An Invitation to ROCK!

First, let’s get some business out of the way. CONGRATULATIONS JULIA! YOU WIN! Crossed in Translation, a new KAL, will start on January 1. More details, buttons and signups to come soon. Thank you all for voting and for your suggestions!

Okay – onto the REALLY good stuff!

My knitting has been sporadic and directionless in the last couple of weeks – which with all the work I have going on makes for very UN-relaxing knitting. I NEED something. I need to knit and feel progress (since everyday I’m getting more and more bogged down in my work) and right now that can only mean one thing.

I’m casting on for a new pair of Jaywalkers! With Socks that Rock of course!

I love these socks. I wore my Fire on the Mountain socks yesterday and they made me happy all day long. My feet felt great and the pattern is SO comfortable: They stay up. They are nice and tight without being binding. The yarn is so soft and lovely. And I’ve got all this yarn taunting me every time I walk by my living room (because basically there’s yarn all over my living room mixed with A LOT of crap. I promise I’m going to clean up in January. Just let me get to January, okay?)

There’s another reason to start a new pair of Jaywalkers. I’m convinced this is the BEST pattern to use with Socks That Rock. And guess what? With all my screaming and yelling about how amazing STR is, Tina and Kaci over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts contacted me and I might have a job with them!!! How crazy is that? There aren’t many details yet, so don’t ask, but it looks like it’ll involve some writing. The fact that these women are crazy and amazing and recognize something in me doesn’t in any way change my opinion about this yarn. I LOVE it. Almost as much as I love Bruce.

So, because I love the yarn and I love the pattern I want to share it all with you! I’m starting a Jaywalker Knit A Long right here right now!

The rules:

1. Knit a pair (or more – hey – I’m going to start my THIRD!) of Jaywalker socks. I know a lot of you have already started a pair – and that counts. But if you’ve finished a pair already, that doesn’t count. Instead, go on over to Kathy‘s and let her know. She’ll add you to the gallery.

2. You don’t have to adhere strictly to the pattern, so all you Drunken Jaywalker people (you know who you are!) come on over.

3. The socks don’t have to be for you. I know everyone’s crazy with holiday knitting (Suckers. I’m just saying….) so why not make a pair of Jaywalkers for that annoying relative in your life? Nothing like a pair of Jaywalker socks to send that subtle message – I wish you’d go play in traffic! You’re the only one who has to know the sentiment behind the gift! 😉

4. You don’t have to knit the socks with SOCKS THAT ROCK yarn – use whatever yarn you like. BUT the prizes will be Socks That Rock.

5. There are no deadlines on when this KAL will end, BUT

6. On February 14th I will draw three names out of the proverbial Internet hat of all the FINISHED KAL socks and each of these people will WIN a skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK in their preferred colorway. That is, assuming I can get Tina to dye it for you. I won’t tell you how many colors are in the recipe book – your head will spin around. To be eligible to win the socks, you will have had to give me at least ONE update before February 1st. I want you to really be in it to win it you know? No pulling in at the last minute with a finished pair of socks to get in on the lottery. 😉

7. Updates will be on FRIDAYS. So leave me comment or email me and I’ll do the updates then. K? Terrific!

Are you in? Leave a comment. And if anyone wants to make me a button – I would greatly appreciate it. I’m thinking something with a traffic sign motif. But you all can run with it. THANK YOU!

Now. I need some help. I’ve got all this Socks That Rock and I can’t decide which color my new socks should be! Here are the choices I’ve got:





Vote early. Vote often. I want to cast on for these socks five minutes ago, you know? So I’ll go with what I get by Saturday night. Or maybe sooner. And I’m not guaranteeing I go with your choice, I’m just looking for opinions. Thank you very much!


PS – I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. The KAL idea came from Moth Heaven Julia. She was making fun of me for starting the (not necessarily) impossible Crossed in Translation KAL and said I should’ve gone with a Jaywalker KAL. Hmmm. Good idea! Thanks!


  1. I am in. I cannot resist and I didn’t know what to knit with my STR anyway – so here I go!

  2. Please count me in. They’re on my list already anyway. Sounds fun. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Ok, I’m just knitting my very first sock right now, but I am totally loving it. I’m in for the Jaywalker KAL (especially because the deadline isn’t until February to be done!).

