To stripe or not to stripe….

It’s not the best, but I think it gives a good idea. What do you think?

Thanks to Urraca for the link to the picture!


  1. not to stripe…defo.

  2. I like the striped collar slightly better but not enough to justify the pain in the ass it would be to knit. This sweater will be an achievment even without a striped collar. Go with the solid collar, get this sweater done, and then give yourself a huge pat on the back.

  3. Kristina says:

    I really like it without the extra striping at the neck. Whatever you choose to do, I look forward to seeing it on.

  4. I’m going with not to stripe. I think it looks better than the striped collar, myself. It really connects the sleeves to the rest of the sweater.

  5. I like the solid better, too. Go for it!

  6. boy, am I unobservant, or what? I had to look at those pictures for quite a while before I even noticed the differences.
    I say, do either – I won’t notice it.
    Just kidding – I like the solid one.

  7. Stripe or use another color other than the sleeve color. With the sleeve color, it looks like a shrug on top of a fabulous sweater.

  8. my vote is no stripe. I think it pulls together the solid sleeves perfectly. Yep…no stripe! And thats my final answer 🙂

  9. I vote solid. It ties the whole thing together. It really is a lovely sweater.

  10. I go no-stripe. It fits in with the sleeves better – IMHO.

  11. I think I like the solid better, too. Maybe in a different color – that could be cool.

  12. solid gets my vote!

  13. I like the solid one.

  14. Definitely solid. The stripe is just a little too much.

  15. I vote for “not to stripe!” 🙂

  16. No stripe. I think it looks better with the solid color, that the smallness of the stripes in the other collar is visually distracting.

  17. I’m voting for solid.

  18. I’m with Lauren — use a solid color, but not the one in the sleeves. For yours, maybe the light blue?

  19. Do not stripe. But everyone else has already said that by now.

  20. I say solid collar, and if you have enough, maybe consider using that pink for the collar? Maybe I’m on crack (though unlikely, can’t afford it), but I think that might tie the whole thing together kinda nicely.

  21. I agree–the stripe doesn’t make enough of a difference to be worth the aggravation.

  22. i like the stripe collar…however, i’d probably recommend doing it in one colour. it just ain’t woth the aggrevation!

  23. Go with solid – no stripe.

  24. SOLID!!! (can we also bring that back into cool vernacular? i dig that word.)

  25. I agree with Sarah – unless you showed people the two pictures and said “my sweater could have looked like this,” they would never know the solid collar was an “enhancement.” I vote for keeping the “pain in the ass” factor low, man.

  26. I much prefer the Solid (like almost everyone else…)

  27. I agree. Solid.

  28. Not to stripe.

  29. Not to stripe.
    p.s. the @#$% box hate last Sunday WW as well!

  30. ops, I meant “the !@#$ box ate last Sundat WW as well” – freudian lapsus due to the fact that I hate the !@#$% box.

  31. Boy, I like ’em both pretty much equally.
    I can’t wait!

  32. Stripe – it looks less shrug-like. And after all the work you’ve already put in, why not go all the way? No one else will notice, but you’ll know. And you’ll know.

  33. I like the stripe, sorry. The solid makes the stripe section look like an apron.

  34. I would go for the solid, though the stripes look ok. It’s just a bit to much, both for the eye and for the knitting, in my opinion! 😀
    Can’t wait to see the finished sweater!

  35. Solid. The stripe is barely noticeable, and it sounds more trouble than it’s worth.

  36. is it just me or does that striping not seem to actually continue the body pattern at all? As for what to do, I am torn.

  37. I’m sticking with my stripe vote.

  38. I vote easy and finished.

  39. no stripe!

  40. Oh, but I finally tracked down the original pic (hey! I’ve got that book) and the striped collar and cuffs do look sooooo cute. But matching stripes? It doesn’t seem possible.

  41. Not to stripe. I think it makes the sleeves look less tacked-on. And it’s easier.

  42. Solid.

  43. To stripe.

  44. not to stripe. I definitely like the solid color better.

  45. I submit a hardcore vote for NO STRIPE!

  46. I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, as I seemed to have missed a day, but my vote is for not stripes. BYW, I like your choice of colors much better than the sample!

  47. Not to stripe! Ditto with the comment on your colour choices being better.

  48. Why not stripe all the way around? I like the no stripe, but I also agree with the person who said it looked like a shrug with the sleeves and collar the same.

  49. no stripe

  50. i vote no to the stripe. way cool sweater!

  51. no stripe