Name That KAL!

It’s a 3fer today! Be sure to comment on EVERY ENTRY. 😉

Okay – time to play Name That Tune – or Name that KAL. In case you’ve forgotten, you were playing for the book that owns this sweater!

There were so many good names, but I’ve sort of kind of narrowed it down to two. There will be vote at the end because I just can’t make up my mind.

Some of my favorite suggestions: Julia‘s JapaFuckingKnit was like an arrow to my heart, since I’m sure I’ll be screaming that as I’m throwing the knitting across the room. Jessica offered Kousa-Along since kousa means crossed in Japanese, but she also said it could mean a test or education, which she rightly thought this knit might be. Susan then suggested “anata ga suki yo” which means I love you in Japanese – I took that one step further and was going to go for aishiteru, which means “I love you” in a deep profound way. 😉 And then another Julia suggested Crossed in Translation. This one has really, really stuck with me. She based it on the movie – Lost in Translation, which, if you haven’t seen it, is about a young married woman who is in Japan and she meets up with an older married man who’s also in Japan and they have a…friendship. She’s kind of lost (which I suspect we will be with this pattern) and there’s definitely love between the two of them and better yet – SHE KNITS IN THE MOVIE! Okay – it’s a goofy scarf, but still, she knits.

Then, as a late entry, Barbara suggested AmiCable. This is her explanation: “The Japanese knitting site says that the Japanese word for knit is pronounced “ami”. “Ami” is also “friend” in French and the root of the word “amicable” which means “having a spirit of friendliness”. So you could call it AmiCable – knit (japanese) cables in the spirit of friendliness.”

So I’m narrowing it down to Crossed in Translation or AmiCable. You decide.

Polls will close Friday, 12AM EST. I want to start making buttons and stuff. 😉

Oh and I was emailing Judy yesterday – she has the book – and she says it seems like it’s in a DK/Sport weight with a gauge of 28 st and 24 rows per 10 cm [4 inches]. The back has 139 stitches which equals 20″ and the fronts, including button bands are 75 stitches. She also told me the sides are all seed stitch – so it will be easy to widen it. I’m still SO EXCITED. Thanks Judy!

Okay – so don’t forget to vote and have a great day!

die boglines die!


  1. Making buttons? How are you going to do it? Do you have a reference for this activity???

  2. Both are great titles for you KAL…it’s hard to choose!

  3. I have ordered the book and can’t wait. I do know we will have to “enlarge” the pattern though as Asian women are soooo tiny that all the patterns are to fit their wee bodies. (I wish!).
    DK is usually about 22/4″ so we will be making adjustments but it should be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  4. I don’t have a knitting blog but I would love to be a part of the knit a long if it is okay. I ordered the book because I love this sweater! I voted for “Crossed in Translation”

  5. Aaargh! I just checked an my order from yesasia is still pending. I ordered mine just before Mary posted it to her site, so I am hoping I am next in line. Has yours been sent yet? I can’t wait to get it. I voted.;)

  6. I shall mount the write-in campaign for JapaFuckingKnit Along and we shall ride to victory! Was there ever a more perfect KAL name? Ever?

  7. I do love both names, but I voted for Crossed. Love the play on words!

  8. I voted. Can I please have a sticker now?

  9. I do love both names, but I voted for Crossed. Love the play on words!

  10. Those are both such clever names….I’ll have to get back to you. 😉
    (But count me in for the KAL.)

  11. Well, you know, I’m right there with Julia and Rock Chick — I LOVE that name. I have to say, though, that I voted for Crossed in Translation (not smart enough to think of a write-in vote and had already voted when I read all about it) — and I voted for it because I laughed my ass off at the “translation” last month when we were involved in the Japanese artist exchange. A Japanese representative would “yaddayadda” for 10 minutes and the translator would step up to the mike and say, “Thank you all for coming.” Just like in the frickin’ movie. I know there are nuances and things in the Japanese language that cannot be translated and I, of course, do exaggerate from time to time, but it was SO funny. Not that I need to explain or justify my vote, but there you go.
    I’ve already ordered the book, too. No clue where I am in line.

  12. I love this sweater…it would take me forever and a day to knit…why? Check out the last entry on my blog and you’ll see why.
    I MAY have someone that can translate the pattern……I’m working on it 🙂

  13. Hi Cara! Awesome idea, this KAL! I have this book already and LOVE LOVE LOVE everything (ok, everything except the entrelac) in it! Question about the gauge — 28 st/24 rows is teeny tiny. Is this over stockinette? or over a cable pattern? It would make sense if it was a cable pattern… otherwise, this sweater would require sockweight yarn. Can’t be right, eh?
    I voted for “Crossed in Translation”! Loved the movie too!

  14. That is such a beautiful cardigan! I really liked both names, but my mouse clicked on AmiCable 😉
    Hope all is well, Ms. C!

  15. I love Crossed in Translation – perfect! Guess what I’m listening to today? One guess!

  16. Dude, am I retarded to think that I should knit this with you?! I think I may be.

  17. I loved Lost in Translation! Still not sure if I’ll be able to knit this – but I’m really leaning toward trying. Thanks for the gauge info – who knows how long before my book will come.

  18. I hope I will get the book and be able to start with the rest of you. Monica

  19. I JUST ordered my book today. I paid the extra for priority shipping. Said it will be shipped before 12/11 and should arrive 12/15. Boy I hope so! I definitely want to join in on this KAL, the sweater is absotively gorgeous!!!!!