Jaywalker Eight!

Hey Everybody! Hope you had a kick ass holiday season and are ready to start the year off right – JAYWALKING. Although, I have to say, you guys are KILLING ME! Don’t you people knit anything else? Here we are at week eight and at last count we have 184 participants! CRAZY! I thought I’d go over the rules again.

The rules:

1. Knit a pair (or more – hey – I’m going to start my THIRD! SIXTH? SEVENTH? I’ve lost count frankly) of Jaywalker socks. I know a lot of you have already started a pair – and that counts. But if you’ve finished a pair already, that doesn’t count. Instead, go on over to Kathy‘s and let her know. She’ll add you to the gallery.

2. You don’t have to adhere strictly to the pattern, so all you Drunken Jaywalker people (you know who you are!) come on over.

3. The socks don’t have to be for you. I know everyone’s crazy with holiday knitting (Suckers. I’m just saying….) so why not make a pair of Jaywalkers for that annoying relative in your life? Nothing like a pair of Jaywalker socks to send that subtle message – I wish you’d go play in traffic! You’re the only one who has to know the sentiment behind the gift! 😉

4. You don’t have to knit the socks with SOCKS THAT ROCK yarn – use whatever yarn you like. BUT the prizes will be Socks That Rock.

5. There are no deadlines on when this KAL will end, BUT

6. On February 14th I will draw three names out of the proverbial Internet hat of all the FINISHED KAL socks and each of these people will WIN a skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK in their preferred colorway. That is, assuming I can get Tina to dye it for you. I won’t tell you how many colors are in the recipe book – your head will spin around. To be eligible to win the socks, you will have had to give me at least ONE update before February 1st. I want you to really be in it to win it you know? No pulling in at the last minute with a finished pair of socks to get in on the lottery. 😉

7. Updates will be on FRIDAYS. So leave me comment or email me and I’ll do the updates then. K? Terrific!

Capisce? Capisce.

Ready. Set. UPDATE!

~ Seriously, she LOVES them! Don’t get the wrong idea about Adelle‘s jaywalkers. Yes, girl, they are so purty! And it doesn’t matter when you get them done – but that you LOVE them! And you do!

~ Slow and steady wins the race! Check out Amy‘s socks!

~ AmyP‘s got toe-up jaywalkers in kool-aid colors! YAY for hand dyes that WORK!

~ No socks, but it’s BIRTHDAY WEEK over at Anita‘s and you know how we feel about birthdays! Have a GREAT ONE!

~ Super Sleuth Ann‘s looking for the Creature of the Black Lagoon! She’s got STR Lagoon socks rocking! Hey, Ann baby, can I call you Nancy?

~ MEEEOOOWWW! Check out Anna‘s AMAZING sexy frilly fun jaywalkers! It’s insane what a little modification can do – picot edge BABY! I LOVE IT!

~ BigLug‘s got a ROCKING finished pair! Magic Loop indeed! Not convinced you’re a sock knitter – honey pie – you’ve made JAYWALKERS – the KING of socks! (I say Xmas Rock too.)

~ Oooh! Oooh! Another down to the wire Jaywalker finish! But Bridget wins by a nose with her gorgeous FINISHED pair! YAY!

~ Add Carmelle to the rip list! But things are on track now. Welcome Carmelle!

~ Carole‘s SECOND pair are finished! Do I smell an addict in the making? NOT MY FAULT! 😉

~ Now I may not be one to judge, but jaywalkers to match your furniture?! Cori‘s socks match her couch. Thankfully she’s got a pretty couch. I’m just saying. (Oh and while you’re over there, check out Cori’s STR XMAS TREE! Man your hubby ROCKS!) ETA: Cori’s teeth are FREE! And look how PRETTY! Oh yeah. Between the writing of this update and this morning, Cori ripped out her couch matching Jaywalkers. She’s caught PICOT fever.

