in full Hazmat suit around my husband. We’ve finally scheduled his surgery for late November and god help me if I get him sick. Can you imagine the guilt? So we’re staying away from each other. Which is kind of sad because I’m really missing him.

I haven’t taken any pictures of my haul yet – but I will for tomorrow. Tomorrow is sort of a kind of maybe special day and I will finally take pictures of all that I bought to celebrate. It really wasn’t that much and I pretty much like it all and am happy about my purchases.

On the knitting front, I’ve been feeling guilty about the fact that I might not actually finish a pair of socks for Socktoberfest. I’m just about to the heel on my second green Koigu knee high and yet I’m completely infatuated with my Pomatomus sock. Even though I hate ribbing and purling in socks – I’m loving this pattern. I finally figured out the yo purl on the first stitch and I wonder how I ever had trouble with it – the pattern’s memorized and I’m sailing along. I’ve got half a repeat left before I get to the heel flap. But I really should finish the knee highs before October is over.

And I’m LOVING knitting with STR again. You know, a lot of people said stuff to me at the festival about the lines at The Fold and when/if it was rumored they sold out. I’m not feeling the least bit guilty about it. I LOVE THIS YARN and will make no apologies about how I feel about it or how much I happen to have in my house. (By the way, the new alarm system will be installed next week so don’t get any ideas.) I thought the line was GREAT!!! FANTASTIC! AMAZING! How many of you met new people and had a lovely time talking about knitting and the festival and blogging while in that line? I know I met quite a few of you just walking by – it was great! I didn’t see anyone pissed off in that line. Really I think everyone should knit with this yarn. And I was totally heartened to see so many people trying it out. Do I think you should all wait to buy it at Rhinebeck or another fiber festival? Not at all. That’s why I told you I buy directly from Blue Moon. I understand wanting to see it in person before you buy it – I really do. But sometimes that’s just not possible in this fantastic world of yarn we live in. There are a number of yarns I’d love to try that I can’t get anywhere around here. So I decide to trust my knitting friends and jump in. Or I don’t. Most yarn sellers are incredibly easy going – if you buy it and hate it they will usually take it back or exchange it. And for all of you that emailed me and told me they sold out of lightweight by 10AM – that’s just a rumor. Toni never had lightweight for sale. Trust me on this. She only sells mediumweight and heavyweight. Another reason I buy directly from Tina. Although I did pick up a little something from Toni on my way out the door Sunday. But that will wait for tomorrow.

Just my two cents. You can hate this yarn or that yarn – you can love this yarn or that yarn. That’s ultimately the beauty of our community. Free will and an open pocketbook keeps EVERYONE happy.

Okay. I’m crotchety and sickly and I’d really just like to jump back into bed but unfortunately stuff has to get done today. So have a good one. I promise pictures and fun and HAPPY tomorrow.

Incense, Twine & Candles

My Rhinebeck post will be more boring than most. I swear to you I packed a camera, but somehow it never made it out of the suitcase. I bought no yarn, but regret not buying yarn at Briar Rose to make the gorgeous Casino Shawl they had on display. I can’t stop thinking about this shawl – I’ll be knitting it very soon. I bought some really nice fiber. And I had the most fantastic time with friends, old and new.

I got home from Ann’s tonight and am physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, fiberly, laughingly EXHAUSTED. I want nothing more than to snuggle in my own bed with my favorite boy and sleep for days. Then I want to wake up and see all of your fantastic Rhinebeck posts with pictures galore. Be sure to leave me your links – I’m serious. I NEVER took my camera out of my suitcase. I need to see your pictures.

I will leave you with one thing: the Soundtrack of Rhinebeck 2006. I made a two volume CD for the car ride – it’s deliciously GOOFY with something for everyone. We might have laughed more about these songs than anything else all weekend. I’ve got a couple extra copies – leave me a comment telling me you want it – and hopefully a link to your pictures – and I’ll pick a couple of winners randomly. Trust me – this group of songs had us laughing our asses off.

Volume I
1. Little House Theme Song
2. We’ve Only Just Begun, The Carpenters
3. Spinning Wheel, Blood Sweat & Tears
4. Love Will Keep Us Together, Captain & Tenille
5. This One’s For You, Barry Manilow
6. New York State of Mind, Billy Joel
7. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Live), JIm Croce
8. Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper
9. Jive Talkin’, Bee Gees
10. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon, Neil Diamond
11. Maggie May, Rod Stewart
12. Everybody Wants You, Billy Squier
13. Could It Be Magic, Barry Manilow
14. Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
15. Roller Derby Queen (Live), Jim Croce
16. Super Freak, Rick James
17. Holiday, Bee Gees
18. I Feel The Earth Move, Carole King
19. Escape (The Pina Colada Song), Rupert Holmes
20. Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

