Ellen D.

of Virginia

Ellen wins the Majacraft Suzie Pro Spinning Wheel GENEROUSLY donated by Toni Neil at The Fold and Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Congratulations Ellen!
Thank you all for participating!
More winners announced tomorrow!!

Happy 4th of July!


  1. A spectacular display! ; )
    Happy 4th of July, Cara!

  2. What a lucky grrl!! Enjoy your fourth with the kiddos!!!

  3. Yaaaay Ellen! Happy Fourth, Cara!

  4. Congrats Ellen!!!!!
    Great job, Cara!

  5. What a happy fourth for Ellen! Yay! And happy 4th to you too, Cara!

  6. Dude, sweet!!

  7. Love your fireworks! Happy 4th, Cara! And thanks for the good wishes!

  8. Lucky Ellen! The fireworks are great … happy 4th to you too, Cara!

  9. That is awesome! Congrats, Ellen!

  10. Congratulations Ellen! Happy spinning!

  11. Congrats Ellen!

  12. yohoo Ellen; show us what you’ve spun!!

  13. I just read your article in “Knitty.” Again, M.T.

  14. Congratulations Ellen! Lucky girl.

  15. Congrats! Hope you have a lot of fun spinning!

  16. Congrats Ellen!!!!

  17. Cristina says:

    And felicitations on your article! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah–with a love like that, you know you should be glad. (Is quoting lyrics other than Bruce’s okay?)