~ Look at Deb‘s sad socks, all rolled up in her knitting bag! TAKE THEM OUT! LET THE JAYWALKERS FREE! Please? We want to see. ETA: Ask and you shall receive!

~ Ellie needs a vacation from her vacation (don’t we all!) but she still managed some excellent progress on her solid jaywalkers. Looking good!

~ OH MY GOD! You MUST check out the beautiful sheepys on Felicia‘s blog! And the GORGEOUS dye job she just finished. And oh yeah, the KICK ASS jaywalker in her own hand painted sock yarn. (Available for purchase right over here. 😉 )

~ Not quite sure what this says about the movie, but Helen made some excellent progress on her pretty purple jaywalkers CROSSwalkers during King Kong. That is until the kids got scared. Jurassic Jaywalkers. I like it! ETA: SHHHHH! Helen thinks there’s a curse going on over at her place. King Kong no likey knitting during the movie!

~ Holly‘s first FO of 2006 just so happens to be a P
AIR OF JAYWALKERS in some gorgeous Tess’s Sock Yarn! Woot! She says she’ll knit another pair, but maybe not as many as me. I’m telling you people, they’re like POTATO CHIPS. You can’t just have one.

~ Mismatched is still a match! Check out Jen‘s one of each socks! I say go back to the zinnia Jen!

~ Check out Jenny‘s FINISHED pair! Not really stripey, but oh so pretty!

~ Two at a time is fine over at Jessica‘s! She’s trying not to sweat the small stuff this year and I say keep on keeping on!

~ Um, Julie‘s named her sock. Cedric. It’s still pretty freaking cool, even with a name like Cedric. (NO offense to all you Cedric’s out there. Really.) 😉

~ So, Julsey, how was New Year’s? You know it’s been almost a week already. Hangover’s don’t last that long do they? Julsey? Come back! Your gorgeous Jaywalker is sitting at home waiting for you! (Is that Vesper yarn? Looks like Vesper.)

~ The socks went to Disneyland! And they came back finished! So did Karen! The pattern hurt her hands, so she’s back to stockinette, but your friend is going to be SO happy.

~ Kim couldn’t go to sleep the other night until she finished her jaywalkers! Oh Kim, we know that compulsion all too well! Beautiful pair in Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Color 100!

~ My bestest better pal Kris finished a fabulous sock for the new year! Hey BP, where’s the second one? Don’t leave me hanging – you’ve got lots of socks to knit what with all that FABU sock yarn someone sent you! 😉

~ Apparently Laura has some freakishly long toes (and I say that in the nicest way!) But she still managed to close up the toe, non-kitchener style, on her first Jaywalker! Nice work, Laura!

~ The other Laura (this week at least) has TOE! Now let’s see some FOOT!

~ Leah‘s got a KICK ASS jaywalker! Her first sock! YAY! (But, seriously, I DO knit other things besides socks. Have you seen my Almost Everyday Cardigan? What about my Diamond Fantasy Shawl? I’m in a kind of zone thing with the socks, okay? But that’s not ALL I knit. Really. It’s not. I can knit anything I want any time I want. SHUT UP! I can so!)

~ Lisa FINISHED a gorgeous pair of Jaywalkers! Just beautiful! And guess what she did then? Huh? Can you guess? She cast on for ANOTHER PAIR. DO NOT RESIST THE JAYWALKER. It’s futile.

~ Lisa‘s socks may never grow up! Well, I hope they do, but she did take them to see Peter Pan. Could be trouble. FINISH LISA FINISH!

~ Lisa, may I interest you in a Got Gauge? T-shirt? Right side bar. Or maybe Swatch-N-Bitch is more your speed. 😉

~ The Good Humor guy stopped off at Liz‘s and dropped off some FINISHED ICE CREAM JAYWALKERS! That’s Vesper’s Neopolitan colorway if I know my stash and they look FABULOUS!

