Jaywalker Admin Stuff – IMPORTANT!

Tomorrow morning, at 6AM, I will be safely seatbelted in (we can only hope) a first class seat on a flight to sunny FLORIDA. I’m taking a vacation people. A VACATION. That means NO WORK. And as much as I love you all and love my jaywalker updates and I’ve come to love my goofy smileys and I’m so glad you have too – I WILL NOT BE DOING UPDATES THIS WEEK.

After ten weeks I think it’s okay to take a little break. Because DEADLINES are fast approaching, I thought yet another look at the draconian rules would be good:

The rules:

1. Knit a pair (or more – hey – I’m going to start my THIRDEIGHTH!) of Jaywalker socks. I know a lot of you have already started a pair – and that counts. But if you’ve finished a pair already, that doesn’t count. Instead, go on over to Kathy‘s and let her know. She’ll add you to the gallery.

2. You don’t have to adhere strictly to the pattern, so all you Drunken Jaywalker people (you know who you are!) come on over.

3. The socks don’t have to be for you. I know everyone’s crazy with holiday knitting (Suckers. I’m just saying….) so why not make a pair of Jaywalkers for that annoying relative in your life? Nothing like a pair of Jaywalker socks to send that subtle message – I wish you’d go play in traffic! You’re the only one who has to know the sentiment behind the gift! 😉

4. You don’t have to knit the socks with SOCKS THAT ROCK yarn – use whatever yarn you like. BUT the prizes will be Socks That Rock.

5. There are no deadlines on when this KAL will end, BUT

6. On February 14th I will draw three SIX names out of the proverbial Internet hat of all the FINISHED KAL socks and each of these people will WIN a skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK in their preferred colorway. That is, assuming I can get Tina to dye it for you. I won’t tell you how many colors are in the recipe book – your head will spin around. To be eligible to win the socks, you will have had to give me at least ONE update before February 1st. I want you to really be in it to win it you know? No pulling in at the last minute with a finished pair of socks to get in on the lottery. 😉

7. Updates will be on FRIDAYS. So leave me comment or email me and I’ll do the updates then. K? Terrific!

THE NEXT UPDATE WILL BE FEBRUARY 1ST. In order to be eligible to win yarn – you need to have updated at least ONCE by FEBRUARY 1ST and complete a pair of socks by FEBRUARY 13th. The drawing will be held on FEBRUARY 14th. So, if you haven’t sent in an update – now’s your chance. PLEASE, when sending updates, either leave A COMMENT RIGHT HERE or send an email to cara AT januaryone DOT com with JAYWALKER UPDATE in the subject line. At midnight on February 14th I will list all of the people eligible AS OF THAT DAY to win yarn. I will keep the list up for the day and at 11:11 PM on the 14th I will pick the winners. You will have the day to let me know if there is a mistake with the list.

I know I miss people each week. I don’t even know how many people are in the KAL anymore, to be honest, but it’s a freaking lot. Okay? I’m only human. If you’re not sure if you are in CHECK THE LIST. If you aren’t on it and think you should be, let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email. A shining star next to your name means you’ve got a finished pair – if you have a star or don’t have a star and think it should be different, let me know. Please note – if you finished a pair since the last update, the list hasn’t been changed to reflect that. I will change it on Feb 1st.

If you have any questions about anything – please leave a comment or send an email. I will tell you though I suck at math and the best answer I have to the all important question of which came first is this:

A chicken and an egg are laying in bed together. The chicken rolls over, lights a cigarette, turns to the egg and says “Well, I guess we answered that question.”

Have a great weekend everyone. Knit hard. I’ll see you on the flip!
L, C


  1. I have finished my first sock and cast-on for the second one. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your vacay Cara!
    FTR, I have 2 pairs of finished Jaywalkers and have been working on my 3rd.

  3. Have a great vacation!!

  4. that joke cracks me up EVERY. TIME. have a fabulous vacation, dahling!

  5. Have a great vacation!
    Also I would like to be added to the Jaywalker KAL, I could resist no longer. Thank you! 🙂

  6. I just put an update picture on my blog. The socks are now completed. I should be putting the final picture up tomorrow. Thanks for all your work on this KAL and enjoy your trip!!!

  7. My Jaywalkers are finished. The link for that entry is in the url field.
    You noted this in in the update on December 16th.
    Stars, please!
    Have a great vacation!

