DUDES! The weather forecast for Saturday is TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT!!!!

I’ve checked here and here and here and here and here and here and here and they seem to get worse and worse! What should we do? Do we move it to Sunday? If it doesn’t happen this weekend – it doesn’t happen. Period. It HAS to be this weekend. I don’t know how much cover there is and how close we are to cover. I’M SO UPSET!!!! All of you traveling from out of town – what’s the latest you will need a decision by? Is tomorrow night too late? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


So I’m looking at the permit last night and it says nothing about a raindate, even though I applied for one. (Yeah. Might have been better to check that out earlier. Sue me.) Called the office first thing this morning and they told me they don’t schedule raindates in the summer because it means double booking every event and they’re already booked solid anyway. So the event goes off tomorrow – or not at all – or at some other TBD date.

I’m going to decide this tomorrow morning. If I wake up and I see Noah out there with his Ark, I’ll reconsider. Anthing less than a deluge I’ll be out there. Spinning my little (broken) heart out. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THIS PROJECT! I appreciate it so much.

If you need me today – I’ll be out buying tarps. If I spend a shitload of money on rain protection, that means it won’t rain right? I’m going to look for stuff that can’t be returned. 😉

AND in the IRONY SUCKS category – my building has no water – hot or cold – for the day. YAY!


  1. I watched the weather while at work today and think that Sunday might be the better bet. I heard 50/50 for Saturday. Are you a gamblin’ kinda girl? They did say rain today & Long Island, south shore at least, got nothing. Damn fools!!! Always trying to ruin a good time.

  2. Kristina says:

    I have no opinion because I am not going, and I don’t mean to laugh when you are in turmoil…but that Star Trek reference nearly made me pee myself. My husband and I will be giggling for days.

  3. Michele says:

    They predicted rain today for us in NYC (big pix of t’storms on the weather forecast) and we had nothing – instead, it got nice and sunny.
    There really is no shelter in the vicinity of the event….

  4. Michele says:

    Oh, and you could check out the weather in aMichigan/Ohio/PA on Friday – we usually get wht they have a day later.

  5. It’s Saturday or nada for me. I have a poncho, it’s all good. And since I boogered up the flyer on my Lendrum I’m bringing my drop spindle instead. It will be safer. 🙂

  6. sending thoughts for good weather to NYC…

  7. Cara, just don’t carry an umbrella with a metal post, k? And don’t be the tallest thing around. Make someone tall stand next to you — like a bodyguard. Ok, I’m leaving now. I think I’ve caused enough trouble already.

  8. I’m afraid I won’t be there, but good luck.
    I understand “playing chicken” with the weather – last year my twins’ first birthday party was planned to be outside, and it stormed the night before and then drizzled and rained and cleared over and over throughout the day.
    Everyone was telling me to give up on the outdoor party and have the party indoors (which would have been cramped and unpleasant, as we live in a dinky apartment).
    Finally, I checked my gut and realized the exact same thing had happened on my wedding day, which was also an outdoor ceremony. It had rained the night before, drizzled in the morning, but by the time of the ceremony, the skies were clear (though it did start drizzling again just as the ceremony was breaking up – good thing the reception was indoors and at the same site).
    So I went for it, and the skies were threatening and gray while my dad and his wife went to the park to set up the picnic tables and put on the tablecloths and get the picnic goodies going. But when Caz and I pulled up with the kids, the clouds started breaking up, and by the time the guests started arriving, the sky was blue and the sun was shining and it stayed that way the rest of the afternoon.
    Whatever Weather Magic I might have (which may well be none), I’ll send your way. Good luck!

  9. I wish I had a crystal ball — or could twitch my nose and make the clouds disappear!
    “Scattered,” “possible,” “likely” — these are all operative words.
    I’m thinking good weather thoughts…

  10. oy. I’ll happily take your rain down here for you…
    here’s hoping it’s all fluff and nonsense and the day dawns fair 😀

  11. Cara! Chill! You’ll have a great time no matter what! A little rain won’t spoil anything. Do it Saturday, and rock on.

  12. Cara! Breathe! It’ll be good. I seem to be having some rain luck lately (ie, today. As in hahaha, I totally didn’t get wet this morning and everyone else did) and I’m sending it all to central park, ‘mkay?

  13. Not going either…that Granny…but I have to agree, they did call for showers yesterday and it was hotter than hell with not a drop in sight. Sigh. Good luck.

  14. Dude, you already got the wet t-shirts, right? Just put the boobsy gals up in front and you’re sure to interest plenty of onlookers in the wonderful world of spinning…

  15. Just go…be prepared for rain….but GO.
    I did see the big ol’ clouds and weather system all across the country headed your way. But it doesn’t mean constant rain, does it? In Utah it wouldn’t.