  4. Ok I’m in. I have a scarf and one sock to be completed before Christmas…and then I am casting on. I think I will use STR Farmhouse or Scottish Highlands.
    I got my package from Toni last week. The colors look so light compaired to the last batch I got.
    They still will make beautiful socks!

  5. I’m in! I’ll start Dec. 1st and I might need help deciding on color, too.

  6. Woohoo! So much fun! I look forward to reading the Friday updates. In the meantime, I added a link to this blog entry at the top of the gallery, so that folks know there’s a KAL.

  7. For the love… yes I’m in (i better get my Very First pair a-goin’), i keep drolling over your socks each time I look. Now I just have to get my hands on some Socks That Rock.

  8. It’s Julia Day! Love it.
    Jaywalkers w/STR are on my radar, so you might as well sign me up! Woohoo.

  9. I just started my first Jaywalkers, and I’m using some ArtYarns Ultramerino – fabulous. I also have some STR that I’m planning to use for another pair of Jaywalkers… so SIGN ME UP! Thanks for organizing!!

  10. I’m in too! They don’t have to be knit with STR, right?

  11. Yea, I’m in too (I’m a knit-a-long ho these days). I’m going to do my Jaywalkers in Vesper.

  12. I am so in! I already printed out Jaywalker and it sitting on top of my Socks that Rock.
    Thanks for hosting!

  13. woohoo! I’m in! I have a gift pair of socks to make for one of my sisters — in LL bittersweet — and I had already decided they would be jaywalker! And since they are to be a holiday gift, I must finish them before late December 🙂
    Great idea on the KAL! 😉 I am looking forward to starting these socks.

  14. I’d love to join. I just started mine last night and I’m sure I’ll have more than one pair. 🙂

  15. I just bought a grab bag of Lorna’s Laces Shephard Sock with no particular project in mind… Now I have one!
    Please Count me in!

  16. I’m in for the Jaywalker KAL – sounds like a blast!

  17. All right Cara! I have a nicely divided skein of STR Moss Agate waiting for a pattern. Jaywalker socks it is!

  18. Count me in , baby! I am on a yarn diet though–can I use stash instead of STR? (I do wanna try that yarn though!)
    Thanks for starting the KAL, C. I love socks. 😉

  19. I’m in! I’m aiming for a friends birthday 1/9/06 – Now…which yarn to choose.

  20. Sign me up too. I finished my first Jaywalker sock last week (using yarn I dyed myself), and cannot wait to finish my Christmas knits so that I can cast on for the second one.

  21. Hi Cara! I’m in too, not sure which yarn I’ll use tho or when I’ll get started…decisive aren’t I? I’m still in a bit of shock I guess…yeah that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂
    Good luck on your possible new venture with the Blue Moon gals but could ya tell em there new put up yardage is just TOO LITTLE!!!
    Have a good weekend, Cara!

  22. Oh yeah. Sign me up. I have several skeins of STR that have been marinating in my stash.

  23. I immediately thought Azurite, because I love those shades of blue; then I thought, daring, Petroglyphs, but the colors are SO dramatic, the thought of the pooling frightened me just a little. Carbon is lovely, but a little too camoflauge-y . . . obviously, Hard Rock (especially what with Bruce and all) is the way to go!

  24. Okay, I am going to have to get some STR for me. Count me in. I just need to read the pattern and convert it to toe up.

  25. I started a pair of Jaywalker socks in Trekking XXL a couple of weeks ago and I’ve made practically no progress. So, I’m in. Great idea!

  26. Oh, I’ll join! I’ve wanted to make those socks too. I don’t have any STR, though, can I use Trekking?

  27. I am so in… The socks I’m making right now are so stalled out (I mean, who thinks they’ll run out of Koigu with 3 inches left to knit? Not me…)
    I did have a question about the STR: How much yarn does it take to knit a sock? One skein or two for a pair?
    And… Does your possible job include photographing their yarn, because your photos look fantastic and make me want to whip out a credit card and forget about christmas presents for everyone else…

  28. I want to join up, me to me to…. I’m going to cast on right after I finish my grandma’s socks.

  29. I am so in! I am addicted to this pattern…

  30. I’m in, I’ll probably start in the next two weeks.

  31. Count me in, too! Now I just need to pick a color…Rock Star or Moss Agate…oh, my vote goes for Petroglyphs.

  32. I would love to join the Jaywalker KAL, my very first KAL infact. Yay. I will let you know when I start.

  33. I would love to join too! I’m blogless, but I have already started a pair of Jaywalker in STR after seeing your amazing socks. Gee, wonder how much their sales have gone up since you start raving about this yarn! This pair will be for my sister, but I have another pair planned for myself, too.

