From the Bureau of Unclaimed Prizes:

Paige Jamieson

April Vincent

Kandy White

If you know any of these people, please ask them to email me.

Also, please people – check your spam filters!!! I can’t tell you how many emails get lost in spam filters – especially YAHOO. All three people listed above have yahoo email addresses. I’m sure my emails to them have gotten junked.

Thank you!!!


  1. if any of them won those needles, they are me.
    I mean I.
    I am them.
    They are me.

  2. I have Kandy’s email. I’ll drop her a line and see if it helps.

  3. I’m with Ann

  4. Yeah…. Kandy told me I could have her prize, since I’m such a sweet and honest person. 😀

  5. I was wondering if my email to you ended up in a spam filter or something. about the cards. Claudia’s ride cards.

  6. Cara – I’m here! I sent you an email and have added you to my address book. Thanks!