Spin Out: PLEA FOR HELP!!!!

Does anyone anywhere out there have connections to some kind of (covered) space in Manhattan large enough to hold a lot of us and our wheels? I know this is a tall order but I’m trying to work all the angles here! I’m thinking community center, library, place of worship, office building, gallery, etc.

PLEASE EMAIL ME spinout@januaryone.com! THANK YOU!


  1. Any possibility of buying a huge blue tarp and stringing it up between some trees? I’ve never been where you’re going, so it could be mightily impossible, but worth a mention. I’ve spun in the rain under tarps before (many times, in fact, at the farmer’s market) and it’s no big deal.

  2. Loretta says:

    I don’t know anyplace or anyone in Manhattan, however when I was visiting and looking for the garmet district, I spoke with some very friendly firemen. They were a big help to me, and perhaps you could try them, for the use of their garage. Just a thought. Good Luck

  3. Rev. Linda says:

    If you are checking with churches – especially if they are mainline Protestant types – BE SURE to tell them that you are raising money for Heifer Project – this will surely pave the way…at least it would at my church if we had a free room (except that I’m in california)

  4. You know,everyone that goes to outdoor events in the summer expects variable weather. Even if it rains people will come,wearing waterproofs and carrying spindles. You’re going to tire yourself out fretting and worrying. The thing to do is to enjoy what will be a very successful event. Really !
    Have a great time. Enjoy spending a fun time with loads of people who get ”it”.

  5. This is such an incredible thing you are doing. I do hope you can work it out–but if not, let’s have a special online shindig!

  6. Rain rain go away
    Come again some other day
    The Spin Out folks want to play
    Rain Rain go away

  7. *DAMN* Wish I knew guys who knew guys 🙁

  8. So long as my ride does not quit on me, I’ll come….umbrella, spindling in a plastic bucket, waterfriendly Birkis…

  9. Cara, I am praying for a sunny day tomorrow. And no matter what happens, relax and enjoy and be proud of all the hard work you’ve done.
    We of the blogosphere are ENORMOUSLY proud of you. You rock.
    Have a super time tomorrow–and call CNN or something so we can watch and love you guys from afar. I’ll be there in spirit!
    P.S. I never got the whole Bruce thing (sorry to say), but today as I sat at swimming lessons waiting for my kids I found myself knitting like a house on fire–motivated, fast, accurate, in the groove. Then I realized that it was because “Baby We Were Born to Run” was playing over the loudspeaker. I was an invincible knitter! And I get it now!

  10. Hell or high water I will be there, dorky poncho and all!