~ Liz has got her jaywalkers all figured out – she even has the yarn lined up for her NEXT pair (way to prepeare LIZ!) And as a testament to the greatness that is the Jaywalker, despite all that BAD math, she still loves knitting them! Whew!

~ (Yet ANOTHER) Liz is totally zen with her jaywalker – even if it does have a little green in it. Way to be one with the sock Liz!

~ Her name is Margaux and she’s a jaywalker addict. Was there ever any doubt?

~ Mimsie‘s got some FINISHED Garnet Dreams! Beautiful!

~ Patty, sweetie, ripping is still progress! I promise! I like to keep a size #0 needle around for picking up stitches after frogging. I put the stitches on the 0 needle, then transfer them to the #1. Easy peasy. Oh and just so you know, I’ve frogged I think all of my jaywalkers at least once somewhere in the knitting. 🙂

~ YEAH Money! Way to kick that knitting’s ASS! Renata – you are the BOSS!

~ Roberta, doll, the sock is SOOOOOOO Pretty – and the baby – SO DANG CUTE! Awwwww!

~ Robyn says she’s made progress and all and it’s so cool but it’s boring to show a picture and ahem, Robyn? JAYWALKERS ARE NEVER BORING! No matter what stage they’re in! SHOW PICTURES! 😉

~ Rosemary‘s got some EXCELLENT FINISHED Draco socks! Um, Rosemary? What’s a Draco and should we be afraid?

~ Ruth‘s starting the year off right by knitting socks from her stash. Jaywalkers, natch. In Ravenclaw from Sunshine Yarns. Lovely!

~ Rainbow Brite! Rainbow Brite! Rainbow Brite! Hey Sandra my votes for RAINBOW BRITE!

~ Scout‘s learning all about the selfish knit – way to go Scout! Knit for yourself at all times! Oh and check out her fly new job. Stashalong. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

~ Shannon‘s STR Fluorite socks are DONE! Stick a fork in them. AWESOME!

~ DUDE! Sharon is SO giving me a RUN FOR MY MONEY! She’s got five pair ALREADY FINISHED and is working on her SIXTH! Must knit faster, must knit faster, must knit faster.

From l to r: STR Watermelon Tourmaline, STR Lapis, Cherry Hill supersock Water(potluck),
Cherry Hill supersock Serengeti, Fleece Artist Wines and Fleece Artist Jester (sock in progress)

~ Stacey, sweetheart, your feet ARE SMILING! Hell, they’re laughing their asses off at those rocking FINISHED Jaywalkers!

~ Susan‘s starting the year on safari with her ZEBRA jaywalkers! Make sure you’ve got your pith helmet on when you knit those!

~ Tara gave me a very sweet birthday present! She started her first pair of jaywalkers. Awww. Thanks Tara!

~ Tracy knit up some SUPERFANTASTIC FINISHED SOCKS! She tipped the ribbing and the toes with a contrast color and man do they ROCK! Much FUN!

~ Jaywalker ROCKS! Nuff said. Thanks Trek!

~ Vicki‘s jaywalkers are so freaking great they freeze me right in my tracks. Or should I say I’m PETRIFIED?! Love em!

~ I’m betting that by the time you read this, Wannietta‘s got that gorgeous red jaywalker finished. Because, you know what, Wannietta was meant to knit. No doubt.

Late Additions:

Margene, are you ready to prove it all night? THUNDERCRACK!
Sarah, Happy Blogiversary! You’ve come a long way BABY!

If I missed you this week, tough patooties. This stuff is hard! Leave me a comment HERE and I’ll get you next week. Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. I cropped down the Jaywalker KAL button for anyone who like small buttons. Go see it on my blog.
    Blog: http://trekcelt.blogspot.com

  2. I know I’m a little late, but can I jump in now? I’m about to make some Jaywalkers. 🙂

  3. Oh, oh, oh – I hope I can participate! I just started topsy turvey toe-up Jaywalkers.
    and some more pictures of the bit of sock I have done:

  4. I’m 3/4ths done my first. I’d better hustle if I want to finish both before the deadline hey? Good job keeping up with the updates!

