headache I’ve got going today. Came out of nowhere too. Probably ate lunch too late – or allergies because it’s all in my face – but what can you do. I’ll get into bed and read for class. A nap might come soon after.

Because I seem to be made of money these days, I ordered the yarn for my short-row pullover:

This is what I decided on:

Rowan Wool Cotton

French Navy-909 Aloof-958 Bilberry-959 Laurel-960 Antique-900

The French Navy will be for the sleeves and the Aloof and Bilberry for the major accents, the Laurel and Antique for the minor accents. I’m excited about it to be sure! I so hope I can make it fit. I’ll be so sad if it doesn’t fit these big, humongous boobs. (There you go google pervs!) I’m so not happy with my weight these days, I’d hate to make myself something that won’t fit because I’m too fat. Alright. I won’t go there. My head hurts too bad already. The best news was that I used my gift certificate and barely paid anything – include in that a ball-winder and the Rowan Junior book.

The people at were very helpful, I have to say. I wasn’t sure about the colors matching well, so Pat pulled some of each to put together for me – and then she came here to check out the picture. She also asked everyone in the office if they thought it looked good. There was a positive consensus – it should look great! I really do like this pattern.

Yesterday I managed to be productive and sent in slides for a juried show. It’s for members of the Professional Women Photographers Association. The theme is The Secret Garden, and those photographs selected will be on Exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this summer. So cross your fingers for me. You can see the photographs I entered here.

I also did some work on the Ribby Cardi sleeves. Man those suckers are going slow! I would LOVE to have this project done. F-U-C-KL-O-V-E it!

Make sure you check out Wendy’s handy dandy tips on meeting knitbloggers. And don’t forget your sharpie! 😉

Almost forgot! Lolly tagged me for the latest Meme going around –

1. What was the last book you read or are reading?
I just finished The Easter Parade by Richard Yates, which I enjoyed. Not as much as his other ones (Revolutionary Road is a masterpiece, as are his short stories.) I’m about to start Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke for Knit One Read Too.

2. Where did it come from (library, bookstore, gift, etc.)?
Book store for sure. I’m really bad at borrowing. Although I used a gift card for the Clarke book.

3. How many books do you read per year?
I try to average at least one a month – hopefully two. That’s pretty pathetic. I must try to do better. Part of the reason I started K1R2 was to make myself read more.

4. What is your favorite genre?
Literary fiction to the point of snobbery. I’m actually quite elitist when it comes to my reading. But at least I can admit my prejudices right?

5. Who will you tag now?
Mrs. Pilkington – mainly because I’m thinking she has quite a diversified reading list – especially when compared to mine. (It seems I can’t stay away from dead (or alive) white men. What’s wrong with me?)


  1. I love your photo submission. My fingers are crossed for you, although I’m positive you don’t need it…with fabulous shots like that, how could you NOT get in? I’m curious what macro lens you use and if you are happy with it?

  2. Love your pictures, Cara! They’re amazing, as usual.
    Hope you feel better soon. Do NOT work on the Ribby Cardi! It will only make your headache worse. 😉

  3. I have loved that pattern since I first saw it. I can’t wait to see yours. The colors you chose are gorgeous. I’m too cheap to buy Jonathan Strange at the moment so I started The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love (’90 pulitzer winner;))

  4. Ugh – hope the headache goes away. I was plagued with them 4 days running last week – talk about no fun. And I love your color choices for the sweater. I think it’ll look great.

  5. Best of luck on the juried photos! I love them! (but, I love everything you do!)
    Those colors you got for the short-row sweater are fab–I love that Bilberry color–and the Laurel–well, I love them all, and can’t wait to see how this sweater will take shape in your hands!
    Take care, Cara, and hope the headache is gone by now… that sucks.

  6. Hope you’re feeling better! The short row sweater is going to be gorgeous. The Secret Garden photographs are amazing — I’d better see them at the Botanic Garden this summer! 🙂
    Rest up (and stay away from the Ribby Cardi)…

  7. I cannot wait to see how the shortrow sweater works up for you. Picking colors–that is one of the hardest parts of knitting for me, but yours look great.
    Good luck on the show–great photos.

  8. You will kick all kinds of flower ass. And don’t you forget it.
    The colors are beautiful! You have a great eye for color. I’m having you pick out my next combo for me.
    A ball winder! How fun…

  9. I love that sweater too, but I know that the horizontal stripes would be a big no-no for me…my “girls” are much bigger than yours! But maybe if I made the sweater all in one color….

  10. Oh, Cara, your photography is beautiful! Good luck!!
    I love the colors for the Short-Row beauty. Can’t wait to see it in progress. It really looks like a fun project that will be interesting from start to finish. Natalie’s idea is interesting, too, to do it all in one color!