  8. There’s a “Michelle” with two l’s on the list and I don’t know if that’s me or not. I’m Michele with one “l”.
    I have recently cast on a pair of Jaywalkers in “Queen Rock.” I’m about three inches into it. Love the pattern!
    Have a nice vacation!

  9. No Jaywalkers here. I just wanted to wish you a very happy vacation. Enjoy the no work, all play attitude and soak up some sun for those of us stuck in the arctic.

  10. Finished my first pair of Jaywalkers – check out the pics on my blog.

  11. Have a great week!! You deserve it!

  12. Have a great vacation!

  13. I’m sooo jealous! Have a great weekend.

  14. OMG. First of all, this is the first time I’ve come to your site, and I’m jealous I’m not in the Jaywalker knit a thon, or KAL or whatever. If it’s not too late, I’d like to join.
    Second, I blew Red Bull out my nose at that joke. Thank you 🙂

  15. Good job on the KAL!!! Keep it up!!! See u when u return.

  16. Am I too late to sign up. I started a pair of Jaywalkers today. Have a great vacation.

  17. Have a great vacation!
    I know I’m late to the party but I want to join the Jaywalker KAL. I might even finish my pair by the 14th. I was doing great until last night. I spent half the night trying to figure out what went wrong and the other half trying to fix it. I must learn how to read instructions. I went to bed with crossed eyes and a serious headache but my Jaywalkers (in STR Ruby Slippers) are doing much better.

  18. Have an excellent vacation and drink something fruity for us sun-deprived northern types.

  19. Hi Cara – have a great hol.
    My update is now on the url – I have finished my first sock (except for sewing up the toe) and I am down to the heel on my second one. Its great to think that others are knitting the same pattern at the same time!

  20. w00t vacation!
    I have one sock done, posed on my cat – I thought the second one was due February 2nd, for some reason, and I knew I couldn’t do that, and I’m so glad it’s later! Now I have a chance of finishing! And it did fit my friend, so yay!

  21. Um, does that count as an update?

  22. HICCUP!!!!!
    Have a great trip.

  23. I’m so slow! I wonder if I will not be able to finish one pair of Jaywalkers in time… 🙁

  24. Susan Maurer says:

    Welcome (almost) to sunny Florida. I’m in northern Florida, where we’re expecting freezing temps tonight, but I suspect you’re headed even further south.
    I didn’t join the KAL cuz even though I’d ordered three colorways of STR destined to become Jaywalkers, I didn’t know when I’d cast on. A surprise visit from my mom last week suggested to me that she needed a pair of socks more than I, so I suddenly cast on my first ever Jaywalker. In the Pebbles colorway.
    So I may be too late to join the KAL… or am I?
    I don’t have a blog (yet), but I do have a digital camera and hopped over to Kathy’s to let her know (like she needs one more photo!).
    Anywho, this pattern works up so fast cuz it’s fun! It’s brilliant! And you got me hooked on it! I’m on the sole of the first sock now after only three days and hope to finish sock #2 by next weekend. So am I in? Huh? Huh?
    Bon Voyage!
    And welcome to the Sunshine State!

  25. Have a great vacation! I’m on my 3rd, yup, 3rd, pair of Jaywalkers. hee!

  26. I hope that you have a wonderful vacation!!!! Relax, knit, sleep, and don’t worry about anything but having fun.

  27. Have a great vacation. Allow a central Floridian to give you a smidge of unsolicited advice….Pack for hot and pack for cold. Yesterday it was in the eighties and muggy. Tomorrow it will be in the low forties. In a few more days it will be rainy and humid again…. just another typical Florida winter.

  28. I have a Jaywalker update on my blog from a few days ago and I’ll probably have another update up before February 1st. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  29. LOL! (guess we answered that question)!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  30. Have a great trip!
    I have finished my first Jaywalker.
    I’m now working on my second.

  31. Enjoy your holiday – you deserve it.
    I’m half way through the gusset increases, as of the 26th of January.

  32. I finally finished mine. Woo Hoo!

  33. Have a great vacation!! 🙂

  34. I would love to join. I just bought my 2 circs my soar book and the yarn. I will cast on tonight. Thanks for a funny site!
    Ann in Vermont

  35. I am hoping that the third cast-on will be the charm! The first two tries were both too small to fit over my heel. I am into the main part of the leg, so hopefully by next week I should know if it’s a go or not.

  36. Good for you…take a break, relax, enjoy the sun – we’ll all be here whewn you come back!

  37. Hi Cara,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog about the Jaywalker kfb’s. Now that I know it is normal for the pattern to have little holes, I can continue.
    Have a great vacation.

