Jaywalker Four!

I’m starting the updates Thursday night and I’ve got the TV on my computer on – guess what’s a Jeopardy category tonight? That’s right! “J” Walking through History! So funny. I tried to get a screen shot but no luck. Did you know that one of our own knitbloggers is actually going to BE on Jeopardy? How cool is that? Go on over and wish J Strizzy some luck!

Okay! Let the updates begin!

~ Sounds like Ada‘s pair will be her only pair (hope your hand feels better), but look how gorgeous they are! One sock down, one to go.

~ I’m LOVING Alison‘s sock! Check out all that PINK! I love how the yarn is pooling. What are you using Alison? I couldn’t find it on the blog. Can’t wait to see the pair!

~ Angela‘s DONE! YAY! Look how great those socks look! The most important part: Angela LOVES them! That makes me happy.

~ Okay! Anne‘s a girl after my own heart! She finished one Jaywalker, and instead of moving onto the second one, she started a whole new pair! This time around she’s using Trekking – got to admit – it’s a different look for Jaywalker but I’m liking it!

~ Duh duh duh duh Another Bites the Dust! DUDE! I totally agree with you! This is THE rollerskating song! Sadly, though, this has a double meaning for Bethe. She finished her first sock, but it looks like she might have to rip it. And now she’s got to worry about the yarn-adge. Damn that STR! 😉 (What is that Bethe – Hard Rock? Your stripes look a lot different than mine – hope it all works out!)

~ YAY! Bethieee‘s got pictures this week!

~ BigLug‘s got us knitbloggers all mixed-up, but not her Jaywalkers! No siree bob – they are looking fantastico!

~ Bridget says she’s got one sock finished, but we’ll need photographic proof to believe her! 😉 Oh all right – I guess a finished pair will be good enough. Soon, right?

~ Hey! I’m next on the list! Look at that. Go check out the saga. It’s a good one.

~ Carol‘s got lots of socks, but only ONE jaywalker. Check it out!

~ No Pooling BAYBEE! Christy altered the pattern a bit, but they still rock! Loving the stripes!

~ Corrina! YOU WILL PREVAIL! Show that sock who’s boss! Go give Corrina some support. Jaywalker and Sock Garden seem to be conspiring against her.

~ Gail chimes in from Portland: “I finished one sock with 60 stitches cast on. A little snug over the heel, but quite comfy once on all the way. I’m about half-way down the cuff of the second sock, so far so good!” Whoa nelly! Everyone’s complaining about how tight the socks are and you’re casting on FEWER stitches? Can’t wait to see these! Have fun in SanFran!

~ Thanks to all your votes, Helen‘s chosen a yarn! Now get knitting Helen!

~ Yo! Jane! Who you calling a Jaywalker Fanatic! Just you wait! Once you put that pretty pair of Koigu socks on your feet – I’ll bet you’re a goner too! 😉

~ Jess has a finished sock! SWEET!

~ I’m just loving Jessica‘s STR colorway! It’s gorgeous! Things seem to be going well now – the sock looks great.

~ Kandy‘s new to the KAL! Go say hi! Oh and Kandy Darling, 11 skeins of STR does not an obsession make. Take it from me. I know. It’s a noble start though. 😉 Can’t wait to see a sock!

~ Karen‘s started on her second sock – but screw the socks. ONLY SEVEN DAYS UNTIL DISNEYLAND! WHOOHOO! Have a great trip Karen!

~ THIS is too incredible NOT TO MISS! (Which of course I did on the first run through.) Check out Kathy‘s new progress, and the story she has to tell.

~ Laura‘s jaywalker is looking grand, befitting a celebrity. 😉 She’s using Moda Dea Sassy Stripes sock yarn, in colors Crush and Lucky. Oh and Laura? Give a big thank you to that brother-in-law of yours!

~ Lauren‘s DONE! And while we don’t have any photographic proof, I did run into her on Saturday, quite by accident (how’s this for funny – she recognized me because I was knitting on my jaywalker. BEHOLD THE POWER!) and she showed me her sock. Lorna’s Laces. Very lovely. C’mon Lauren! Send a picture!

