Spin Out: GOT SWAG?

Forget the assholes of this world! PEOPLE ARE GOOD!

WE’RE AT $11006!!!

Once we reached $11,000, I upped the goal again. Am I being greedy? I don’t think so! We’ve got a little more than a week to go before the registry closes – please feel free to donate up until JUNE 30th! This whole experience has so lifted me! I HAVE FAITH in ALL OF YOU!

And I’ve got swag too:

You’ve got buttons and magnets (they look the same) and bumperstickers and postcards I made advertising the raffle. Get there early peeps! I only have a limited number!

I promise – I haven’t been checking the weather obsessively, but it looks like it’s going to be in the 70s with scattered thunder storms and a 40% chance of rain. Sunday looks to be the same. So we’re on as of right this second. I will update Friday night with a definite go ahead, but I think it looks good. What’s the worst thing that happens? It rains a little? Bring your trash bags just in case. Also, Ruth was kind enough to check out Cherry Hill Fountain for us – everytime I’ve tried to get there I’ve had a change of plans! – and she says there are a bunch of benches around one side of the fountain – but you still might want to bring some kind of stool if you’re bringing your wheel. What else? Oh yeah – some more prizes!!

Dani of Sunshine Yarns has generously donated a MEGA skein of Emerald Isle Sock Yarn – enough for TWO PAIRS! And the fabulous Adrian of Hello Yarn is sending us 8oz of her merino/silk blend! THANK YOU DANI AND ADRIAN!

And this JUST IN! LEXIE BARNES herself is donating a KNITTING BAG! How fabulous is that! Lexie YOU ROCK! I’ll be sure to fill it with some of our other donated prizes for A FULL BAG!

Just so you all know, I’ve decided that instead of a million little prizes going out, I’m going to combine prizes into fabulous pseudo gift baskets – each filled with all kinds of different items from various vendors. So they’ll be fewer winners – but whoever wins will be VERY HAPPY! TRUST ME! I’ve got many of the prizes sitting here tempting me and they are all GORGEOUS!



  1. What, no tattoos???
    I am SO winning that bag.

  2. The girls love my shirt. They tell me I look like a hippie. ; ) How groovy is that?? Most importantly, I love my shirt and WOW, I can’t believe that it’s THIS Saturday!!!

  3. A Lexie Barnes knitting bag! Now I’m going to need to buy a whole freakin’ sheep!! 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job with this.

  4. Oooh, more goodies! How yummy.

  5. Dude. That’s just awesome.

  6. Hey I’m having trouble getting to the Spin Out registry at Heifer… clicking the link just takes me to a search page. Help?

  7. Peeps are amazing, but if it weren’t for your “amazingness” where would be all be. Praying we get evening rain and the day is perfect.

  8. i’ve had the same experience at several concerts; shows; plays and general whhooohaaas in public. drunks when i went to see Melissa; the dummy at the opera who was seeing Lah Bo-heem
    today i had the knitting is the new puppy experience and i’ll bloggity about it on my blog
    see ya there
    ps/show us a pix of the other side of the log cabin squares? mine have a funny seem?
    wow lookit all that money for heifer, i’m so proud to know ya

  9. WOW! Over $11,000.00!!
    I’m so sad that I won’t be able to come to NYC for the Spin Out. How long are you going to be selling the shirts?

  10. You are the one that deserves a big ass prize for all your incredible work! Can’t wait till Saturday. I’ll be the one in the Spin-Out Tee..ya can’t miss me!!!

  11. Now you can add Fundraiser Extrordinaire to your resume! You Rock Caraaaahhh!

  12. Woohoo! I’m glad you keep raising the bar. It’s amazing to watch this thing grow and grow and grow!!

  13. Needles crossed- bunnies purchased…..and I’ll be spinning out in MICHIGAN………;)
    (thats a full set of DPNS crossed. these prizes look spectacular- you’re doing a phenomenal thing here!)

  14. ps sometimes I just click agin to make the banner change.