Volume II
1. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard, Paul Simon
2. I’m A Believer, Neil Diamond
3. Celebration, Kool & The Gang
4. New York Groove, Ace Frehley
5. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show, Neil Diamond
6. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Bachman-Turner Overdrive
7. Close To You, The Carpenters
8. Fight For Your Right, The Beastie Boys
9. America, Neil Diamond
10. Lovely Day, Bill Withers
11. You’re So Vain, Carly Simon
12. Wanna Get Funky, C+C Music Factory
13. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?, Carole King
14. C’mon Get Happy, The Partridge Family
15. Tonight’s The Night, Rod Stewart
16. Barrier Reef, Old 97’s
17. Old Friends, Simon & Garfunkel
18. Fellin’ Groovy, Simon & Garfunkel
19. Lonely Days, Bee Gees
20. Homeward Bound, Simon & Garfunkel

Hope your weekend was grand!
Thank you!
L, C

Be there AND be square.

So in about an hour I’m heading out to Ann’s so we can go pick up Vicki at the airport. Vicki doesn’t know I’m coming out today – she thinks they’re picking me up tomorrow – so SHHHHHHHH. We get an extra slumber party night!! YAY!

I’m a square both Saturday and Sunday at Rhinebeck. I’ll be carrying that lovely tote bag up there. The knee socks are ready. The Almost Everyday has been shaved within an inch of its life (and I’m still finding fucking pills.) The Soundtrack has been burned, in more ways than one. Don’t ask.

If you need to know what I look like, you can check here or here or even here. I won’t be wearing the fancy dress but you might catch me in a skirt. I may have found a way to make the knee highs work. (At least G approved.)

Regarding the meet-up – I’m sorry if I didn’t get your name up on the list – that doesn’t mean you can’t come – PLEASE – COME! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! IT’S NOT JUST FOR BLOGGERS! (Info in the sidebar.)

See you on the FLIP!

Now with more artificial fillers.

Thank god for Bonne Marie!

48 Things You Could Care Less About


2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Charles and Dora Zeenberg, my maternal grandfather’s parents. The real naming was in hebrew. My hebrew name is Chaya Devorah, after Chaim (Charles) and Devorah (Dora.)

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? I am the ultimate cryer, but I actually can’t remember a true crying experience in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been feeling really good lately. Must have been watching a TV show – but that kind of crying almost doesn’t count because it happens so frequently. Like peeing.

4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Why, yes, yes I do. But it’s not as nice as it used to be. Georgie’s handwriting is as bad as it gets, so I’m always writing stuff for him.

5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? Um, where I’m from we call it Deli and my favorite is corned beef.

6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Absolutely. I am incredibly loyal and generous. Just ask all my friends. Hey – where ya all going?!?

7. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? blogblogblog


9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Absolutely not.

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Organic Frosted Mini-Wheats. I actually think they’re sweeter than the regular Frosted Mini-Wheats. All though I rarely eat breakfast and I’ve given over cereal for Greek yogurt.

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No – but then again I rarely wear shoes with ties.

12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Strong in heart? Strong in spirit? Strong in brain? I wouldn’t say I’m weak, but you could probably kick my ass.

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? ohmygod this is the hardest question ever because I love ice cream so much. Whatever it is – it’s vanilla based. Cherry Garcia. Vanilla fudge. Chocolate chip. But ALWAYS plain vanilla milkshakes. ALWAYS.

14. SHOE SIZE? A friendly and common size 8.

5. RED OR PINK? Both. Last year maybe I would’ve leaned towards pink, this year I’m leaning towards red.


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? I miss my friend Margo who moved away from me. We’re not as close as we used to be. Sometimes I miss my mother – but I don’t really want to talk about that.

18. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? Sure. Why not. I’ll be out of town for a while….

19. WHAT COLOR PANTS, SHIRT AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? blue sweatpants, blue sweat jacket, white t-shirt and nude shoes. Actually I’m barefoot and in my thank god I don’t have to shower today clothes.

20. LAST THING YOU ATE? Some joggers from Kris. I LOVE YOU KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And no, I did not eat them for breakfast – I ate them before bed. But breakfast is a good idea too….)

21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Georgie in the shower and the typing on the keyboard.


23. FAVORITE SMELL? My niece or nephews when they were babies – or my husband. DAYUM he smells good. Those pheromes at work. Whew!

24. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? Probably Ann. Or Georgie. One or the other.


26. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON you stole THIS from? Absofuckinglutely.

27. FAVORITE DRINK? Root beer.

28. FAVORITE SPORT? I don’t know – tennis? It always seems to be on in the house….

29. EYE COLOR? Brown

30. HAT SIZE? Small. I have a pretty small head.

31. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Glasses. I’ve tried contacts a few times and no go. Astigmatism and dryness make me a four eyes.