~ Lcord‘s sock in Trekking 107 are wonderful! The colors are great and I have to tell you Lcord, I think you made the right decision. While the Fleece Artist is pretty, I prefer the bolder stripes.

~ OCD strikes again! Leah had a nice start to her Knitpicks Sock Garden Jaywalkers in Geranium, only to find that she did a 1×1 rib instead of the 2×2 the pattern calls for. Rib Rip for her! Sorry Leah – but I totally understand!

~ Check out that arch! Lisa‘s got one finished!

~ Ah Margene. Margene. Margene. Margene. My wonderful friend Margene. Looks like we got a winner know, no? I hope so. I so want this to work for you. And for me. But mostly for you. Can a sock really be as wonderful as I think it is if the Zen Master doesn’t like it? Something to ponder. Amen.

~ Get down, boogie oogie oogie oogie! Get down! Maritza‘s Electric Boogaloo socks are DONE! Stick a fork in em’! And while the name may be disco, the socks definitely ROCK!

~ Now that Mel worked out her needle issues, things are humming along!

~ Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side? Sock yarn, Kermie. Sock yarn! Lorna’s Laces to be specific. They’re looking good Melissa! I kinda like the pooling going on. Can’t wait to see them finished.

~ Oh Melissa! Pictures please! That LL Ravenswood sounds so nice.

~ Go tell Mimsie that we’re all a really nice bunch and that KAL are just letters, not a lifestyle! Knit, don’t knit – you’re still allowed in the club. I mean c’mon – you’re knitting with STR! That alone guarantees you membership. 😉

~ Another one blaming me! Hey Nancy! Think how much fun it will be when you go back to those “normal” size needles! Size 6s are like knitting with tree trunks!

~ Uh Oh. Is it time to get out the scale again? Tell Naomi what you think. Will she make it? THIS JUST IN: Looks like Naomi’s going a different route – The ribbing, heel and toe in one color, the body in something colorful. Things are just starting to get interesting….

~ Natalia has the toe-up version all written out. I find the heel flap and gusset on a toe-up SO interesting. I might just have to try it – especially since I’m not a fan of the short row heel. Thanks for your efforts Natalia!

~ Sigh. Patty‘s asking that age old question. To rip or not to rip. Patty, I can assure you, if we ever should meet I will tell you that your Jaywalkers are gorgeous – flaws or no flaws. You made them – therefore they’re perfect! 🙂

~ Renata‘s gone all kinds of crazy with her NEW PAIR OF JAYWALKERS. Alas, these are for her sister (keep them keep them keep them.) But have no fear, she’s already cast on for another pair! Do I smell another convert? Both of her pairs are in STR. Hmmm. She’s got some other STR to trade – anyone interested? Go on over and let her know.

~I’m an ass. Rosemary and I emailed a bunch of times about her jaywalkers and I still forgot to add her to the original updates. DUH. Please forgive me. Now go on over and tell her how great the sock looks. Go! Now! Don’t make me feel bad!

~ Sarah Gilmored and Jaywalked in the same evening – now that’s what I call a good night!

~ Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s MAGIC! Stacey learned the magic loop technique to make her Jaywalkers. Looking good!

~ BEST.SAVE.EVER! Teresa‘s done and they are SPECTACULAR! Go play her contest. I’ll give you a clue. It’s not pink.

~ Well tgz – at least you had fun learning, right? Didn’t fit. But she’s starting over! Way to go! You’ll have that first sock done in no time!

That’s all I’ve got! Forgive me if I’ve missed you – let me know in the comments. Have a great Friday!


  1. I’m knitting boss, I’m knitting.
    I even posted a wee update today. It’s not much, especially since this is a project I’ve decided has to be reward knitting for the stuff for others (for awhile), but I am progressing.
    Luckily, it’s now the only thing small enough on the needles to qualify as portable knitting (who me? intentionally not casting on for my mother’s pulse warmers? Would I do that??)

