We’re thisclose to the goal. I’m NOT GIVING UP!


I’m not sure of the total at the moment, but some incredibly generous folks MADE SURE we made the goal and THEN SOME! I’m in a frenzy at the moment with cleaning and my dad stopped in for a visit and I’ve got so much to do, but I’ll be back a bit later with a new total. DON’T STOP NOW! We’ve still got a whole day to go! HOW HIGH CAN WE GET THIS?!?!

The Heifer Registry will close tomorrow and even if we don’t get to our goal, I can’t tell you how proud I am of this effort. I truly believe that world peace is accessible – just put the FIBER COMMUNITY on the job and IT WILL BE DONE! WE CAN DO IT! Thank you all so so much.

I’ve got a few more prizes to announce: Linda at Stone Leaf Moon is sending us one of her inspiring and unique handspun yarn creations; Jennifer of Knit Notes has offered up a set of her amazing cards; Helen of Bay Colony Farm is sending us some of her fantastic bunny fiber and Cathy Cooper handed me some gorgeous Grafton Fiber batts last weekend! ! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Tomorrow will be my wrap up post on Saturday’s event and all of the fundraising. I haven’t posted yet because I was maybe going to write something up for Wild Fibers Magazine, but that fell through – so the entry is coming!



  1. Ok, in the 11th hour you got me to donate ;). Five shares of sheep!

  2. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. There is no doubt the goal will be met. As I love to say…you rock, grrl!

  4. What Margene said. This is such a mitzvah!

  5. bravo Sug!

  6. Wow. The Fiber Community needs to be in charge of world peace for sure. We rock (and you rock most of all).

  7. Why don’t you submit it to KnittySpin instead? We’re always looking for good articles.
    And yeah to everyone who donated!

  8. Seriously. I can’t wait to see what colors you put next on your log cabin. I check back a ridiculous amount of times every day…even though duh, you’re on my bloglines so it will tell me when you update. I’m just so excited about your afghan…and I can not decide what yarn to use to make mine! Decisions, decisions.

  9. I love a challenge! Count me in for another $50: I don’t quite understand what part of the sheep, llama, rabbit, and goat I got for that amount, but oh well!

  10. Give again challenge-
    I say “knittah’s skip a ball of yarn”, and donate a small amount again… we can do this! We’re almost there!
    (I added “bee’s” and another $10 to my previous donation of Bunnies;)

  11. You may need to move it up again! I just bought a rabbit, so you’re another $60 closer. Good luck!

  12. I have been meaning to do this for ages, so your eleventh hour plea was just what it took to kick me in the butt. It seemed only fitting to give someone a new beginning with a lamb!

  13. Okay, I just bought a goat share. Talk about the stock market! 🙂

  14. you’ve organized a wonderful and amazing thing! i know the goal will be met and most likely exceeded because knitters (spinners, hookers, fiber enthusiasts) are an extraordinary bunch of folks!
    love your log cabins!

  15. Blessings on your head. So happy to contribute. Your excitement is infectious. Mwaaaah!

  16. Wow! Good for all of us!!

  17. Oh how wonderful!

  18. Amazing! You done good. Such a good heart…

  19. There is not enough “wow” in the world to convey just how impressed I am with what you have done here. So I’ll start small. Wow.