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That’s right. Last night I cast on for the Short Row Pullover. Not only did I cast on, but I used my new super fantastic cast on method – the Long Tail or Half-Hitch? Never heard of this new found super crazy cast-on? Don’t laugh. I’ve never used it before. In fact I had to go find a video to relearn it. BUT, I figured it out AND I cast on in alternating knit and purl stitches to coincide with the seed stitch border on the sweater. Pretty cool, huh?

First I cast on a sleeve – it wasn’t long (try three seconds) before I remembered how much I love this yarn. To remind you, it’s Rowan Wool Cotton and it’s soft and light and perfect for this time of year. In fact, I’d dare to say you can wear it year-round. It’s THAT GOOD! I’m putting it up there for desert island status. Maybe. I don’t want to commit just yet, but I’m not voting it off anytime soon. Back to the sleeve – I figured this would be my swatch. (Don’t yell! I was up late last night!) I got a couple decreases in when I decided to measure it. I was off. Not on row gauge, which Wendy has been talking about of late (the only reason why I actually measured it), but on stitch gauge – the pattern calls for 22 stitches for every four inches and I was getting six to the inch, or 24 per 4. In the end I decided to stick with the needle size I was using (size 6) and bump up to the next size on the pattern. This will give me somewhere between a medium and a large which is where I want to be anyway. So I ripped out the sleeve, and cast on for the back:

I was up until 2:30AM finishing the first stripe repeat. It goes like this:

Rows 1-3 A (Aloof – light blue)
Rows 4-5 MC (French Navy)
Row 6 B (Laurel – green)
Row 7-9 C (Bilberry – purple)
Row 10 D (Antique – white)
Row 11 B
Row 12 A
Row 13 D
Row 14 MC

Got the bugger memorized already! I think it works great! It was a little nuts at about 1:30 when I was lining up the colors over and over to come up with the best sequence. I knew I wanted the light blue and purple to be the bigger colors – the tough part was deciding which order the green and white went in – I think I made the right choice and I think it’s going to be really cool when the short rows start. The ONLY drawback – I’ve already got like 4,361 ends to weave in. I’m going to have to MAKE SURE I do it all along – like before I start knitting on it I have to weave in five ends or something. It’s the only way. Unless I don’t weave them in at all and leave them hanging on the inside – do you think that will fuck up the drape?

While I’m excited about this project, I’m also worried that I spent too much time last night knitting instead of, no, not sleeping, reading Jonathan Strange. I’m only like 50 pages in on this 800 page book and I need to have it finished by April 2. Do you think it will happen? Stay tuned. Oh and if you haven’t been on K1R2 for awhile, go check out the great post Laurie and her son William put up about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. It’s inspiring and informative!


You can leave now, if you’d like.

As some of you know, Georgie and I got married about 3.5 years ago after being together for 11 years – 10 of which we lived together, owned our house together, etc. We were as committed as anyone – living together, loving together, all that gooshy stuff. When we finally did get married, it wasn’t because we needed to show anyone the extent of our commitment – we knew it was there – as did everyone who loved us – the rest of the world be damned. We got married for political reasons – namely there were certain rights that we didn’t have that we wanted. One of these rights, one of the most important ones to me – was that we would become each other’s NEXT OF KIN and be able to make the MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS EVER for EACH OTHER. I’ve always regretted, just a little bit, a tiny iota, getting married because I think it’s criminally unfair that all of us cannot partake of these rights. Now I’m even more regretful, because it turns out that even if you’re married, THOSE RIGHTS DON’T MATTER.

Let’s not even bring up the horrifying hypocrisy George turned me on to yesterday. He was listening to some “talk radio” aka propaganda for the sheeples, and someone was going nuts on Democrats and stem-cells saying that Democrats should want to keep Mrs. Schiavo alive because in two years there could be a cure for her using stem-cells. WHAT? These are the same people that are so against stem-cell research cause god forbid a tiny cell that might have one day in someone’s imagination become a baby (don’t get me started there – I’ve thought a lot about this having gone through the IVF process) are now USING STEM CELLS TO PROP UP THEIR ARGUMENT FOR TERRY SCHIAVO? Georgie pointed out to me that they may have been saying this in a tongue in ass kind of way – but MY GOD! THE HYPOCRISY IS OVERWHELMING! They have proven that they will say anything, do anything, make up anything to further their agenda. [ETA: I was going to link to Laura Ingraham – the radio show George was listening to – but I took a look at her site and I can’t in good conscience link to that vitriol. Ingraham makes Coulter look like a puppy. Very, very, scary.]