  2. Thanks Cara … I’m gonna finish this sock before I go to Disneyland so I can start another pair! I can’t wait to go to Disneyland!! I’m a Disneyland junkie and I love having socks to knit on while I wait in line. (And the best part is that my niece and two of my nephews are coming to Disneyland with me, it’s a family thing!) I am really liking knitting on my Jaywalkers now since I have all the bugs worked out (and I got plenty of sock yarn to do another pair!)

  3. They all look so lovely! I am itching to get started on mine but I must finish the Christmas socks first. I have the yarn it’s burning a hole in my knitting basket Must- finish -Christmas- knitting -first. See I’m trying to be good!

  4. I just put up a photo of the progress of my second pair in BS WildFoote. I used Koigu for my first pair, and I love seeind the photos of the other Jaywalkers out there.

  5. My new motto-They’ll fit someone!
    It is a fun pattern and easy to do. I like it! I’m moving forward slowly….we’ll see.

  6. Cara, you are putting so much effort into the knitalong! The updates are so much fun to read.
    Take a break this weekend from the Jaywalker updates. Relax and…knit a jaywalker!

  7. Heeeeyyy……NO CLUE GIVING YOU! 🙂
    Thanks for all the time you are putting into this, you’re the best.

  8. Hey, hey! I have updates!
    Gosh everyone’s socks look great! I love seeing all the varieties.

  9. You missed me but it’s okay. I should have a finished pair by the end of the weekend instead of just the one finished that I last reported. I’ll let you know when I’m done. Then I’m going to immediately cast on another pair for ME this time and I’m using the Vesper. Because I can.

  10. Status: One down, heel turned on the second.
    The latest scans.

  11. Well after finding your blog and checking out all the GORGEOUS socks … I had to start my own pair …
    I’ve just started though … using Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Thunderhead …. hmmm … I’d been wanting to use this yarn on a comfy pair of socks for me … and it seems that this pair will quick become my favorite …

  12. I’m having too much fun seeing how the pattern knits up in different yarns — it’s really going to be a challenge to finish one pair before switching it up again!
    Thanks for all the updates!

  13. I’m a BMFA ADDICT!!! (requires lots of exclamation points). My LYS has the entire line of BMFA, and my next plan is to do a clapotis shawl in their silk, and a cardigan in their alpaca. AHHHH so heavenly. One of these days, I’m going to buy out their company.

  14. Christine says:

    I stumbled across your blog and kal the other day and I would love to join everyone. I just casted on my first pair of jaywalkers! This is such a nice pattern, it will aslo be my first *completed* sock. I don’t have a blog, but I could email a picture when I’m done.

  15. Aw, thanks Cara!! I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd in Bittersweet. The next sock doesn’t have the pooling like the first, it’s much more stripey, and I’m loving how these socks are going to be chalk’n’cheese!! Will have pics of the 2nd in progress today.

  16. I have a problem: small ass feet (not to be confused with small ass, because i have plenty of junk in the trunk). The first pair i made were ok for like five minutes and then i realized they were too big and had to pass them up to my mom. I’m already working the small size with 6 stitches instead of 7 in the patterning. any suggestions?

  17. Hi Cara! You were right about these…can’t have just one. After coming to the conclusion that these are the perfect project for dye experiments, I’m knitting another pair with some Kool-Aid dyed yarn – my first! Check them out…clickety!

  18. I finished mine and got the photos up on my blog. I also have my book for Crossed in Translation. I’m a little scared of it.

  19. I’ve finished my first sock and am halfway through the second sock. Won’t be finishing them until after Christmas though as I have other Christmas knitting to catch up with. Merry Christmas everyone!

  20. Update! Yay! My Lucky Jaywalker is done! Even though I’m trying to sneak in some Christmas knitting, yarn for Crush and Lucky’s mates are calling me. Fingers crossed that Crush’s better half has been started before the next Jaywalker update.

  21. My LL Ravenswoods are now up on my blog…along with a peek into my small but growing LL Shepherd Sock collection in an apropos container. Enjoy!

  22. My first jaywalker of the pair is done, ready for when you update next. Hope you have a good weekend!