  5. hi cara, is it too late to join in? i am just waiting for my yarn to arrive!! you have a v. funny blog. i love it.

  6. ROFL Cara. No need to be worried. I name my socks after Harry Potter characters. (Julie up there did too, with her Cedrics.) =)

  7. If I stop Jaywalking now I’ll never go back (it’s dangerous remember?!). I have PIAN hanging over me like a carrot and as soon as the second sock is done you can bet I’ll be diving in.

  8. Most excellent update, dude. I’m doing a pair of Feather & Fan now (they’re a gift) and then it’s straight back to Jaywalkers. Between these two patterns, I may never knit another type of sock again. 😉

  9. You’re KILLING me over here! Now I have to search out all the blogs with finished JWs and solicit them for the gallery – that’s a lot of work. But worth it :).

  10. I’m sniffly and stuffy and sneezy and there’s no sun, but those petrified socks are making me happy. I’m at the gusset on the first sock of the second pair!

  11. Christine says:

    I don’t have a blog so I emailed you a picture of my finished jaywalker. Can I join?

  12. Haha, Cara you crack me up! Ok, I’ve been a BAD BAD Blogger! Thanks for the update!

  13. happy weekend, gorgeous! don’t worry, the second sock is more than half done – patience, patience! there are so many socks in the world screaming for me to knit them 😉

  14. I want to join in! I’ve loved the jaywalkers I’ve seen around blogland! I’ve got sock yarn on it’s way!

  15. So I’m lovin’ the colr of your latest jaywalkers. Oh, and I have made further progress on my jaywalker, but I completely forgot to update before the Friday update. Will have pics next update, especially now that my son is letting me knit for a few minutes while he watches the Teletubbies.

  16. Just started my first JW’s on New Year’s Day in ROCK STAR that had been mellowing in the stash since July.
    I can already see where this is headed….More JW’s on *my* horizon! I’m lovin’ this pattern!
    I’m already to the heel on the first sock, and that was with a couple of lunchtime knitting moments and 1.5 football games. I’m just cruisin’ along. (Much to the demise of other WIP…LOL)

  17. Where in God’s name can I buy some Socks that Rock yarn???

  18. Hmm . . . incentive is good! Do the socks have to be DONE by February 1st, or do I have the first two weeks of February? Because I was toying with the idea of giving mine to Mom for her Valentine’s Day birthday, but I don’t know that I can finish them in the next 25 days . . . because, a great b-day gift for Mom (thereby giving up my lovely Jaywalkers) AND a chance to win STR? That sounds really, really good!

  19. I’m slow, but I’m working on them I swear! Here’s the last entry that I blogged about them on.

  20. please count me in, thanks!

  21. AW Cara! I know you knit lovely other things too! And yes, I am sure you can stop knitting jaywalkers anytime! 😉
    Honestly you are my sock knitting hero! I aspire to knit socks as well as you!!! Ahhhh, maybe someday!

  22. I’m a less than a 1 year knitter and less than 1 month at blogging – can I join? I have done some simple socks and I’m assuming that I need to have these done and a picture up by February 13? This will be my first sock-a-long so I may need some help getting the button up and what ever errata goes with this experience! Thanks, Rob

  23. Oh, please…is it to late to join???

  24. Ok, I finally cast on for mine! A picture of the CO is on my most recent post :).

  25. Hey Cara, am I too late? If not, definitely count me in! I love these socks.

  26. These updates are getting epic! I finally started casting on my first Jaywalker yesterday. Hopefully there will be something worth photographing soon!

  27. I started another Jaywalker! WooHoo! I’ve been having a great time looking at everyone else’s although it is really giving me ideas and causing me to covet other people’s yarn!

  28. Can I join still? I had to frog and re-cast mine, but they’re on their way!

  29. Can I still join or is it too late? Jaywalker’s been on my list and just waiting for start. I’ve got yarns for the project.