  16. im comin’ rain or shine. a little rain never hurt me. alot of rain never hurt me. i’ve never been hit by a bolt of lightning, i bet that would hurt. let’s do it!
    what if we decend on a local yarn store if it gets too wet? is there a school gym or are there too many of us? what if people bring those tent shelter things to set up?
    screw it, and let’s do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Greetings from western NY state! Yesterday (Thurs.) it was supposed to rain, but all we got was a few sprinkles. “They” also say rain for this morning, but it’s only cloudy, no rain. Sending dry wishes for the entire weekend, whatever you decide!

  18. I can’t make it Sunday so I’m hoping we do fine tomorrow. They’ve been threatening violent storms all week and nothing has shown up. Maribel, Ian (my 4 year old) and I will come prepared.
    I spoke to Ann and we’re coming early to help you set up and ferry things from the car if necessary.

  19. The weather forcast here (central Jersey) has been scattered thunder showers for the past five days. It has not rained a drop nor has there been a single clap of thunder. Calm yourself the weather guessers are all morons!

  20. Madame deFarge says:

    Dude, wool gets stronger when it’s wet. take the hint.
    But if you’d like I’ll grab granny’s fetish bag, feathers and the jingle dress out of the closet. Consider yourself anti-rain danced.

  21. Oh no! I’m sorry. I know how much time you’re spent getting this all organized. How baout if I send you some of our sun?

  22. I’ve been through NHSW’s floods, Fiber Frolic’s downpours, CTSW’s drenching, and most recently my son’s graduation under rumbling clouds and spits of rain. I’m thinking I’ll knit a set of gills and join you tomorrow anyway.

  23. There’s not a lot you can do except hope for the best, and seriously – if the weather sucks? You can still have a good time – a different time than you originally planned, but still a good time. *cough* new hampshire sheep and wool *cough*
    We had the same forecast for craptastic weather yesterday and it ended up being beautiful, so, you never know.

  24. Hope it all goes off with blue skies. But if not, have fun anyway. I’ll be there in spirit.

  25. Im going no matter what on the chinatown express from philly to nyc 😀 If the weather sucks Im sure all of us knitters spinnners and crocheters can come up with some alternative fun…imagine a huge yarn crawl….a subway full of fiber people…a poor cafe overtaken by all of us

  26. Send the damn rain down here. Then you get a nice event and I get non-dead grass!

  27. I’m there!

  28. I will definitely be there, and early, since I have to be at work at 12:30. I have a few extra $3 umbrellas that I will bring to leave with you just in case 🙂
    Also, you might want to think about calling Knitty City on 79th to see if they would mind some slightly damp spinners coming over to hang out – they are really nice ladies!

  29. you can never really trust weather reports, especially more than 12 hours before an event.
    prayer may help. i will certainly be thinking dry skies for you. and yes, drop spindles, tarps and those temporary awnings people use for craft shows seems about right.
    cara, you’ve done an amazing job…somehow it will all work out!

  30. niteowlmg says:

    Funny when you read/hear weather reports they may say “isolated thunderstorms” or “scattered thunderstorms” but everyone focuses on just the word “thunderstorm.” Last night here in Maryland we had a wicked one. It looked like a light show and then it hit. As my daughter and I were peaking out the door one cracked with such force we felt it in our bones. This morning I heard on the news that the system that will stall over us tonite and Sat will make that look like child’s play. We’re are way below our usual precip and they say in 36 hrs we’ll make that up with at least 3″ of rain. That is A LOT!! Your forcast and ours looks pretty similar. Be safe Cara! Sunday looks better. If you can do that, I’d switch. Looks like 4-6 pm will be the worst. If you have the luxury of waiting, I’d make the call then.

  31. I think Sunday’s supposed to be worse, isn’t it?
    And apologies if someone mentioned it already; you have entirely too many commentors! 🙂

  32. Cara,
    Just found your blog and am so very impressed with your event. Heifer is my all-time favorite so I’ve made a small donation and ordered a bag.
    I will be sending good weather thoughts your way for sure.
    Know that people in Arkansas are thinking of you and wishing we could be there!

  33. Kristina says:

    I’ll be doing my “rain, rain…go away” chant all day today! I hope everyone spins their hearts out tomorrow.

  34. Honey, I’ll be there. If it’s sunny, I’ll be bringing my mama with me. If it’s pouring, I’ll be by my lonesome. Alas, I have no connections to indoor spaces, but I’ll keep eyes and ears peeled for any fortuitous places.

  35. Cristina says:

    I’m inviting the rain clouds to come to Phila all day tomorrow and leave you in fleece, I mean, peace.

  36. Wait, wait, tallest thing around