Jaywalker Admin Stuff

I’m still taking sign-ups – I don’t think I’ll be closing it ever – but if you want to sign up – PLEASE – say you want to sign up. Just because you leave a comment on an update telling me you’ve started your socks doesn’t automatically tell me you want to be on the list. Thank you!

Also, there’s over 200 people signed up for this thing now – if I don’t see an update by 8PM EST Thursday evening, I can’t guarantee you’ll be in the updates – even if you send me an email. I’m sorry, but it’s just taking too long to do these suckers, and well, I’m a crazy ass perfectionist so I want to do them right. And if you have a blog – UPDATE your blog. I check each and every blog on the list – so no blog entry – no update.

One last thing – please don’t join at the last minute with your finished socks. Be in it to win it – I want to see at least ONE update of the socks IN PROGRESS before February 1st in order for you to be eligible to win and those socks MUST BE FINISHED by February 13th for the drawing on February 14th. It’s a Knit ALONG people, not a knit by yourself and then jump in for the prize. Oh and speaking of prizes, since there are so many knitters signed up now, I’m going to up the prize to SIX SKEINS OF SOCKS THAT ROCK to be given away. That’s double the chance to win. GO KNIT!


  1. I think I have already signed up ( I’m sorry senile dementia has kicked in early here) If not sign me up and I will knit another pair, I have already done two but who’s counting 🙂

  2. I’m friggin’ done! BUT don’t look for pictures until next week, unless we get 3′ of snow, which they say might (mostly might NOT) happen. I’m just lovin’ my PIAN STR!

  3. No blog yet. 🙁
    But I would like to join the KAL, (which I probably didn’t make clear before) if having a blog still isn’t a requirement.My JW is
    STR in Rock Star and I’m almost to the toe of the first sock. I am lovin’ this yarn!!!!I can also see where this is gonna go…..(a whole JW wardrobe will be forthcoming)Thanks for hostessing the fun!!!

  4. ok so ummm… that email I sent you today (not for this week, but let’s say next week’s round up) is so that I can be a part of this whole shebang… just so its clear 🙂

  5. I’m sorry – I did have a begging email in the comments last week, but that might not have constituted an actual request… I would like to officially join, please. I am making Black Purl Chaotic Jaywalkers (toe up, named in honor of the yarn and my cat). Photo update here.
    I have one done from the toe up to several inches above the ankle. I have the other one about 4 inches up from the toe.

  6. I’d also like to join *the list*… sorry I wasn’t explicit enough before! 🙂

  7. Hi – please sign me up for the Jaywalker Knit-A-Long!
    Pam Stewart
    Thanks, and Happy New Year.

  8. Please sign me up for the KAL as well. Love the pattern!

  9. Sign me up, please. I have yarn ready to roll. Must cast on must cast on must cast on……

  10. count me in! i just started last night and am not even sure they are right. my blog is sort of new…hope that’s not a problem. i’ll post a pic of my start this afternoon.

  11. okay, okay, you got me. against my better judgement (since i’m still finishing christmas presents…), i’m in. sign me up. i can’t resist the pull of the grand prize! look for a picture of yarn and needles coming soon…
    i’m fairly confident that i can do what i have to do AND knit a pair of jaywalkers in about a month.
    god help me. knitting has taken over my brain.

  12. Fair, fair, that’s so fair . . .
    (Oh, and cool artichoke!)

  13. I’ve always admired your photos. Thnx for sharing. Please sign me up for the KAL on Jaywalker – it’s going to be a hoot and it’s about time I joined something!

  14. Sign me up! You can see my Jaywalkers-in-progress here: http://sunnybookyarns.blogspot.com/ under Friday, January 6th. Update coming soon.

  15. hmmm, I was probably less than clear when I said “Um, I thinking I’m starting soon…” lol. So, yes, please sign me up!

  16. Kristie in BC says:

    This is a Jaywalker update. My first Jaywalker got killed! Don’t even ask what went wrong- let’s just say it was TOO big to fix! I have since got my courage up and cast on again. I am now to the heel of the first sock. It is in STR Farmhouse. Hopefully this Jaywalker won’t be wiped out!

  17. Please add me to the KAL! I haven’t posted a pic of my Jaywalkers because I just started them yesterday, but I will! Thanks!
    BTW- I wish you did weddings because I am getting married in the Philly metro area this August. I saw your photos from your work website and they are beautiful.