32. FAVORITE FOOD? This week it’s greek yogurt, honey and banana. Nectar of the gods.

33. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Happy fucking weepy endings. I don’t do scary. Enough of that in my own head.

35. SUMMER OR WINTER? I hate summer with a passion so by default I chose winter. I’m not really into extreme weather though – but I’d much rather be cold than hot. You can always put more clothes on, but once you’re naked and you’re still freaking hot – you’re shit out of luck.

36. HUGS OR KISSES? All of the above.

37. FAVORITE DESSERT? See number 13.

38. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Can’t really say.


40. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? I Am The Most Pathetic Human Being in The World Because I’m Currently Not Reading A Book, by M. E. Knitsalot

41. WHAT’S ON YOUR MOUSE Pad? A sheep knitting a sock. A gift from G.

42. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? Another World and Gilmore Girls. Which is ruined forever, by the way. What the fuck are they doing pairing her up with CHRISTOPHER? She looks like she’s going to cry every time she looks at him and the chemistry is awful. Luke, on the other hand, is as cute as ever.

43. FAVORITE SOUNDS? Eli giggling the other day while I was singing to him on the phone. Anybody laughing really. Except if you have a really bad laugh. You know – the ones that sound like someone’s actually in pain? Not those.



46. WHAT’S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Being me. No one else can do it as well. Trust me. They’ve tried. 😉

47. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

48. WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Stolen from Bonne Marie, the original ChicKnit!

Okay – your turn. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT! You know you want to.

And one random item for Wednesday:

– There is nothing more confounding than a yo purl to start a row. It takes me eight tries to get it right EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Shop Early, Shop Often

It had been a long time since I bought any STR. I was seeing some new colors out there and I was feeling left out. So I called Tina and Kaci and said this is how many skeins I want – send me your new favorites. This is what they sent me:

1. Gunmetal Grey
2. Henpecked
3. Chicabiddy
4. Cock-eyed
5. Dreidel
6. Love-In-Idleness
7. Jail House Rock
8. Puck’s Mischief
9. Sunstone
10. Rhode Island Red
11. Downpour
12. Purple Rain
13. Heart Throb
14. In the Navy
15. Blue Brick Wall
16. Rocktober

That knitting malaise I was feeling? It’s suddenly gone! Imagine that! Needless to say, I will not be buying any STR at Rhinebeck, so please don’t blame me if it sells out quickly. I was smart, and shopped from home. 😉 Also, for all the newbies going to the festival this year, Blue Moon does not have a booth at Rhinebeck – Toni Neil from The Fold has exclusive Rhinebeck rights to STR. Good luck! I’m not sure I’m going to buy anything at Rhinebeck (famous last words.) I was going to buy a WooLee Winder too, but they aren’t going to be at the festival, so I ordered that online too. I’m sure I’ll find something.

Back to my fabulous yarn and how inspired I am. The other day Ann said to me – look at these socks! – and my heart skipped a beat! OH MY LORD! Those are some of the most beautiful socks I’ve ever seen. I tried the Pomatomus sock with some STR and didn’t like how it worked out – to be honest – I love the texture of the pattern but I really don’t think it does variegated yarns justice. But this! Semi-solid STR! PERFECTION! I quickly scanned my stash for something that would work – and I settled on Sunstone (the golden orange in the picture above – lower right corner.) I’m totally ripping off Elliphantom. I was hoping to have some sock to show you, but I literally had to cast on like six times. Don’t ask. Maybe tomorrow – I can’t wait to get into the pattern part. Fantastic!


A yarn store I’ve frequented, The Knit With, located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, sent out a notice today of a Yarn Recall. They are recalling the following yarns:

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
KFI Cashmereno DK
Noro Amagi
Noro Cash Iroha
Noro Lotus

The Knit With states in their letter that after expert analysis of these yarns, it was found that they do not have the stated cashmere content. It should be noted that KFI, the distributor of the above listed yarns, does not agree with their findings. The Knit With is accepting returns of the yarns listed above, regardless of when you bought the yarn or if you’ve used it or not. A store credit will be issued for the net price paid plus 10% of the purchase price on top of that. The letter they attached is very heartfelt – they seem deeply disturbed by their findings.

The letter and recall are available here.

I’ve closed and deleted all of the comments on this post. I hate to do it, but honestly, I don’t really want my blog to become a debate arena. I posted the recall because it came to my inbox and I thought it was important to pass along to my readers. Clearly there are two sides to every story and it’s up to all involved to do what’s best for their businesses and purchases. Personally, I’ve knit with and don’t like the yarns listed, so it doesn’t matter to me whether you sell it, buy it or make it. Thank you for reading.