Jaywalker Five!

AS OF MY FINISHING THIS ON FRIDAY MORNING, SOMETHING SEEMS REALLY, REALLY WRONG WITH TYPEPAD. I can’t get any entries past December 10th – and I know they WERE there. So I’m sorry. I hope it gets worked out real soon – whatever the problem. I will try to update the update later on this weekend.

Okay – not a lot of time to chitchat – there are babies to cuddle!

~ Ada‘s got a gorgeous tree up in the house and a SPECTACULAR pair of Jaywalkers! She doesn’t know what yarn she used, but I’m betting if she got some that didn’t hurt her hands, she WOULD make another pair. C’mon Ada. Admit it. You love ’em!

~ Another finished pair! Love the pooling on Alison‘s BRAND NEW SOCKS! And she luuuuurves them too, in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in ‘Bittersweet.’

~ Try to ignore the pizza and beer and rather concentrate on the start of Amanda‘s jaywalker. Better yet, check out the phenomenally gorgeous handspun in this entry. Damn that wheel can’t come fast enough!

~ It’s a finishing frenzy over at Anna‘s! An unbelievably gorgeous Ene’s Scarf – I mean really, the colors are beyond breathtaking! – a Shedir (love that pattern!) and of course, a fantastic Jaywalker. Koigu. Tiger stripes. Nuff said.

~ Mismatched? You be the judge. I don’t know, they look freakin’ great to me. And Anne, honey, I think Mom will understand. (But seriously, I really want to know what happened on the date. You know. With the knee. Not sure I’m buying the whole slipped on the ice thing. 😉 )

~ A serious case of malaise has settled in over at Biglug‘s and she’s trying to blame it on the jaywalkers. DUDE! What the? Weather. Always go with the weather. Leave the poor socks alone. 😉

~ Bridget‘s come through with pictures! Way to go Bridget! Love your progress, and lovin’ the new yarn. Either one will be great for your next pair. Glad you figured out a way to make them fit.

~ Carol claims a finished pair. And even though we’ve got some progress pictures here, I’m not believing ANYTHING until I see those suckers on her feet. Oh Carol! Time to get out the camera! 😉

~ After talking and talking and talking about them, Carole‘s finally showing off a finished pair! And they get the seal of approval from the kid set. I’ll bet. They’re fab! So much so Carole cast on another pair immediately after. In Vesper. I won’t say I told you so, but I might have suggested this could happen.

~ Bling! Bling! Bling! Bling! Her schmooness, Carrieoke‘s jaywalkers ROCK! Her pal is going to be so totally stoked! DUDE!

~ It’s drama drama drama all the time over at Christy‘s. First, some real (unwanted) drama! In the ER! So glad Michelle’s going to be okay. And then there’s the sock drama. But don’t let her stories fool you. Socks that beautiful will make you forget all the pain. Trust me. I know from where I speak.

~ Ellie, one of our newbies this week, is taking a decidedly different approach to jaywalking. She’s making anklets, and they’re solid! Definitely check them out! Welcome Ellie!

~ Brag all you want BABY! In the “don’t hate her cause the sock is perfect” category Eunny has hit a grandslam her first time out. THIS is KOOL-AID people!

~ Felicia‘s procrastinating. But with procrastination like that – DAMN GRRL! – all is forgiven.

~ Helen, Helen, Helen. Helen. The Jaywalker is not a “mere” sock. It’s GENIUS! And genius is never easy. Hope the new one is working out better.

~ Reward yourself! You deserve it Holly! Look at those wonderful FOs! Jaywalkers are the perfect prize.

~ Another one who gets it. Feels like st st, but the results – oh so fantastic! Check out Janine‘s sock in Opal Elemente.

~ Go admire Jessica‘s fantastic finished Lucy In the Sky Jaywalkers in socks that rock. And then go make your own South Park character. Do it. Now.

~ Julia‘s rolling now – all the kinks are worked out, we hope. Vive la Jaywalker!

~ I’m LOVING the zigzags in Julie‘s sock – but WATCH OUT FOR THE BLOG! Some SERIOUSLY good food being displayed over there. I checked it out and gained ten pounds just looking. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

~ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas Jaywalkers that is! Kandy‘s got one pair done in STR Xmas Rocks, and another pair already started. YAY!

~ I’m going to forgive Kate for ripping out her STR jaywalkers because “the color just wasn’t for me.” Huh? Which color? I’ll take it! But oh how lovely the Schaeffer Anne sock!

~ The proof is in the pudding my friends, and KathyB‘s found the mythical chocolate tapioca. GORGEOUS! Stayed tuned for modeled socks. Coming soon!

~ Really liking the colors in Kim‘s newly started jaywalker. Don’t be nervous Kim! It will all work out!

~ It’s all chibis all the time over at Kris‘s. She’s a little concerned about Hard Rock pooling, but I told her not to fret. They will ROCK!

~ The BEST Better Pal EVER (that is, of course, unless my current better pal decides to one-up her. Hint. Hint.) Kris could not withstand the lethal combination of jaywalkers and Vesper. Vakker! (Hope that’s right….)

~ Laura‘s using Jedi mind tricks, but I don’t know what she’s talking about. I don’t see any ladders. Do you?

~ Laura‘s got some kind of crazy idea about jaywalking armwarmers. GO TO IT! But, of course, not until you show us the socks. The operative word there being show. Or socks. Take your pick. 😉

~ Yeah Baby! Almost there is right! Lcord DEFINITELY made the right choice going with the Regia! Excellent!

