Spin Out: Double or Nothing!


Thanks to a spectacularly generous donation from Luise in MA, we’ve PASSED OUR GOAL! So LET’S DOUBLE IT!

DOUBLE DOUBLE CHAI! I’m bringing over all of the information on giving – and we’ve added BEES!

Here’s how to donate:

I’ve set up a REGISTRY at Heifer International.

For every $10.00 you spend on this registry, your name will be placed in the proverbial hat for drawings in the coming weeks. For instance, if you spend $50.00, your name will be put in the hat 5 times. You can win more than one prize if your name is in there more than once – we will not be pulling out multiple names after a win. There are various ways to spend:

— Knitting Basket: $500.00
— Share of a Knitting Basket: $50.00
— A Full Llama: $150.00
— Share of a Llama: $20.00
— A Full Sheep: $120.00
— Share of a Sheep: $10.00
— Trio of Rabbits: $60.00
— Share of Rabbits: $10.00
— A Full Goat:$120.00
— Share of a Goat: $10.00
— A Full Pig: $120.00
— Share of a Pig: $10.00
— Chicks: $20
— Bees: $30

The way the registry works is this – click on the type of animal you’d like to buy – whether it be a full animal or a share of an animal. You will then be taken to a page about the animal and given the option to purchase the whole animal or just a share! It’s as EASY as that!

I hope there is something for everyone here. The FABULOUS and FANTASTIC PRIZES will be awarded ALL OVER THE WORLD! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND THE EVENT TO WIN! So if you can’t be there on the 24th, you can still be there in SPIRIT! LET’S BUY A WHOLE HERD PEOPLE!

Since the registry only tells me that you’ve given, not how much (for raffle purposes) here’s what I’m asking: WHEN YOU DONATE TO HEIFER THROUGH THE REGISTRY (and I know you will 😉 ), PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO spinout@januaryone.com STATING HOW MUCH YOU GAVE. Otherwise, you’ll be put in the raffle pot ONCE, regardless of how much you donated.



  1. Wow. That’s awesome.

  2. Amazing!!

  3. YAY! It’s amazing what a little faith will do;-)

  4. Amazing. Woohoo!!

  5. just an fyi. i heard that bruce will be on leno tonight.

  6. Cara, this is absolutely astounding. I’ll link to you again soon (after soul-sucking report cards are over and done with)to send whatever blog readership I have your way! I think this takes the world a step closer to your 100 Things # 90. Keep fighting the good fight, sister!

  7. Congratulations Cara! You should be so proud. Thank you so much for doing this!