Jaywalker Two!

I hope everyone had a great Thursday or a fantastic Thanksgiving – whichever the case may be. We had one of the best Thanksgiving’s we’ve had a while – the food was terrific – company was good – and everyone went home stuffed and happy. I’ll be here until Saturday hanging with the kiddos, but that doesn’t mean business stops. Here we have the FIRST Jaywalker Update! Yay! Now, most of this information I collected Wednesday, so everyone might have finished their socks by now. Let me know if you have. Also, if you don’t have a blog and want to show off your socks, send me the pictures and I’ll post them here. We want to see everyone’s socks, so don’t be shy! Oh and if I missed you, I’m really sorry! Send an email to cara at januaryone dot com with Jaywalker update in the subject line or leave a comment here if you want to be in the updates. Thanks everyone! Have fun!

~Adele‘s socks, in DG Confetti, are kicking her arse, but I hope she’s gotten a reign on them because I LOVE the colors she’s chosen.

~Adelle‘s got a gorgeous pair going in Lorna’s Laces Gold Hill.

~Alison is making some hot pink and purple jaywalkers – even though it’s summer down under.

~Anita‘s already got one done. She dyed the yarn herself with Kool-Aid. Cool!

~Another convert born. Bethe thinks we should rename the socks Jayrocker. If I’m not mistaken, she’s using Rock Star socks that rock. Excellent choice!

~Blueadt is making some very cool Tiger Jaywalkers. She has to rip back a bit, but we know she’ll roaring to go in no time! (Forgive me. These updates are hard.)

~Bridget went out and got a blog – just for our updates. Go over and say hi and tell her how great her Seal Rock STR Jaywalkers look!

~Carrie‘s already on her second sock, in Lorna’s Laces, but more importantly she’s running a half marathon today! Good Luck Carrie! You ROCK!

~Felicia has started a fantastic pair of Jaywalkers in her own handpainted yarn available at the Sweet Shop. (I can attest to the gorgeousness of Felicia’s yarns. I bought some the other day and it’s WONDERFUL!)

~Gail‘s got a modified pair started in STR Banded Agate – send pictures Gail!

~Snuck in among the handspun is the start of Jane‘s STR Moss Agate Jaywalker. I think this one is going to be beautiful. (Note to Tina and Kaci – hey – can you add some Moss Agate to my order? Pretty please? 😉 )

~Joelene has started two at the same time – in yarn she dyed herself! Yay Joelene!

~Julia‘s got a sock going for every language she speaks. Um, I think her Jaywalkers in Lorna’s Laces speak French, n’est-ce pas?

~Kaci‘s got some kind of bet going with Tina that she will ACTUALLY FINISH a pair of socks. In STR Azure Malchite to be exact. Imagine that! She sells the sock yarn, but can’t finish a pair of socks. I’m just saying.

~Karen‘s got a gorgeous pair started in Lorna’s Laces, colorway Gray’s Corner. Unfortunately she had to rip out and start over with the bigger size – but hopefully things are sailing along now.

~KathyB‘s all about the eights. After a little bit of a rocky start, she’s cruising along in her Koigu in seaQuest colors.

~Lisa‘s got some nice Jaywalking going on with some Artyarn’s in great fall colors. But I’m really jealous of the Pebble Beach STR sitting there in the other picture. Those are going to be some Rockin’ Socks!

~May reports that she’s finished her first sock in STR Pebbles and is onto her second. Go May! Send pictures!

~Mel‘s hoping we kick her butt into gear on the beautiful pink/purple/blue pair she’s had languishing on her needles. Consider this your wake up call Mel!

~Natalia‘s turned the whole thing on its head, or er foot. She’s going toe up with her Lorna’s Laces Jaywalkers!

~Nicole‘s got some nice blue jaywalkers blah blah blah – forget the socks! Go CONGRATULATE HER! SHE’S HAVING A BABY!

~PumpkinMama‘s got the whole Boston thing going – Grumperina’s pattern (Boston girl) Hello Yarn yarn (Boston girl.) Very cool. Even to this Jersey Girl.

That’s all she wrote! See you next Friday for the next installment of JAYWALKER!