  18. I’d like to sign-up for the KAL. I started my first pair in Claudia’s Handpainted last Saturday. =)

  19. I’m starting a second pair of Jaywalkers (larger size) in a skein of earthy “Salmon Nation” (my title, not theirs) Cherry Tree Hill. This sock failed at being Conwy AND Friday Harbor, but luuuuuves being a Jaywalker. Fun fun!

  20. I have already finished my first pair of Jaywalkers, yippee! … Now I know I said that I wasn’t going to make another pair because they hurt my hands, but I have a ball of self-striping yarn calling out that it wants to be another pair of Jaywalkers so I will be casting on tonight! There will be an update on my blog by Thursday evening.

  21. I would like to join the Jaywalker Socks knitalong. 🙂 Sign me up!

  22. Hi Cara! Just letting you know that I have posted today on my Jaywalking progress. Thanks for taking on this enormous KAL! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s socks.

  23. I don’t have a blog (yet), but would like to sihn up for the KAL. I will be knitting the jaywalker in simple stripes from knit picks.

  24. Cara, please add me to your list of Jaywalker KAL minions.
    Lovely photos of the artichoke, too.

  25. Please add me to the knit-along. I’m starting a pair this weekend (and I can’t say I’m not extremely tempted by the STR).

  26. I would like to join the knitalong … I am currently working on the heel of my first Jaywalker sock, and hope to have a progress pic up over the next day or so …

  27. I finished sock #1 and am so excited!

  28. You’re the bestest Cara! If I were nearby you I’d bring you some chocolate, or yarn if you don’t like chocolate.

  29. I would like to sign up! I’m on my first jaywalker about 2/3 done the leg. (I posted a pic January 10/06)
    Love the pics of the artichoke!

  30. Sign me up for the KAL!! I am finishing a pair of steeler socks right now and the Jaywalkers’ are next on the needles!! woo hoo!!!

  31. Got the first one of my first pair done and they are up on my blog ready for viewing!

  32. Hi there! I’m thinking about signing up for the KAL but I have a question. I started the ribbing for Jaywalker and cast on 76 stitches in a sock yarn that usually doesn’t pool but I’m getting terrible pooling on this pattern so far. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the number of cast on stitches being more than most sock patterns call for — most of my sock patterns call for casting on about 56 – 60 stitches… Anyway, since you seem to be quite an expert on the Jaywalkers 😉 I thought I’d ask you how I can find a sock yarn that won’t pool… Should it have small sections of color or very large sections of color? Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.

  33. Sign me up! I’m done with the first Jaywalker (and will be posting pics to the site http://www.iheartknitting.com] later).

  34. Cara, thank you very much for letting me in!
    I’ve done with a heel gusset of the first sock now and I updated my weblog.

  35. Hey Cara, I am close to finishing my first sock. I am on the gussets right now. I blogged about it on my blog.

  36. Add me too, I did finally take the plunge. I tried to resist. I tried to hate Jaywalkers, I failed!

  37. Hi…please sign me up for the KAL! I have already knit and finished a pair, but they were too small for my feet (the joys of not swatching) so they have been ripped in preparation for a do-over. Will update soon!

  38. Update in place. Over.

  39. Hi Cara
    This is my first comment on ANY blog! And I love readings yours… Please can I join in the fun and be on the jaywalker list? I started knitting socks in November and made lots for xmas presents – all very simple ones – now I would like to knit myself some jaywalkers! Thanks, Cheers, Helen

  40. greetings, i have been on the fence as far as the
    jaywalker kal but that prize of str yarn! augh! what can i say? sign me up! sign me up!!!
    i have my yarn and will cast on today. i have some socka in a stripey blue/red marled color. hopefully will look great jaywalking! oh, forget all those other projects i have on the needles!!!
    i have no blog so will be emailing a photo to kathy
    when i am done.

  41. hey Cara,
    i”ve been using my msn space as my blog, not as fancy as the rest of them but it will do the trick. I’ve finished number one jaywalker and starting number 2 today!
    hope this link works! http://spaces.msn.com/members/kandn1/

  42. Sign me up too please. I shall be walking Jays with the rest of you. After I do a pair for my dear friend.

  43. Please sign me up. I probably won’t finish in time, but darned if I won’t enjoy knitting along!

  44. Sign me on. One of a pair in Meilenweit Multiringel done. A pair in Lorna’s Laces coming up.

  45. It’s an epidemic and, yes.. I’d like to join the fun!
    I would like to join the KAL, as long as a blog isn’t a requirement. I can’t start that until Feb. I’m pacing myself. LOL.
    I’m using a Koigu golds and browns variation since I could buy this quickly locally. I cast on last night.

