Spin Out: The Verklempt Files

Yesterday I received this email from Josie:

Hi There:

Love your blog and the organization Heifer International. I am happy to say that on behalf of the second grade class at Anansi Charter School in Taos, New Mexico, I have donated $100.00 towards a knitting basket. I taught the entire 2nd grade to knit this year (12 boys, 4 girls) and they loved it. Here is the blanket that they knitted and which I assembled. We raffled the blanket to raise money for them to paint a sign for school and to do a ropes course at the end of the year with the balance going for the knitting basket. They were very proud of their accomplishment ( and I was too!) Thanks for this fundraiser–you’re doing good work!


Go ahead. Grab your tissues. I’ll still be here. HONK. SNORT. There. That’s better. Never, in my widlest dreams, did I think I’d get emails like this. THANK YOU JOSIE! THANK YOU KIDS! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT!

L, C

PS – Besides THE WHEEL(!!!!!), we’ve had a couple more prize donations: Susan from Spinning Bunny has donated 16 ounces of hand dyed targhee in any of her colorways – winner’s choice – and 2 skeins of 50% superwash merino 50% tencel sock yarn in any of her colorways – winner’s choice. And Roxy from Roxy Yarns is sending us Serendipity Knitting Needles and Interlacements yarn. THANK YOU SUSAN AND ROXY!


  1. What a beautiful blanket. Those kids did a fantastic job. 🙂

  2. OK OK! I keep putting this off…Gotta get me some animals to call my own. Just think if THEY could comment on your blog!

  3. Kristina says:

    My heart hurts from how sweet that blanket is! I love to hear about little kids knitting. Thanks, Cara, for organizing such a great charity event!

  4. Sniffle, sniffle. That is beyond fantastic.

  5. Wow. Those kids. Wow. Hard enough to explain laughing our loud at work, but sniffling over a blanket. I blamed my allergies.

  6. now that’s awesome!! Hand me the kleenex!
    so to go back to your about page, #108: I’ve pretty much succeeded at everything I’ve tried.
    Yes, Cara, you have!! You F’in Rock.

  7. pass the tissues! WOW – just wow!

  8. Awww, hon. That’s so awesome. Be proud, you’ve started another good thing here.

  9. sniff! what a great email. they rock and so do you! and i wish i had learned to knit in second grade…

  10. What a wonderful opportunity Josie has given her class! They must be flying high: helping people AND knitting. You give people a chance to do something good and they just come out of the woodwork. Way to go, Cara!

  11. Aw, that’s so cool. What a great blanket! What a bunch of great kids!! What a neat teacher!! Yeah, I guess “verklempt” is the word to use.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if they won the wheel and then Josie could raise classrooms of knitters AND spinners! ; )

  12. Jennifer says:

    That must make all your efforts seem effortless. That was a wonderful letter to read. Thanks for sharing. Won’t be in town on the 24th, but I wish you great weather!

  13. Wow – I bet you never thought this would spin so nearly out of control, huh?

  14. This is all so amazing!

  15. carolyn m says:

    the wave-y blanket “sends me!”

  16. Madame de Farge says:

    Oy! Plotszen und verklempt!

  17. Amazing what one person can set in motion, huh?

  18. Amazing!

  19. Wow. So cool.

  20. OMG! How freaking cool is that? Plus, that’s one of the cutest blankets ever. I love it!

  21. That is just *awesome*!!! How wonderful. And that blanket really is fabulous!
    I owe you an e-mail about the podcast. Sudden trip to London has turned my life upside down temporarily! (But in a good way, because if I can’t go to that fabulous island resort that you visited, a trip to London is a great thing!)

  22. The kids have amazing color sense! Great work with the fundraiser! BTW your blog is wonderful.

  23. that blanket is BEAUTIFUL! who ever got that for 100$ got a great deal! everytime you update i get so excited to see what happened with this!! 😀

  24. How cute is that blanket??? And you, my dear, are becoming SUCH an inspiration! Don’t get spooky on me, now…

  25. What an awesome blanket! Isn’t that great that 12 boys learned how to knit!!!!! Woot!!!!!