  1. Okay, I can’t take it any more! Please sign me up for the KAL! I’m doing them in some blue stripey Trekking XXL for my husband. I’ve got to fiddle with the pattern a bit to make sure they’re big enough for him, but I’m going for it! And then I’ll probably also do a pair for myself in some KnitPicks Color Your Own merino that I dyed with Kool-aid.

  2. Hi, thanks for the update, I actually did just put up another picture. I have a little problem with those ‘knit through front and back’-increases, they don’t turn out pretty. I didn’t see this on anyone else’s jaywalkers. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, they are more than wellcome.

  3. Okay you got me hooked. I have some beautiful yarn on it’s way from Princess Knits ( she has dyed it herself and is offering it for sale on her blog) I saw the colours and fell in love. I’ll cast on and send photos as soon as I can:-)

  4. Oooh, is it too late to play? I just cast on last night with Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun & Stripes in a black/grey/white colorway…pictures later today on my site!
    Thanks !!

  5. i forgot to email you! i finished my socks last night. i’ll send pictures as soon as i can con my mom into letting me use her camera.

  6. I think Bloglines had too much turkey yesterday and took the day off. Turkey poop!
    Lookit you and the KAL updates! So fun to see all these new-to-me bloggers and all these great socks! Grumperina must be proud as a peacock.
    Glad you had a nice day yesterday. We did, too.

  7. I just frogged my socks but am about to restart with different yarn. So join me up 🙂

  8. Hmm. I thought I’d signed up. I was sure I signed up.
    Of course, so far, I’ve gotten only as far as blogging my yarn choice dilemma… but I promise I’ll be knitting soon!

  9. Hi Cara, I missed sending a status report on my Jaywalkers (in Lorna’s Laces Tuscany) because I was traveling for Thanksgiving. My long car ride to and from Virginia was a great knitting opportunity. (Rest assured, I wasn’t driving.) I turned the heel on the way back home and hope to have the first sock off the needles by the end of the weekend. What a great pattern!

  10. Making my Jaywalker’s in Lorna’s Laces “Black Purl”. Please add me to the KAL. Thanks!

  11. I would love to join this KAL!! I have the yarn pulled off of the shelf & the pattern printed. A starting off picture should be available by next Friday.

  12. Hi! I’d love to join the KAL! I’m starting these tonight in Sockotta #1 (blue/green). Can’t wait!

  13. Ack! I haven’t started because I won’t let myself until I finish my Christmas knitting (almost done)! But I have the yarn all ready…Trekking XXL in colour 38, a variegated orange. Should be fun!

  14. Hi Cara!
    I posted pics of my Jaywalkers on my blog today!
    Great updates!!

  15. Ok, I’m hooked! I’m going into the stash tonight and digging up some cool yarn to make some Jaywalkers :o) Will post with progress on Friday! Thanks for hosting this.

  16. is it too late to join? if not, sign me up please! i’m going to do a little stash diving tonight to see what i can come up with :o)

  17. Hi – thanks again for hosting this KAL! I finished Jaywalker #1 in STR Alina, from the toe-up. LOVE this quick and gorgeous pattern! Now I see why you are so obsessed – wonderful.

  18. I just found this KAL, I’m halfway through my first Jaywalker sock. Can I join please? Please? Pretty please?

  19. I now have my yarn for the Kaywalkers but I need to finish up another pair before I start them. And yes, I have Socks That Rock. I will be posting the colorways on my blog in the next day or so.

  20. Well – I’m totally hooked on making these socks. This is ALL YOUR FAULT. Here is my progress so far: http://fiberfish.blogspot.com/2005/11/christmas-knitting-what-christmas.html#comments

  21. Okay, count me in on this one. Watching everyone knitting these socks has been the kick in the butt I needed to the get current socks off the needles and get jaywalking!

  22. My latest pic for the Friday update.

  23. I finally got one started! Update at snicklefritzknits.blogspot.com. 🙂

  24. Update on my blog! This sock is so much fun to knit!

  25. Thanks for listing me, but your link to my blog doesn’t seem to be working, if you have time, please could you check it?
    I have now finished the first sock, started on the second. Loving the pattern.