  30. Well the sock is progressing nicely, but the STR colors are great and I have to get me some of that. I hope I can finish before the deadline!

  31. Cara…you are so sweet! Thanks for the birthday wishes! My Jaywalker socks have been ripped though:( I am back to square one and looking for just the right yarn to make them with.

  32. ohhhh please can I join?? I just got my needles to start my first pair of Jaywalkers!!!

  33. oooh can i join? jaywalkers sound awesome! i’d love to join if i can!

  34. Hey! Hey Cara! Over Here! I started an unofficial STR Fanclub! Tell your friends and family to join over at my blog!

  35. I’ve been following along just lurking for awhile and have finally started my own pair of Jaywalkers (I just posted some in-progress pictures on my blog)…I’d love to actually join the KAL if it’s not too late!

  36. OMG, is it just me, or have another 10 knitters joined the KAL just this weekend?!? YOU, my friend, are the rock star, not STR!

  37. everyone else looks SO darn happy with their jaywalkers. i guess i’ll just have to play along too… anything in particular i have to do to join?

  38. Hi Cara,
    Happy belated birthday. Mine’s coming up in a few days. I finally started my jaywalker socks and posted an update on my blog. They look better than I even imagined.

  39. Oooo can I join too?? I just finished a pair of Jaymalkers and it is not to be my last. I LOVE the pattern its soooo addicting!!

  40. Hey, thanks for the congrats! From cat toy to Jaywalker socks in only 3 years!
    And is it just me, or is no one else using Blarney Stone? I haven’t seen any of it around blogland!

  41. My toes are indeed freakishly long!
    and OMG I LURVE that Picot Edging!!!! Thanks for sharing that one or I would have never have found it!

  42. OK, I just read prize and my greedy little heart skipped a beat. I will be starting a pair of Jaywalkers in Cobalt Bloom with my SnB group on Jan 17th. Plenty of time to finish before Feb 14th? I hope, it’s my first pair!

  43. I just started a pair tonight and would LOVE to join!!

  44. Cara,
    I’m half way through sock number two on my first pair of Jaywalkers and I’d love to join the knitalong. Check out my brand new blog for a photo!

  45. Cara,
    I have started my first Jaywalker for my son Nick and a progress photo is on my new blog! He is very excited about it. The colours are big, bold and vibrant. Hope you enjoy!!!

  46. Could I join your Jaywalker KAL? I have watched you knit millions of pairs and finally caught the bug.

  47. Has anyone else had a problem with the number of stitches that you are supposed to pick up on the heel flaps? It calls for 18 but I ened up doing 21 to prevent holes (see my blog if you want to laugh at my stress).

  48. I hope it’s not too late to join. I’d love to participate!

  49. Hi! I finished my pair of jaywalkers for the KAL, and prolly will have another pair cooking soon 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  50. Cara— I know you’re bustin ass keeping up with all the Jaywalkers so I thought I’d let you know mine have been finished for a while and I finally got ’em photo’d and up on the blog. Thanks for doing this!!!

  51. Thanks for the add! I’ll start mine veryvery soon!

  52. Ooh…Is it too late to join? I’d like to try the pattern!

  53. i’m just about to cast on for a plain red pair for my cousin (her request, we’re working on the plainness here) so count me in. i’ll have to update the knitblog, as i’ve been too busy knitting to actually take photos for, oh, months?

  54. Time to knit something other than plain stockinette! I’m working on my first ever pair now, in Lorna’s Shepherd Sock – think the colour is iris something-or-other? Very pretty, at any rate….

  55. Hi! I would like to join this KAL. I have just finished my first sock and will start the other one soon. I have also updated my blog with pictures, but it is written in Swedish, so you will not be able to read it! (if you don’t have great language skills) But I can tell you here that they are knitted in Opalyarn in color Doktorfisch (Regenwald).

  56. May I join the Jaywalkers? Pretty Please?