that I still knit:

Socka-Pal-2-Za Socks
Acorn Sock pattern by Evelyn Clark/Fibertrends
Koigu, color #1110
Done on two circs – Addi size #1s

Actually, my knitting was a little overzealous. I finished the second sock, well, all but the grafting, in bed last night and this morning I woke up and grafted. When I compared it to the first one, I realized I had gone too far on the foot – you were supposed to stop at either row 9 of the lace repeat or finish the repeat and stop at row 1 of the next repeat – I should’ve stopped at 9. So I ripped and finished the sock while watching Meet the Fockers – which was pretty funny. I thought Dustin and Babs did a great job.

I really like these socks and the pattern is terrific. They’re a little tight around the cuff – should’ve done it on size twos probably, but I think they’ll fit my sock pal fine. She’s about the same size as me, if not a little bit smaller, so I say they’re good to go. Now, a question. What about blocking? I washed my first pair, but didn’t block it. How do you block socks (if you don’t have a sock blocker tool.) Do you need to block socks? Can I just wash them and leave them to dry or do they need to be blocked? Thanks!

I’m planning on casting on a lot this weekend. Progress picks on Monday, hopefully. Have a great weekend!


  1. Those socks are beautiful! If they were mine, I’d throw away all of my shoes (well, not really, but you know what I mean).

  2. Red socks…perfect.
    Nancy Bush says to block under a wet towel if you don’t have blockers. It evens out the tention a bit.
    Have a super knitty weekend!

  3. I love them! It must have been hard to take them off, tho I’m sure the heat helps. As for blocking, I usually just wash them and lay them flat to dry with maybe a bit of reshaping. I like socks that hug the foot so no blockers that might stretch it willy nilly.

  4. Ooooh, those turned out great! The only problem with Sockapal-2-za is that I want ALL the socks! Of course, since I have no idea who my sock pal is, I could always just imagine that they’ll all be mine … all mine …
    You can make sock blockers out of coat hangers pretty easily – they work pretty well, from what I’ve heard:

  5. what a beautiful pair of socks. i love your blog, too!

  6. Cara, they’re gorgeous! (Hey, I recognize that yarn!) You’ve got a super-lucky pal. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to this weekend!

  7. That is such a pretty pattern, and they look great in that red. Love em! Wish I was your pal! 🙂
    Have a good weekend, C!

  8. these are gorgous. so in love with lace socks right now.

  9. Love love love those.
    Somebody’s going to have purdy feet.

  10. funny you should mention it — we were just having that debate the other day, whether or not to block socks. If you don’t have sock blockers, you can shape a coated hangar into a foot shape and use that!

  11. The socks are lovely…I totally don’t get sock blockers, but I’m still pretty new (3 years) at this knitting thing. Aren’t socks going to be worn??? Oh well, we just watched ‘Meet the Fockers’ last week and I agree about Dustin and Babs…they were the best part of the movie. Nite nite

  12. Gorgeous! I am just itching to get rouge done and spend the summer knitting socks. I was wondering about the blocking thing too.

  13. What a great pair of socks!! I personally have yet to block a pair of socks, but I can be a bit lazy.

  14. Those socks look awesome! The would be perfect for a friend of mine, now you have me looking around for the pattern. I have made sock blockers from wire hangers before and had pretty decent success. I don’t block them if they are for me, but I block gifts. Don’t ask me why. Mostly lazy I guess.

  15. Repeat after me: Donna is my sock pal – I will send those socks to her 😉 Even if that’s not true, thanks for the tip-off on the pattern – that’s going on my list of socks to make!

  16. I just love that pattern and color. Nice job.

  17. gorgeous socks! I’ve been reading your blog for a long while now and just had to comment. Those are amazing, keep up the great work.

  18. They are just beautiful! I never block socks 🙂

  19. You’ve got a very lucky sock pal! That’s my favorite color of Koigu.

  20. Rock on! Your sock pal is going to flip over these….I know I would!

  21. Beautiful, beautiful! Well done. You’ve got one lucky pal there.
    Thanks for playing along. 🙂

  22. Gorgeous! I’m thinking of buying that pattern because they’re just so beautiful. I’m starting to wish I was EVERYONE’S pal. 🙂

  23. Beautiful socks!! Too pretty to hide in shoes!!

  24. Can I be your sock pal??? Wow, those are nice! Your pal is lucky! 🙂

  25. Beautiful socks!