  38. I started mine a few weeks ago but am slow on officially joining in. Please sign me up (when you return!).

  39. I finished my first one and am 2 inches into the second of the pair. I can see why this pattern is addicting!

  40. First class to Florida? Too much fun! I hope it snows at your home for you, just to make the vacation even better.
    Of course you have all the LYSs scoped out, don’t you? 😉 I’d have them all MapQuested already.

  41. PLEASE SIGN ME UP! I finished Sock 1 a couple of days ago and plan to cast on for the second tonight. It will be a struggle for me to get the second one done before the deadline.
    Have a great vacation!

  42. I started a pair a few days ago so I’d like to play too!
    Have a great time in Florida!

  43. I wanna be in the kal to… I’ve just cast on for the second sock…
    I didn’t know that joke, I almost fell of the chair laughing…Have a great vacation.

  44. I’m about to start my jaywalker and I’d love to knit along. Count me in!

  45. The curse has been broken!
    My CrossJAYWalker Socks are finished and on my feet!
    I do seem to have a someone alien toe on my right foot, but it feels just fine. I may never fix it 😀
    I’ve been asked to write up my heel variation, and will gladly do so, but do not want to step on any toes… I’ll be posting on my blog when the mahvelous Grumperina and I work how how and where these variations should be posted.

  46. Hi, Cara! I’ve just about finished the decreases just after the heel…just about to go straight toe. This is on my first Jaywalker sock. I better knit faster if I’m to have a prayer of finishing the pair by Feb. 13. Aack! =)

  47. Hey! Just wanted to update and let you know I finished my very first Jaywalker Sock 🙂 I now totally understand why everyone is obsessed with this pattern. I’ll have a picture on my blog tomorrow and (hopefully) the second sock on my needles!

  48. Enjoy the sunshine – there isn’t much where you live today.
    BTW – for anyone who is knitting socks for the Knitting Olympics, come join Sock Team USA!

  49. Oh the URL didn’t come through as a link:

  50. Hi! Finished my Jaywalkers on Friday – here is a link to my finished pair ( http://fiberfish.blogspot.com/2006/01/done-jaywalking.html ). I love them! Thanks for being so crazy gungho about this pattern, and making me cast on for a pair. Fun fun fun.

  51. I would like to join this knit along, if I still can. It’s my first KAL ever! I just started my Jaywalkers on saturday and the progress and details can be found on my blog.

  52. I give in. Add me to the list. Will update shortly if my camera will cooperate.

  53. Cara–I hope you enjoyed your trip to Florida!
    And–I finished my Jaywalkers! I didn’t think I’d get them done before February, but I did, and I’m so glad. They won’t be hanging over my head for the Olympics….

  54. Are we still allowed to join? I can’t stand it anymore. I have to make them.

  55. Please sign me up! I have high hopes that the Jaywalker will be the ONE sock design that will stay up on my chunky peasant stock legs.

  56. I’m jaywalkin! Finally…. I completed my Jaywalkers last night and have already posted about them on my blog. I get a happy face now! Yay!

  57. i wasn’t going to make another pair of these…but…will…is…weak…
    slow the bandwagon down, please, i’d like to jump on it!

  58. I’ve turned the heel on my first Jaywalker, still hoping to finish in time (if the baby will sleep through the night it would help!)

  59. I have an update posted detailing the sordid story of the knitting, the ripping, and the reknitting (the horror!).
    I have now made more progress and am finished with the first sock working on the second. Updates on that on the blog at some point – probably after I finish my whirlwind world tour.

  60. Could me in…have great colourway of Lorna’s Laces for this.

  61. I’ve started ! At long last. The burning question [well,maybe not} is ”will I finish ?”.

  62. I just posted a pic on my blog of one finished sock and the other on the needles.

  63. Starting my first pair as we speak, add me to the list, please!

  64. I cast on for my Jaywalkers on the plane when I was on vacation. I am through the heel on the first one, so I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the pair by the 14th, but I’ll post a picture of what I’ve got when I update my blog. Have fun on your vacation – I highly recommend lounging on the beach – I loved it!

  65. Hiya! Finally finished my Jaywalkers, and in plenty of time. All the deets are here: http://www.marmalade.ca/?p=2335

  66. I have finally cast on (three times, no less) and am working away on my Jaywalkers. A pic for proof is on the Monday, 30 January entry on my blog.

  67. I just started my first pair yesterday! I’m about 4″ into the leg portion. So far, I’m really loving this project.