I haven’t been able to contain my excitement! I’ve been bursting at the seams, but now I can SHOUT IT!

Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready. Seriously. Sit down. Okay?

It was all Tina‘s idea. And then she talked to Toni and WE’RE GIVING AWAY A WHEEL!!!!! I shit you not!!

It’s a Majacraft Suzie Pro – with the green wheel – and Toni tells me it’s handpainted on the back.


And how do you WIN this FANTASTIC, SPECTACULAR, FABULOUS, STUPENDOUS GRAND FREAKING PRIZE? I’m glad you asked. Here’s the info yet again:

I’ve set up a REGISTRY at Heifer International.

For every $10.00 you spend on this registry, your name will be placed in the proverbial hat for drawings in the coming weeks. For instance, if you spend $50.00, your name will be put in the hat 5 times. You can win more than one prize if your name is in there more than once – we will not be pulling out multiple names after a win. There are various ways to spend:

— Knitting Basket: $500.00
— Share of a Knitting Basket: $50.00
— A Full Llama: $150.00
— Share of a Llama: $20.00
— A Full Sheep: $120.00
— Share of a Sheep: $10.00
— Trio of Rabbits: $60.00
— Share of Rabbits: $10.00
— A Full Goat:$120.00
— Share of a Goat: $10.00
— A Full Pig: $120.00
— Share of a Pig: $10.00
— Chicks: $20
— Bees: $30

The way the registry works is this – click on the type of animal you’d like to buy – whether it be a full animal or a share of an animal. You will then be taken to a page about the animal and given the option to purchase the whole animal or just a share! It’s as EASY as that!

I hope there is something for everyone here. The FABULOUS and FANTASTIC PRIZES will be awarded ALL OVER THE WORLD! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND THE EVENT TO WIN! So if you can’t be there on the 24th, you can still be there in SPIRIT!

Since the registry only tells me that you’ve given, not how much (for raffle purposes) here’s what I’m asking: WHEN YOU DONATE TO HEIFER THROUGH THE REGISTRY (and I know you will 😉 ), PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO spinout@januaryone.com STATING HOW MUCH YOU GAVE. Otherwise, you’ll be put in the raffle pot ONCE, regardless of how much you donated.



  1. Holy herd of heifers, or llamas, or sheep, rabbits, goats, pigs, chicks and bees… holy freakin’ crap, Cara, that’s STUPENDOUS!!
    I wore my shirt today. ; ) I can’t wait ’til The Day — for you and everyone who’ll be there. Someone better darn well take some pictures!!!

  2. oh my god. that’s so awesome. if i won that, i’d fall over dead! thanks to all the peeps donating gifts… how awesome!

  3. I am flabbergasted. Completely. People are so amazing and so generous. That’s, well, amazing.
    This whole huge spin out thing you’re running — ROCKS!

  4. holy mackerel cow yowsa! A wheeel! and a gorgeous one too!! Congratulations on that beauty of a prize 😀

  5. Whoa, baby!!

  6. Well, we’re not kidding around any more. This is a whole ‘nother level of prize! Somebody’s gonna be so lucky.

  7. YOU ROCK! None of this would have happened without your vision, you following through on your dream. Start spreading the news…spinners and knitters WILL take over the world and what a beautiful world it will be;-)

  8. I am just AMAZED – being “new” to this online knitting community – but I guess some of you are not surprised at all BUT GOSH – it just keeps getting bigger – and if the registry is open until June 30 you may have to double that goal AGAIN!!
    Cara – you have really done good here – this is my first time to donate to Heifer International but it certainly will not be my last!!

  9. I don’t know if it was my connection or the page, but I could not go through the registry, so I did it “express”. I realize now that it won’t change the totals on your page, but it is a gift all the same… I hope that is okay!