This whole Schiavo mess terrifies me. Please, get to your lawyers and write those living wills. Make sure that your extended family, not just your partner, knows your wishes. Give them copies of your living will. Because God knows they may need them to fight for what you want – especially if the government decides that you and they don’t know best.

ETA: Colleen sent me this link: hypocrisy abounds!
Rant over.


  1. I love the color sequence you’ve chosen. And, Kerstin was just mentioning how much she liked the Wool Cotton. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  2. One word – AMEN! DH and I were driving back from a vacation on Sunday when we heard about the Schiavo thing and had a good long discussion about what we do/don’t want to happen should that situation arise for us. If there is any good to come out of this whole sordid mess hopefully it will be that people will start to have open and frank discussions with their loved ones about what they want to happen to them should something awful like this occur. It also shows just what a bunch of stark raving morons are running the country right now.
    On a much more pleasant note, the colors for the sweater are looking lovely together. Can’t wait to see more progress pictures!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you! I’ve been so mad since Friday. I’m soooo thankful that the federal judge decided against reinserting the feeding tube. Thank God democracy still exists in this country! It’s holding on by a thread, though.

  4. I was just discussing this with my husband yesterday. We pretty much got married for the same reasons you did. We had been together forever already, but some people, like the government, wouldn’t see us that way unless we had paperwork.
    It terrifies me to think that someone might someday have a chance at making decisions for me, other than him. We will be making living wills soon.

  5. Lots of similarities between the shortrow colors (which I *love* by the way) and the ribby cardi colors.
    I’m so excited to see the shortrow sweater taking shape!

  6. I love the short row sweater. So how do you cast on with alternating knit and purl with the long-tail cast on? This is the one I usually use, but I’ve never seen it with both knit and purl versions.

  7. Cara, you can knit in the ends as you go so that you don’t have to weave them in with a needle. That’s what I did for the IK Serape Jacket. When you are done just clip the ends close and you are done, no needle necessary, no hours lost. (Email if you need more details.)

  8. A good site for living will info:
    Really good.
    The new sweater looks exciting. Staying up all night seems logical! Happy reading.

  9. Those colors are just gorgeous together. I like the skinny green rows very much.

  10. short rows — lovely. it helps to keep looking at that when i can’t get the ugliness of the schiavo mess out of my mind. so, so sad…
    thank you for not linking to ingraham and coulter — because then i would have looked just because, and then i would have gotten angry.
    deep breath. short row pullover — lovely. glad you got some use out of the cast on stuff!

  11. Cara – great post – your personal experience and oh-so-thoughtful and intelligent commentary on marriage and the rights of individuals is perfect in every way.
    And the short row sweater colors are very pretty!

  12. My husband and I married 3 years ago, after living together and owning a house for over a decade, for exactly the same reason you did, and we still are angry about having had to do this to protect each other’s rights. And now this. When a friend was dying this summer, I talked with some of her caregivers, and I was told that Living Wills are not foolproof: the family (or should I say, “family as defined by the goon squad”) can still interfere and foul up your intentions. I’m 53, and I hardly recognize my own country any more.

  13. Short row is going to be stunning, I love how the colors look together.
    There are two great stories about congress stepping into the Terri Schivao at commondreams.org – if you haven’t seen them already.

  14. There has been a lot of attention to the living wills, etc. on NPR, and some good information is coming out that I never thought about before. Kris and I had a good long discussion about it too.
    Your short-row pullover is going to be great–the colors you chose are stunning.
    I posted some interview questions for you over at my bloggy blog.
    Take care, C, and have a good Thursday!