  46. Hello there!
    I picked up for Jaywalker 2 nights ago and I would love to join the kal as well!

  47. I want to be a part of the list please!!!

  48. Please sign me up for the Jaywalker KAL. I started a pair out of Lana Grossa’s Mega Boots Stretch casting on 76 stitches, but that was huge. I ripped it all out and will start again with fewer stitches or try a different sock yarn.

  49. me to me to! I was really trying not to knit these but I have given in and am thrilled! I am doing them in STR Azurite on size 1.5 needles. I will send a photo when I am a bit farther along.-Carla

  50. Whoops, that is a please sign me up comment I do want to be on “the list”

  51. Cara, I have one sock done. Would like to e-mail you a photo, but cannot seem to find your e-mail address. Can you help me out?

  52. My needles arrived from elann today – I plan to wind up the skein and start tonight! Please add me to the participant list & Thank you and your perfectionist self for keeping us all together 🙂

  53. i just started my jaywalkers (for the third time, it helps to DO what the directions say, not just what i think they say!). i don’t have a blog, (i can barely e-mail!), is that ok? it’s really fun to see all the different ways one sock pattern can look!

  54. I want to sign up for the KAL. I finally started a blog and am taking that step into blog land. I started a pair of Jaywalkers a couple of weeks ago and have finished the first sock. I just cast on for the second.

  55. I have a pair of Jaywalkers in progress (halfway through the ankle of the 1st). Please sign me up for the KAL. Thanks.

  56. I keep running into either your blog or the Jaywalker. Maybe it’s a sign….so please add me to the list it it’s not too late. The perfert yarn is hidden in the back of the closet. I’ll dig it out, wind it up, and get started after the kids leave for school. Wish me luck! Thanks.

  57. Cara,
    If you need help keeping track of the updates, let me know. I am not ready to start Jaywalker, but would love to help you out!

  58. Please sign me up for jaywalkers 9. Still trying to figure out yarn so I’ll post it on my blog. May require a shopping run at Yarniverse!

  59. I really can’t remember if I did this already, but if I didn’t—Please sign me up!

  60. Sign me up please! I started my first one tonight and I’m a good 4 inches along 😀

  61. I have finally finished my mum’s Christmas present – Jaywalkers in lovely Lorna’s Laces – only nearly a month later than planned. These are the first socks I have done that aren’t just plain old socks. They look foxy. The pictures of them however, are a bit crap as I shall explain on my blog. Feel free to nick the pictures from my blog if you like. TTFN.

  62. *waving my hand* Me! Me! I would like to sign up! After seeing so many beautiful jaywalker socks in the blogosphere, I realized they would be the perfect pattern for some loved Cherry Tree Hill yarn that has been lingering my stash. So I want to sign up! I love to Jaywalk!
    (By the way, your post on the “trendy knitting” cracked me up, in a good way. I’ve been blogging since 2000, trends tend to go around like that on the internet, no matter if they are knitters or otherwise.)
    Thanks for doing this! I’ll be starting mine next week!

  63. Hey Cara, Just wanted to let you know I have updates on Jaywalker at my blog. I am ging strong and will be finished by this weekend.

  64. I just found out about the jaywalker knit along..I started mine earlier this week.. just wanted to let everyone know..I was knitting along with you all. This is my second pair of socks I’ve made and already I am addicted to this pattern How fun!!!

  65. Sign me up! I’m just about to cast on a pair of gift jaywalkers… just as soon as I find some kind person to help me figure out how to modify it for someone whose feet are 9.5 inches around. :s

  66. Ok, I must join. I’ve never joined anything. I’ve made a Clapotis without joining anything. But I’ve just ripped 4 inches of my first sock because the fabric was just too darn stiff. It was to gauge but boardlike.
    But I’m addicted. So I might as well become part of the throng. Oh, and my knit blog? I don’t actually post on it. It is a place for me to keep links to the rest of you.
    In case I wasn’t clear, please sign me up. Now to go find some new yarn and see if my 3mm needles make a better fabric for me.