If all goes as planned, the blocking rug will be out tonight. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Jinx buy me a beer.

Want to see what we had for dinner last night?

Yeah. Delicious! We order from this place once a week and without fail, if the owner guy answers, the order gets screwed up somehow. WITHOUT FAIL. It’s very strange. Anyone else and the order is delivered fast, hot and yummy. This guy? Not so much. So we were prepared for the slop that greeted us at the door. No worries – they delivered a new one ASAP and wanted the old one back. Good thing I snapped a picture before hand.

Pizza is my transition home meal. When I told G I wanted pizza for dinner he was like of course you do – in a very nice way. Apparently I always have pizza my first dinner home from being away. Maybe because it’s easy and I usually have leftovers for lunch the next day? Maybe because pizza outside of the NYC metro area sucks ass? Hmmm. Not sure, but he’s right. You can never go wrong with pizza. Ever never.

So I’m back home but my home is driving me crazy. It’s actually kind of depressing. We’ve been living in squalor (as we like to say affectionately) and it has to end. Last night G came home to find me crawling around on the floor picking up all the trash. Do you do this? Whenever I’m switching bags or the crap in my current bag gets to be too much I dump it on the carpet and start over. I’m usually running out of the house at the time and can’t sit and go through everything so on the floor it goes. And I can’t just dump it over the trash because there are receipts I need to keep in there. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. So I was crawling around trolling for trash making neat little piles everywhere of things that don’t get thrown out. And finding stitchmarkers. And yarn. Everywhere. I was also procrastinating because I have work to do. I’m out of the work loop so I don’t feel like doing it and yet it needs to be done because another job is coming this weekend. I’m grateful for work – don’t get me wrong – but there are so many things to help me procrastinate! I’m trying to look at it in a glass half full kind of way. At least I picked up the trash on the floor, right?

Today I’m going to get shrunk and then meet the FAMOUS AUTHOR Kay to buy some stuff I need for a new project. I’m SO excited about this project! So excited! But you’ll have to wait. Hopefully not too long as I’m waiting with you, but soon my pretties. Very, very soon.

Have a great day!


  1. I dump out my bag on the carpet too. Every couple of weeks. And it usually sits there, a little pile of receipts, fliers, papers, etc for a while, until there’s two or three little piles, then I get fed up and clean them up.

  2. My anal retentive self shudders at the thought of trash on the carpet (and what my dog would do to it before I got to cleaning it up). I stuff receipts in my wallet and once a week do what I need to do with them – can’t stand anything longer than that. Go ahead, laugh at my crazy ways – I’m used to it.
    P.S. I clean everything off my desk every single night before I go home – no exceptions. Yep, I’m sick. I know.

  3. I love pizza and would eat it every day if I could!

  4. Mmmmmm – NY pizza…..

  5. The advantage of having a pet is you can’t have trash on the floor. So did the secret y*rn come? I’m excited about the project, too.
    Pizza…I have a tummy ache just looking at that…erp.

  6. I’ve been waiting for your Short Rows in what seems like years! I’m glad you’re done with it.
    It drives me nuts when I do my exercises on the floor because I wind up picking stale bits of food, yarn, hair (ew). It really bugs me to see all the mess, and it really bugs me that it interrupts my workout. Oh well!

  7. PIZZA is the perfect food – all four food groups are represented and it’s nutrional value is unparalled.
    I judge how good my day is going (50% spent in a microwave truck on the road) by if I can stop for a slice somewhere enroute to my assignment. I know secret pizza pitstops all over Chicago. Someday, we will RIDE!
    Until then, pass me a slice…

  8. The last time I thought the lounge carpet looked too disgusting I pulled it all up and took it to the dump. Two years on we still have bare boards in the lounge. The grot all drops through the cracks in the boards. Yeah, I have self-cleaning floor!

  9. Every day I click on the bookmark for your blog, the new picture comes up and I say “Ahhhhh”. Thank you for my daily moment of Zen.

  10. Yummy pizza. I love it. It poses a problem as I’ve become a bit lactose intolerant.

  11. I dump it out on my bed. This way, it has to get done before I go to sleep.
    (I am SO not admitting to sleeping with receipts scattered all over the bed. And yeah, that makes me real popular with the husband ;-)))

  12. You would think that the owner would be capable of making a good pizza.
    I think everyone has that one comfort food that says “Ah, I’m home.” For me, it’s Kraft macaroni and cheese. The moment my Mom say’s she’s not cooking dinner, and we’re not going out, it’s the first thing I look for in the cupboard to make for myself.
    But, then again, pizza rocks in all its many forms.

  13. …pizza….

  14. heh, I dump on the chair I usually sit in and then just push it over to the side to sit. And I hate that cluttered, share my chair with the crap from my bag, the last seven knitting books I browsed, the sock knitting and the sweater knitting with the computer perched on the arm while I am trying to knit a gauge swatch while reading a chart which is balanced on my lap feeling. Well, there you go. You’ve put me in the mood to push it all off onto the floor! 😉

  15. That’s a nice little pile o’ trimmings. I can’t WAIT to see Short Rows! ; )
    Pizza and sub sandwiches — I could be happy for a long time with that menu.

  16. Even thought that pizza is mangled, it makes me so hungry. I grew up in Brooklyn, and you’re right that you just can’t get pizza like that outside of NYC, even if the store claims it’s NYC-style. I’d eat that pizza. I miss Brooklyn pizza so much.

  17. I usually just take what i need out of the bag, and go look for the rest of it later. But I completely know where you are coming from.. I just brought the laundry from last weekend upstairs!

  18. Yummy pizza. Glad you’re back! Keep going on short rows! You can do it!

  19. De-lurking to let you know that I too, live in squalor. And I’m ashamed to admit how long my pile of purse trash has been sitting there.