~ No! No! You heard it wrong! Leah‘s NOT a heel – she HAS a heel. And some awesome stripes. Knitpicks sock garden seems to be working out just fine, thank you very much.

~ Lisa linked to me in a post with the word BLING in the title. I heart her. She called me gracious. Oh yeah and she picked the yarn for her jaywalkers. Go see.

~ Liz loves her sock! Mostly. I love it, if that means anything to you. 😉

~ I’m going to let Manda slide on the whole no picture thing, because it seems like the jaywalkers are a gift, but I’ll be watching. I WANT A PICTURE!

~ Try not to be distracted by all the gorgeous handspun. We’re to look at a sock people. A SOCK! Marie, honey, you’re killing me!

~ Now that’s talent! Melissa‘s only made two socks (I’m assuming they aren’t even a pair) but when the women at school saw her Jaywalker they wanted IN! She’s been wrangled into teaching a sock class in January! Go give her tips. (I think she’s a bit nervous. Don’t be!)

~ There’s a new target in town! Melissa‘s graciously offered to take the heat off of me. You know how you’re all ripping on me because of my STR stash, and my Jaywalker collection, well Melissa is my Lorna’s Laces rival. Go pick on her for a change!

~ We’re not pointing and we’re not laughing Natalia. When they’re done, they’re going to be spectacular!

~ January Jaywalkers. That’s the goal over at Patty‘s. You’re on your way! Excellent!

~ PumpkinMama‘s thinking out of the box! Check out her lime green zebra stripey sock! Please can I get a Woo and a Hoo!

~ Purlpower‘s got one purple sock done! They’re a gift for her mom and will have to be finished in SPAIN. Poor, poor socks. Oh how it sucks to be you. 😉 Have a great trip Purlpower! We want pictures when you get back.

~ Rosemary‘s starting over. It’s all right grrl! Whatever gets the job done!

~ Stacey‘s got more progress on her sock! Sure, a snow day would help, but what’re you going to do…. KNIT!

~ Vera‘s playing catch-up. To me, of course. She’s got one pair done, one pair started – this time in Wildfoote. Okay Vera. It’s not a contest. (Note to self – get knitting! You’re only one complete pair ahead of her! EEK!)

Typepad problems nonewithstanding, if I missed you, I apologize – there are a freaking lot of you! Have a great weekend. See you next week! JAYWALK ON SOLDIER!


  1. Typepad is down. Way, way, down. Not only can we Typepadders not post, but as you can see our blogs only display up to the 10th. I do hope that the later posts reappear, because I have a lot of project planning info in them.

  2. Typepad sucks big time! You do such a great job of showing off the Jaywalkers among us;-)

  3. is it too late to join the jaywalker knitalong? can a guy wear the jaywalker pattern? Is it manly enought?

  4. I’ve wanted to comment on your blog for a long time, but I am unable to do so using Mozilla as a browser! Good luck taking care of your dad; what a gift you are to him. As for a good book, I loved The Master butcher’s Singing Club by Louise Erdrich, but other members of my book group did not. I highly recommend Zafron’s Shadow of the Wind. I also recommend the Cairo Trilogy by an Egyptian writer who won the Nobel Prize for it in the 50’s but was translated into English only in the 90’s.

  5. You’re right. It must be the other way around and my malaise is affecting my sock knitting! It can’t be the sock. It must be the weather!

  6. Dude, this pattern is awesome. I don’t understand why other people are having issues with it. I, like you, am loving it. I’m at the foot on sock #1 of pair #2.

  7. Count me as one of those people who had a Jaywalker update post Dec10. Booooo, Typepad why hast thou forsaken me? Oh well, I’ve already started the heel so next week’s update should have heel gussetty goodness!

  8. I’ll post a picture as soon as their finished! 🙂 It looks like I get a break on the Christmas knitting, so I can give these to their intended recipient as soon as I finish (she’s my best friend & I work with her too!), but I’ll make sure I take a photo first! 🙂 The people at work all love them. 😀

  9. Oh, thank you thank you thank you!!!
    I’ve been reading through my favorite blogs, all the while noticing that everyone seems to have pulled their most recent posts – suspecting in my slightly paranoid mind that everyone in the world was playing a trick on me, trying to make me believe I was insane.
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one having problems :).
    PS: The socks all look fantastic!

  10. you’re right, those Jaywalkers aren’t easy. A couple of minutes after you published “Julia’s rolling now – all the kinks are worked out” one of my new 2.25 mm needles broke….

  11. My Jaywalkers are finally finished and will soon be winging their way down to my sister. I love this pattern with self-striping yarn and the vesper looks amazing in it.

  12. Cara – just wanted to let you know that you’re doing an amazing job with these updates. I can only imagine what a pain it must be!

  13. Thanks for taking the time to put together such comprehensive updates with descriptions. They have been so much fun to read!

  14. I don’t mean to kill you with all the yarn, I’m just doing my duty as a dealer…um I mean provider of handspun! I love your updates! I’ve been consumed with christmas shopping but hopefully soon I’ll have the first sock done!

  15. Is it too late to join the knit-along? I have this yarn from Knitting Sunshine that I think will be perfect for it:
    and a long flight to Italy ahead of me.

  16. I have a JW update!! 2nd iteration is working out great!