  34. Count me in. I have two skeins of STR that I got at Rhinebeck (I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s hand as I grabbed at …. er, reached for … the yarn), and will cast on as soon as I clear another few projects off the needles. Thanks for hosting!

  35. I’m in! Possibly with koigu.

  36. I am SO in. In enough to kill a man.

  37. Gosh, I was just looking for an excuse to get some STR, and thinking about getting going on a Jaywalker. Why not do both, especially in such good company?

  38. This is funny, I just started a pair of Jaywalker socks a couple of days ago, inspired by your posts! I’m using Lorna’s Laces Valentine. I don’t have a blog, can I still join? I can send pictures probably.

  39. Oh, I just noticed you’ll be drawing winners on Valentine’s Day! My socks are fated to win, right? 😉

  40. Okay, so I’m not officially in, but I did buy some yarn, specifically for Jaywalker socks, today! I’m not even looking at the yarn… Okay, I’m not even touching the yarn… okay, I’m not even casting on, until December 26th, but I’ll be in then. Deal?

  41. Sign me up as well. I just had to frog my 3″ of 76sts on #1 because they were impossibly tiny. I’m movin’ on up to #1.5, methinks.

  42. Crap. I just last night finished a pair of socks, and just today blogged that I’m going to wait on my next pair because of Christmas, but that I was ready to dive into my Rhinebeck Socks that Rock (purchased after you told us the sky was falling down). I guess I’m not waiting now… count me in! You really are a special kind of enabler, you know?

  43. I’ve been lusting over your STR and reading more and more about their wonderfulness in various knit lists I’m on. Please count me in, too.

  44. GDITH. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard: Me in what, three? four? knitalongs? And a second one for socks in two months? GDITH. Fine. I’m in. GDITH. I’m going to use my own handspun Corriedale, if it kills me. They’ll definitely be jay-fuckin-walker socks.

  45. I think I’m out of Denise cords at this point, almost every other needle has something on it…but what do I do? Pull off a pair of stalled socks and cast on Jaywalkers for me.
    Three knitalongs and Holiday knitting.
    *shakes head*
    I’m knitting in Opal Handpaint #17.

  46. Already working on my Jaywalkers. Count me in! The perfect pattern for Lorna’s (Often Unruly) Laces…

  47. Count me in Cara, I cast on my Jaywalkers this week!!

  48. Great idea! I’m not sure my Trekkings want to become orphans…maybe ski knitting will bail this one out for me.

  49. First – I love Crossed in Translation – it’s perfect. And it’s nice that if this Julia couldn’t win, some Julia somewhere could!
    Second – great knitalong! I’m having a hard time resisting the siren song of Socks that Rock (I hope their inventory can handle this KAL!), but have decided to leave it to the fates and ask for some for Christmas. If I get it, then I’ll KAL. Those colorways are amazing.
    Finally, how could those wacky girls NOT invite you to work for them? I’m pretty sure you’ve already done some pretty serious free-lance work for them!
    By the way, I love my roving. I haven’t spun it yet, as I am trying to be good and not abandon the BFL that I started with, but oh, it’s tough.

  50. I’m in! I’ve been wanting to make a pair of these!

  51. I’m in – my Azurite wants to be Jaywalkers, if I can adapt the pattern for my scrawny ankles! I voted for you to cast on Hard Rock. But let’s face it – every one of those babies is going to rock!

  52. Sweeeeeet! I’m in – already got them on the needles, and posted an update on them just now.

  53. Well, no Socks that Rock here but I did have a pair of Jaywalker socks already started out of some lovely Lorna’s Laces, so I’m in!

  54. Could I join the fun too? Happy knitting!

  55. I’m in! I’m currently wearing the first pair I made, and I would love to have a reason to buy some more yarn and make a second pair!

  56. I’m in! I have some Blarney Stone STR that’s waiting in the queue…
    It might be after Christmas, but I’ll be knitting!

  57. um, me too! I wanna Jaywalker too!!!!!

  58. ooh you evil…errr…wonderful woman you! i was going to resist this one, but then you posted your measurements/stitch count/repeats and they’re a size i need for a christmas gift (wheeeee no fear of yardage issues now lol-THANK YOU)…so i guess i’m in 😉
    only problem is that i’m not sure there will be enough contrast in the colorway (rose quartz) to show off the pattern (or do it justice)…we shall see…i’ve got til february anyway don’t i? *grin*

  59. i’m in! i’ve been finishing up the two shawls i am working on and will be done very soon! i can’t wait to start some jaywalking socks!

  60. Count me in. I have to finish a sweater and shawl by Christmas, but this has been on my list for my Socks that Rock as well. Can’t wait to get started.

  61. Sign me up for this one! I started these socks last month with some old Opal yarn but hated the colors (or lack thereof) and rippped ’em out.
    YOu’ve inspired me though, and ordered socks that rock, Hard Rock!

  62. Hi Cara! Can I still get into the Jaywalker KAL? I am one of those Suckers who is absolutely making them for someone else for the holidays… so it’ll be fun to KAL with everyone else!

  63. Oooh ooh! I would love to partake of your knitalong here. I’ve already knit up one pair in Soft Rock Socks, and I’m itching to knit another pair, maybe a knee-high version this time. I absolutely love the Jaywalkers you’ve done so far!

  64. I’m in. But do I want Dark Jaywalkers? or pale? cotton or wool? decisions decisions….
    Off to the sock yarn stash to play.

  65. This is a first for me, but would like to join the knit-a-long. I have the yarn — where do I get the pattern, etc. Thanks for helping out a novice.

  66. Hey! Long-time lurker/reader. I’ve really admired your Jaywalker socks and I was wondering if I could sign up for your KAL. I’m making 2 pairs: one for myself (tester set, I always like to test out a pattern before I gift it to someone), and the other for my sister. Many Thanks!

  67. Boy – I never was a joiner, but these sock KALs are really getting me. Please add me to your list!

  68. Ooooh, is it too late? I’m in! I’ve got some lovely Shepherd Sock in Ice House that’s burning a hole in my knitting bin. 🙂

  69. I want to be in the knitalong, but I don’t have a blog. Count me in! I will find my yarn and get started maybe over the 4 day weekend. Chelle

  70. I hope it’s not too late. I just came across this knitalong and I’m about to start a pair of Jaywalkers. I would love to join in on the fun.

  71. First knitalong for me. I have plenty of sock yarn to choose from so, count me in. Thanks

  72. I know it’s late but I would love to join, but I am just now learning to make socks, and Eunny suggested I come on over. 🙂

  73. Hoping it’s not too late to join!

  74. I’d love to join in if your still accepting folks!

  75. LaJuana in Texas says:

    Great pattern! I have become addicted to Opal yarns, but I may just have to order some STR yarn and give it a try – love the colorways! I have a pair of Opals OTN – just straight stockinette – but I will start the Jaywalkers by tomorrow night, for sure. This will take up some of the time ’til the Japanese Aran KAL starts.

  76. I’m definitely in if you’re still taking people! 🙂 I’ve got one half of a pair down and thinking that I’ve got some beautiful yarn that would make another beautiful pair… LOL! I’m hooked!

  77. Okay, just cast on today so I’m in on the KAL. I am going to try it toe up to calm my immense fear of running out of yarn.

  78. Count me in on the KAL! I bought 3 colors of Lorna’s Laces yesterday, so can’t wait to try Jaywalker out. Casting on tonight….

  79. I’d like to join the KAL 🙂 Is it alright if I start the last week of December when my crazed overambitious holiday knitting ends? Thanks for hosting this fun KAL.

  80. I just finished my first pair of Jaywalkers in Koigu, and I’ve started on a secons in BS WildFoote. Please count me in for the KAL.

  81. I cast on for mine today, 12-14-05, in Socks That Rock, Lapis colorway. I’m already in loooove. Count me in!

  82. Hey! A couple of friends of mine locally & I are going to start Jaywalkers after the holiday knitting’s done– I have a questions for you! Does one ball of STR make a pair? Or do you need two balls?